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  1. winstoncarolina

    Blu-ray Review Secret of the Incas (Kino) – Blu-ray Review

    I have fond memories of this movie from childhood. I saw it in first release back in the late 1950s. Two things really stuck with me: the ending and Yma Sumac! After "Raiders," its sort of passe, but this mostly entertaining.
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    UHD Review A Few Words About A few words about...™ - Tár -- in 4k UHD

    Regrettably, Cate isn't likely to win for this movie. "Tar" is WAY over the heads of the average Academy member, I'm afraid, and it's poor showing at the box office hasn't helped her chances. It's the year of the Asians, with Michelle Yeoh most likely to take home the Oscar. It was definitely...
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    Jaws Being Released In Theaters in 3D…3D Blu ray coming?

    Preview for IMAX version showed the film in the proper aspect ratio.
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    Jaws Being Released In Theaters in 3D…3D Blu ray coming?

    I saw the trailer for the Labor Day release of "Jaws" last week at a screening of "NOPE." "Jaws been upgraded to IMAX but nothing in the trailer mentioned 3D, so I am sure it'll be shown flat, for one week only at IMAX houses. IMAX has avoided all 3D releases because of Covid transmission...
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    Searchers in 4K?

    More on-line digging reveals it was Ford himself who wanted to film "The Searchers" in VistaVision. Warner was shooting its widescreen films in CinemaScope at the time (like the ill-fated "Mr. Roberts" from which Ford had to be removed as director just before starting "The Seachers.") "High...
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    Dr. No (1962)

    What I have seen of Fathom revivals is pretty dreadful. Picture is usually dim and washed out, poorly focused and sometimes the color balances seems off. Of course, part of the problem could the theaters. Projection is rotten in most chain theaters. I usually try to catch a movie in IMAX because...
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    Searchers in 4K?

    I saw "The Searchers" in first release and several times afterward in theaters. It's been a long while, but I recall some scenes seemed intentionally shifted to the yellow/red side to emphasize the dust in the Monument Valley locations. There's a scene indoor where two men are scuffling and you...
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    Searchers in 4K?

    Hitchcock was familiar with VistaVision because he had to shoot all his films at Paramount in the process and apparently liked it enough to continue using it at MGM for "North by Northwest." I don't know why MGM, which was using CInemaScope for its widescreen productions during the 1950s...
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    Searchers in 4K?

    Having just finished Glenn Frankel's incredible book on the making of John Ford's "The Searchers," I watched the Blu-Ray again. While it might have been a state-of-the-art transfer 20 years ago, it looks pretty sad today. Are any plans in the works for Warner Archive to remaster it in 4K from...
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    Why does Night And Day 1946 look like - yuck - upgrade to blu ray and restored needed badly

    Apart from the musical numbers by the folks that introduced the songs, this Cole Porter bio flick is simply awful.
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    Robert Morse, star of How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying dies at 90

    I saw him in "How to Succeed in Business" on March 16, 1963, and his star-making turn with "I'm Believe in You," over the men's chorus and hum of electric shavers, is engraved in my mind. Too bad the film really wasn't that good but the material really didn't lend itself to a movie. Hollywood...
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    Blu-ray Review The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm Blu-ray Review

    Actually, Oscar Hammerstein 2nd wrote "A hundred million miracles are happening every day." Flower Drum Song. The restoration IS quite remarkable. So good to have all the major Cinerama released now available on video.
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    UHD Review Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) – UHD Blu-ray Review

    Kaufman's "Invasion" works so well because it successfully re-envisions the Siegel film (while giving it a loving wink or two). Veronica Cartwright attended a screening here a few years back and it was great to see the film again on a theater screen. The remake is very rooted in post-hippie San...
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    Blu-ray Review Gold Diggers of 1933 Blu-ray Review

    Blondell never got enough credit. Compare her work in "Gold Diggers" and "Nightmare Alley!" I was fortunate enough to have seen her on stage in the late 1950s or early 1960s in a touring production of William Inge's "Dark at the Top of the Stairs" and shared a moment with her as she kindly...
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    UHD Review A Few Words About While we Wait for A few words about...™ No Time to Die -- in 4k UHD

    For me, NTTD is a total mess. It's screenplay verges on the incoherence. Sloppy editing (except in the action sequences) and it WAY overstays its worth. And worst of all, it takes itself far too seriously. Technically it looks and sounds very good in IMAX. But for me, the series took a terrible...
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    Press Release PHE Press Release: Paramount Presents! Ragtime (1981) (Blu-ray)

    The tragedy of "Ragtime" was that while Milos Forman did an OK job with it, the movie was meant to be directed by Robert Altman. Producer Dino De Laurenttis, however, was so angry with Altman after "Buffalo Bill and the Indians" (which featured "Ragtime" author E. L. Doctorow in a supporting...
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    Press Release Criterion Press Release: Criterion's first 4k UHD releases

    Barnes and Noble doesn't stock 4K movies, at least my local B&N doesn't, and I can't recall seeing 4K discs on line at B&N either. For a half price Criterion, I suspect we'll have to wait for one of those rare Criterion pop-up sales.
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    Weekly RoundUp 8-17-2021

    I'm glad "Company" cast album is back in print at Criterion. I've had a DVD of it for a long, long time. But the thing was shot on 16mm film with Columbia studio lighting and never looked great to start with, so I can't see forking more bucks to see beads of sweat on Elaine Stricht's forehead...
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    A Few Words About A few words about…™ “Mister Roberts” – in Blu-ray

    It was Fonda and Ford's (sixth?) and last film and not a happy experience. Fonda loved the play and felt Ford was "joking up" the movie too much. The cantankerous Ford was apparently drunk most of the time as well, which didn't help matters. The arguments and friction mounted and finally Ford...
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    Blu-ray Review Damn Yankees Blu-ray Review

    You should have gotten it by now. I got the same delivery date in April but it showed up the day after its release.
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    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: Annie Get Your Gun (1950) (Blu-ray)

    Great news, though I was never a fan of this version of "Annie Get Your Gun." I was lucky and saw Ethel Merman revive Annie in the 1960s Lincoln Center revival. Merman was in her 50s then, I guess. There's also a pretty good version available with Mary Martin as Annie and John Raitt as Frank...
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    Is Blu-Ray all done with Robert Altman?

    I have a copy of A Wedding and knew Amy Styker, the girl who played the bride and studied at the NC School of the Arts. It's never been released on Blu-Ray to my knowledge but only on DVD.
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    Please help me find the name of a 3D film

    "Gorilla at Large"? 1954 film and one of Fox's few 3D releases.
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    Press Release PHE Press Release: Paramount Presents! The Greatest Show On Earth (1952) (Blu-ray)

    This movie's preservation of the Barnum and Bailey circus in all its Big Top glory is now of greater importance than the movie itself. As a boy of 9, I attended one of those fabulous shows with my dad in Washington, D.C., just after De Mille has finished filming this movie. It's all gone now but...