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  1. Norm Strong

    Stupid question from a stupid guy!

    Gold speaker wires? I can see a very good reason for them. It's a good way to store gold bullion. No thief is likely to find it. Lots safer than casting it into a sailboat keel.
  2. Norm Strong

    In case anyone is wondering about the amps in the Kenwood VR-6060 vs. the VR-6070

    The amplifiers may indeed be indentical. However, it's the power supply that determines whether or not they will all put out their advertised power at once.
  3. Norm Strong

    Is there a site that shows pictures of Remotes?
  4. Norm Strong

    Replay TV 5000 and 4000 series

    What is the basic difference between these two series of ReplayTV units? What technical features does one have that the other doesn't, and what are the plusses and minuses of each? I'm having trouble getting the straight scoop. Thanks a bunch, Norm Strong
  5. Norm Strong

    Replay TV 5040 now for $199 with free shipping

    The "you" is a generallized you. The most troubling part to me is the part where they can remove the commercial skip feature at any time. It's not like the Apex AD600 where Apex had to get their hands on your unit to remove the "secret" menu. If Sonic Blue is successfully sued by the major...
  6. Norm Strong

    Replay TV 5040 now for $199 with free shipping

    Did you read the legal agreement? SonicBlue can remove any feature of RePlayTV without notice and at their sole discretion. IOW, they can remove the commercial skip feature at any time, and you have no recourse. In fact, they reserve the right to alter RePlay's software in any way they...
  7. Norm Strong

    Best Amp for for $3500

    Perhaps you'd give us something to go on other than the price. Such as, How much power into what load? Then there's things like, is a fan acceptable?
  8. Norm Strong

    Recommendations wanted for an $800 or less DVD player

    My recommendation would be for "less".
  9. Norm Strong

    What would you guys rate an Apex compared to other DVD players?

    I have an Apex. I've had it for 2 years. It works perfectly. But, since I've only looked at one other brand on my own TV set, I can't really argue with the esteemed gentlemen above. The "feature" set, however, is undeniable.
  10. Norm Strong

    Why don't receivers have bass mgmt built into x.1 analog inputs?

    The reason bass management is not added to receivers is that it is difficult and expensive, since it has to be done in the analog domain. Since the signal from an SACD or DVD-A player is only available as a set of analog signals, the receiver would first have to send each channel through a...
  11. Norm Strong

    Is it important to match brands between a CD player and receiver?

    The only reason to match brands is to get unified remote controls. There is no quality issue.
  12. Norm Strong

    how terrible of idea to use DVD player to play CDs?

    There are excellent reasons for buying a DVD player as a dedicated CD player. They play, not only CDs, but CD-R, CD-RW, and all of them encoded with MP3. How many home CD decks do you know that will do that?
  13. Norm Strong

    Phono Pre-amps: Talk to me....

    If you want to play vinyl, why did you buy a 950, which is notable for having no phono stage?
  14. Norm Strong

    Does anyone know how to brige an amp

    Place the amplifier on the floor. Put a sturdy chair on each side. Now lay a board across the seats of the chairs, and your amplifier has been bridged.
  15. Norm Strong

    Advice on speaker stands

    Buy a couple of CD cabinets that are 18" high. Put the speakers on them.
  16. Norm Strong

    I'm about ready to flip a coin.....

    I don't see how we can help. You know all about the 2 candidates, and you have the additional advantage of knowing what various features are worth to you. If you can't make the decision, how on earth can we make it for you?
  17. Norm Strong

    SURVEY: Do you notice a big difference in $10K+ speakers vs. more affordable ones?

    Sound quality is not related to price. More money will however buy you louder undistorted sound, better bass extension, and of course a much nicer looking piece of furniture. But it won't buy better sound.
  18. Norm Strong

    SURVEY: How important is flat frequency response to you?

    Frequency response is quite important. It's one of the few ways to rate a speaker. And a way that doesn't require a golden ear. It has not escaped my notice that audio professionals, who make their living based on their ability to separate the good from the great and the poor from the...
  19. Norm Strong

    Which one would you choose?

    Our opinions don't mean a thing to you, unless you know why they were formed. I'd buy the one with the phono preamp.
  20. Norm Strong

    WHY is POLK AUDIO not respeced??

    More to the point, Kevin, why do you care?
  21. Norm Strong

    What is a good receiver match for these speakers?

    It doesn't make any difference. There is nothing idiosyncratic about Polk speakers that would indicate any special receiver requirements.
  22. Norm Strong

    Lower imedance and sens = same output?

    Quite the contrary. The 88db 4 ohm speaker will draw twice as much power and STILL be 3 db lower in output. Sensitivity is rated with an input of 2.83v--regardless of the impedance of the speaker. So actually you are 4 times worse off with the 4 ohm speaker. Half the output and twice the...
  23. Norm Strong

    Low household voltage causing noise

    Why not just buy a 7 amp Variac, and when the voltage starts to go low, turn it up. Costs a lot less than $350.
  24. Norm Strong

    what wattage gives you?

    The way the power output of a receiver is specified is set by the FTC. I've never come across a receiver that didn't meet its power specs as so measured. The reason for a 200W amplifier is because 100W is not enough to get the loudness you desire, resulting in distortion. You can of course...
  25. Norm Strong

    First DVD Player : Advise between 2

    Apparently the 2 units you mentioned are not around $100, but rather $130. I saw a Daewoo 5700 at Target for $100; it has much to recommend it.
  26. Norm Strong

    Is there a CD player that won't hurt my ears?

    I doubt very much that ANY CD player will be satisfactory to you. Your ears are much more delicate than the average person's. Chances are you should avoid all CD players and stick with something--anything--that doesn't hurt your ears. LP is probably just the ticket for you, and there's lots...
  27. Norm Strong

    New VCR?

    What complaints did you have with the previous VCR? Look for one that addresses these complaints!
  28. Norm Strong

    headphone amps?

    Headphone amps are generally used by people who don't have a headphone jack on their receiver--usually because they don't have a receiver! They are also used by people that have managed to convince themselves that there is something magic in a separate headphone amplifier that simply can't...
  29. Norm Strong

    Just bought a used DVD player

    You know what they say: Sin in haste; repent at leisure.