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  1. Karl_Luph

    Monster Amps

    I keep reading good things on the 2 channel Monster amps,just want to know how do they compare to the carvers or aragon,acurus 2 channel amps in the 250watts per channel at 8 ohm power amps?
  2. Karl_Luph

    Harry Kalas has passed away 4-13-2009

    I just want to say, Harry Kalas was loved by us here in Houston for the years he was announcing the Colt 45's and Astros with Gene Elston and Lowell Passe. He will be missed.
  3. Karl_Luph

    The Office season 5

    OMG!!!! Hands down the funniest episode so far this season. Lots of LOL moments,especially the restaurant scene after the bathroom break!!!!! I was really hoping the gal Michael chatted with in the mobile bloodbank would show back up,she was a cutie.
  4. Karl_Luph

    Lost: Season 5

    Did anyone else catch a glimpse of the Teac RTR? Was that an A3300?????What a BRUTE of a machine!!!!
  5. Karl_Luph

    American Idol - Season 8

    Dog gone it, I was really surprised that Sarver got picked, I was pulling for Ricky or Anoop to slip in there. Danny and Alexis had inspiring performances Tuesday night, so I can understand their getting picked. As for Tatiana, she is truly gifted with a very good voice and she should not give...
  6. Karl_Luph

    Tribute to Brunettes

    I thought I was the only one who didn't feel it either. Are we missing something or is she missing teeth??? I've seen better at The Mall Of America.
  7. Karl_Luph

    Scrubs - Season 8

    This is so weird, there was a scene in one of the past couple of episodes( ABC's?) where I saw the Indian guy(is his character's name Ed?) reminded me so much of the young intern JD when he first came to Sacred Heart.
  8. Karl_Luph

    Friday Night Lights - Season 3 (NBC) - No DirecTV Spoilers!

    I didn't see any recent posts here for FNL,so I thought I'd give this thread a bump. Enjoyed seeing more football scenes and Smash's storyline,thumbs up on Coach Taylor and Smash's acting!!! It wouldn't bother me a bit if the Lyla/Riggins thing just stopped,I don't see it going anywhere good and...
  9. Karl_Luph

    Scrubs - Season 8

    First episode last night wasn't bad,but I really enjoyed the second one alot. This show still kicks ass on most shows out there now.
  10. Karl_Luph

    American Idol - Season 8

    I like to record these shows and fast forward through all the junk and boy, last night it didn't take me long to watch an hour's worth of AI in about 5 minutes. I'm ready for them to get to Hollywood and cut to the chase.
  11. Karl_Luph

    The Office season 5

    I have to agree, this last episode was a let down,I felt they could have done so much more with the road trip to Prince Paper and the Hillary Swank thing was just ridiculous,what a waste of half an episode. I thought maybe there would be some time spent on the Andy, Angela and Dwight snafu...
  12. Karl_Luph

    Anyone get those annoying mortgage calls?..

    Get this. Some jerk called my CELL PHONE last week and left one of these stupid mortgage ads message. When I googled the number,it's to someone up in Indiana,and when you call the number, there's a recording that says it's no longer a working number.Go figure???
  13. Karl_Luph

    Can anyone identify this tree?

    If you had a close shot of the flower,leaf, or bark,I could positively i.d. it. My best guess at this time is that it's possibly a redbud or even a crepemyrtle.
  14. Karl_Luph

    The Last Templar miniseries on NBC

    After seeing the commercials the last 2 or 3 weeks,I was looking forward to seeing this. Needless to say, after watching the first 10 minutes, I was disappointed at how cheesy this show was going to be. Yep, Todd S. had it right about that opening scene, after the first cop got killed,there...
  15. Karl_Luph

    Pushing Daisies - Season 2

    I sure hope ABC doesn't cancel this show, I find "Pushing Daisies" to be one of the most entertaining,innovative,endearing and visually appealing shows available on air or cable. It's hard to believe that the viewership has dropped off that much from last season to make the network just toss...
  16. Karl_Luph

    The Office season 5

    I have to agree with you sdranger619, I had alot of LOL moments,and some of them were just from some of the looks from the characters without saying any lines. Loved the BSG part, and man,I knew when Holly mentioned something about the office coworkers not being like family to Micheal at...
  17. Karl_Luph

    The Office season 5

    Lol,poor Kevin and his math. Another reason Holly probably continued to think Kevin was mentally challenged. Who was it that started this yarn about Kevin being challenged? For some reason I have a feeling Stanley has something to do with it.
  18. Karl_Luph

    2008 Emmy Awards

    My favorite part of the show was Don Rickles,the guy still has it. I thought Josh Grobin did a pretty good job at what he was given,and it looked like he was enjoying himself. Can someone please tell me why these Hollywood elites continue to use these awards shows to voice their political views...
  19. Karl_Luph

    Tim Russert died

    Ok, I'm putting on my flame retardant suit because I know I'm going to be catching some flames. I was never a big Tim Russert fan and it seems like the media is covering his passing as if it was the Pope who died. For the past number of days it seems like everytime I turned on the tv there was...
  20. Karl_Luph

    Saturday Night Live - Season 33

    For some reason I want to say Phyllis Diller was somewhere in that mix,but I may be thinking of Hollywood Squares.
  21. Karl_Luph

    American Dollar Coins

    I get them all the time as change at the drive through car wash.
  22. Karl_Luph

    The Office: Season Four

    Wasn't that Jim dressed up as the computer whiz guy Pam was talking to at the end of the job fair???? Andy was hilarious on the golf course.
  23. Karl_Luph

    My electric bill is way high..... why?

    Well, for the time being,I'm going to try the TXU Freedom Plan since there's no deposits,contracts, just go month by month.I needed to find something fast, had closed on a used house Friday,power was going to be disconnected Monday and by the time I got around to calling on various electric...
  24. Karl_Luph

    My electric bill is way high..... why?

    Thanks for the info guys, checked out a couple of sites like powertochoose which showed various charges and plans, of course there's zero info on customer service or how happy their customers really are. with the cost of natural gas going up,looks like the electric bill will too. Jason L. ,lol...
  25. Karl_Luph

    My electric bill is way high..... why?

    Thought I'd ask for opinions on what electricity provider to go with in Houston. I bought a used 1800 sq.ft house.Reliant is the giant of course, TXU is well known too. Spark is another one I've been hearing about and was approached recently about Ignite. What I want to get is real feedback from...
  26. Karl_Luph

    Scrubs - Season 7

    Yes, this episode reminded me of the early years of Scrubs,found myself LOL numerous times,Ted was killing me!!! I'm glad I record this because there's things going on in the background that you can miss because you're laughing at what's going on in the foreground. It's nice to rewind and watch...
  27. Karl_Luph

    The Office: Season Four

    I really___ enjoyed this episode ,this was the kind of The Office I like to see.Lots of LOL moments, and what a surprise with the Jim and Pam thing. Dwight was a riot! Now if he can only get back with Angela:)
  28. Karl_Luph

    Charlton Heston has died at 84!

    Very sad to hear about Charlton Heston passing away. What a class act his whole career.He really was one of the greatest movie stars of all time. I can't think of any recent movie star that can even hold a candle to him.May he R.I.P.
  29. Karl_Luph

    Richard Widmark has passed away at 93!

    Robert,thanks for your wonderful,thoughtful post on Richard Widmark's passing, he was truly a film legend and always a professional. I wanted to add that I usually would see the posts of someone's passing in the AfterHours Lounge so when I hadn't seen any posts there for Richard Widmark I made...
  30. Karl_Luph

    Kind of a personal question - Have any of you tried online dating services?

    I've tried the online dating sites off and on for about 4 years now .Depending on where you live, if you're in an area that is well populated,you are going to have alot better luck on the sites as those who live out in the sticks. It's very competitive out there for us guys over 50.The thing is...