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  1. Vince Maskeeper

    4K UHD titles, prefer trades.

    Hello. I have a handful of UHD discs where I either upgraded to a steel book or accidentally ordered multiples. I’d prefer trades but open to offers if you have nothing to trade. I have available: - Schindler’s list (UHD+blu+digital) SEALED - Jaws (UHD+blu+digital) SEALED, slipcase - The...
  2. Vince Maskeeper

    Win a Denon X5200W 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AVR with a copy of Insurgent on Blu-ray!

    ideal Atmos home theater setup? One I got for free via the Internet! But seriously, anything that adds to the immersion of the audio experience is important to me. Looking forward to seeing how atmos translates into the home.
  3. Vince Maskeeper

    American Gladiators 2008

    Glad to see old friends on the HTF are checking out the show. I'm serving as the supervising sound editor on this one, so I popped in to see what the guys here we're saying about the show. Of course, we had to finish all sound design and mixing on the first 3 hours in about 4 days... over the...
  4. Vince Maskeeper

    Testy Area 51

  5. Vince Maskeeper

    Can anyone tell me why? (USB HD question)

    All are Win XP, most are pro, one is home. All are SP 2 or newer. Should support NTFS. -V
  6. Vince Maskeeper

    Can anyone tell me why? (USB HD question)

    I have an external USB drive from acomidata. I formatted it NTFS and used it on my PC for months. When I take it to other computers, one of two things happen: 1) It works fine, just like at home. 2) It will not assign the drive a letter, and going into disk management launches the...
  7. Vince Maskeeper

    Large # of items for sale! PC hardware, DVD recorder, pronto, some DVDs, wall art...

    MIke, Sent an offer on Ts1000 Pronto- let me know: maskeeper [at]
  8. Vince Maskeeper

    WTB DDR ram

    Just pulled a single 256 from a mobo so I could go dual channel... Seems like these aren't worth much- have any dvds you'd be willing to trade? \V
  9. Vince Maskeeper

    WTB: Budget A/V receiver of a specific size

    Thanks for the help and offers, i finally found something! Of course3, a few hours later a friend called and offered to give me his old outlaw 1050, lol. Such is life. \V
  10. Vince Maskeeper

    WTB: Budget A/V receiver of a specific size

    Randy, Emailed you back within a minute, so let me know. No response from Roy. \V
  11. Vince Maskeeper

    Anyone go to a real Hollywood premier...

    I've been to a couple. The majority in attendance are either in the business in one way or another, or jaded critics-- so while, in many cases, the stars are "accessible" they're usually not all that into posing off the red carpet-- and most of the events I've attended found guests talking to...
  12. Vince Maskeeper

    Who Makes Movie Trailers?

    Don doesn't leave his house anymore, we fax him copy, he ISDN connects to the studio. He has a simple home studio setup in his place in Silverlake- and still gets paid ungodly sums of money- only no more white limo. \V
  13. Vince Maskeeper

    Anyone else seen "Art School Confidential"? (Spoilers)

    I forgot I live in LA where the movies come from... so they open early. Well, when anyone else sees it, maybe you can clue me in on the joke I missed. \V
  14. Vince Maskeeper

    WTB: Budget A/V receiver of a specific size

    Roy, I'd love another 3300 if the price was right... mine is moving out because the digital input failed. Send me a PM or email... \V
  15. Vince Maskeeper

    Anyone else seen "Art School Confidential"? (Spoilers)

    Saw this Friday afternoon and enjoyed it, mostly. It suffers from the same problem Office Space seems to have: the desire to have a plot pop up at some point to drive the film. And, as usual, the funniest elements were featured in the trailer. I really did get a kick out of how obvious the...
  16. Vince Maskeeper

    WTB: Budget A/V receiver of a specific size

    Randy, sent you a PM... what happened? \V
  17. Vince Maskeeper

    WTB: Budget A/V receiver of a specific size

    Hey Everybody, Gotten a couple emails- checking specs and comparing-- will be in touch with a couple questions. \V
  18. Vince Maskeeper

    Projector screen and projection calculator

    Basically, a projector (without a zoom lense) throws a given image at a given distance. The further you move back, the bigger the image (of course, the further you move back, the dimmer the image). Think of it like a flashlight: as you move the actual light away from the wall- the size of the...
  19. Vince Maskeeper

    Drop 50 pounds in 12 months--Reasonable?

    To anyone else looking to drop that much: I weighed 280, and lost 40 pounds in 40 days. I dropped a total of 100 in about a year. So 50 in a year is more than reasonable. \V
  20. Vince Maskeeper

    WTB: Budget A/V receiver of a specific size

    Looking for a solid receiver for the bedroom to replace a dying Denon 3300. The problem is my rack will not accommodate anything deeper or [much] taller than the current 3300: 7 inches tall and 16 inches deep I was interested in the Pioneer 1012 or 1014, but they look to be over 18 inches...
  21. Vince Maskeeper

    Anyone have these PC games: Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, or The Phantom Menace

    No I don't want to pirate them or anything, I just have a project I could some help on and wondered if anyone who owns these games could help me out. Drop me an email ASAP. -V
  22. Vince Maskeeper

    In LA for a week, what should I do?

    Although you might consider it "touristy" - the VIP tour at Warner Bros studios is EXCELLENT. Most studios that have tours are pretty lame, but the WB one is long, in depth, takes you to live sets and working stages. The walking tour at Paramount is also decent, but the WB tour is the best...
  23. Vince Maskeeper

    Where do you get your larger digital photos printed?

    I'm a big fan of decorating my place with original artwork and photography. I have several friends that take breathtaking photos and I'd like to start having some printed and mounted... I'm thinking prints from 8x10 and up (depending on the resolution of the source image). I'm wondering who...
  24. Vince Maskeeper

    What's Dynamic Range Compression

    DRC is just as you imagine: a feature which allows the dynamics of a soundtrack to be reduced so the loud stuff doesn't seem as loud: similar to midnight mode, only midnight mode usually adds bass reduction and some other changes. DRC is based on flags in the digital stream, so it might not...
  25. Vince Maskeeper

    Survivor Guatemala: Season 11

    Actually every higher level show like Survivor or Apprentice has a composer who creates a whole hours worth of music for each episode. Granted, much of it might be taken from elements they had in the works for a while or from variations on a theme that is used each week, but Survivor has a very...
  26. Vince Maskeeper

    Survivor Guatemala: Season 11

    I am currently working on the show and will be the dialog editor for the whole season. Although I work on several shows, Survivor is one of the only ones that credits the sound editors on screen (or at least the used to)-- so I figured it would be nice to have a capture of one of the few screen...
  27. Vince Maskeeper

    Survivor Guatemala: Season 11

    No, Not at all ;) Of course if I told you, I'd have to kill you. Company policy.
  28. Vince Maskeeper

    Survivor Guatemala: Season 11

    I am. Drop me an email. :)
  29. Vince Maskeeper

    Survivor Guatemala: Season 11

    If anyone captures the show to MCE or similar setup (to where you could easily do a screen capture)- please drop me an email. I'm the sound editor for the show this season and I think I'm listed in the credits- and would love a screen cap. -V
  30. Vince Maskeeper

    what to do in Portland?

    I actually just finished working on a show for the Travel Channel about Oregon that focused on Portland... Of course I've been there once or twice too. One place they mentioned that sounded cool is VooDoo Donuts. Stumptown Coffee looked kind of cool too. The again, I was a teenager of the...