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  1. Jimmy M

    What is your favorite commentary?

    One of my favorite ones is from the DVD (I don't have the Blu Ray, so I don't know if it is on there or not) of Bubba Ho Tep, where Bruce Campbell does the commentary in character as Elvis.
  2. Jimmy M

    Blu-ray Review The Martian: Extended Edition Blu-ray Review

    Is there any listing of what the added scenes consist of?
  3. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 3-15-2016

    Three seasons of re-released Muppet Show (or are there new features thrown in too?) and still no sign of Season Four... :(
  4. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 12-8-2015

    Whoops. Messed up the Mike Quote part of my above post, and I don't see an "edit" option.
  5. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 12-8-2015

    I loved the minion parts of the Despicable Me movies. Making it a full length movie just didn't have the same hilarity. I'm not a big fan of the Despicable Me films. But I always figured a film featuring the minions must be pretty funny. What do you guys think?
  6. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 9-15-2015

    I think I'll wait for lower Non-Amazon Exclusive pricing on the two Marvel seasons.
  7. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 1-20-2015

    Crap. New stuff. Anybody have an extra copy they want to let go for a reasonable cost? :)
  8. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 1-20-2015

    So is there anything on this release of Fright NIght that wasn't on their previous release?
  9. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 11-25-2014

    The MST3K Turkey Day collection ($49.99) link leads to the MST3K Turkey Day collection for $58.48.
  10. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 11-11-2014

    I just popped the Target bonus disc in my player and there was no sound. The Main Blu-Ray was fine. Has anyone else had this happen? edit: Heh... Power cycled the player and that took care of it. Two years old and this is the first time that happened. :)
  11. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 6-24-2014

    My wife and I loved Winter's Tale at the theater, so I'll be picking that up, and probably ST-TNG:S6..
  12. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 10-1-2013

    This sticker is under the shrinkwrap, on the cardboard sleeve.
  13. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 10-1-2013

    Same thing happened to my sticker. I followed the links on the Hollywood Movie Money site until I got to a Contact Us link. I explained what happened, and someone got back to me later that day asking me to scan the receipt and the damaged sticker and e-mail it back to them. After I did that...
  14. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 9-10-2013

    When Target sold their exclusive version of GI Joe Retaliation, there was a sheet with some coupons in it. One of the coupons is for $2.00 off Star Trek Into Darkness, which I used on the Blu-ray Combo pack, as well as combining it with the Cartwheel discount.
  15. Jimmy M

    Pain & Gain Giveaway

    Consider me entered!
  16. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 8-13-2013

    Mike, thanks as always for this. YOu may want to edit the link for the ABC TV coupon... You have a letter wrong. (you have ...TConDVD... instead of ...TVonDVD...)
  17. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 12-4-2012

    There is a $5 coupon for the 5 disc Finding Nemo set here (good through 12/9/12, requires Disney Movie Rewards registration). Some people were successful in using the Cinderella version to get a discount off the 2D version, but YMMV.
  18. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 11-6-2012

    I really like the round sticker advertising the new interview with John Carpenter on the They Live slipcase.
  19. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 9-25-2012

    So where did he hide it? :)
  20. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 9-25-2012

    Also confirming the $19.99 price for the 3D Avengers set at Target. And the bonus disc, which has the regular "DVD Video" logo on the cardboard sleeve, is in fact a Blu-Ray disc.
  21. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 9-4-2012

    1974? :D
  22. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 8-28-2012

    Thanks. I have no idea how I missed that line every time I read through that post looking for it.
  23. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 8-28-2012

    I missed this coupon... Is it something that is still available anywhere?
  24. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 8-14-2012

    So it looks like 1 copy of the Blu-Ray movie, 1 copy of the Blu-Ray special features, and matching copies on standard DVD.
  25. Jimmy M

    DOLBY BLU-RAY GIVEAWAY: San Francisco Symphony at 100 w/Dolby TrueHD advanced 96k Upsampling

    1. 5-10 on average 2. Mostly action, Sci-Fi, and TV. 3. No, but it sounds cool!
  26. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 6-19-2012

    Is there anything different about the Batman Animated Series Season Three than the volume released several years ago?
  27. Jimmy M

    It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - 7/5 (Another Wal-Mart Exclusive)

    I really really wish I had TCM-HD and a DVD recorder. My old deluxe laserdisc set certainly isn't anamorphic, and my LD player is approaching 30 years old, and isn't what it used to be. That being said, I picked up the IAMMMMW Blu-Ray from my local Wal•Mart and can't wait to watch it this week.
  28. Jimmy M

    Weekly RoundUp 4-12-2011

    Worked for me this morning at BB. I wouldn't know. I went to BB an hour and a half after they opened. The store wasn't very busy at all. They only had one copy of The Incredibles, and had sold out of Cars. Customer Service checked the computer and the two other BBs "in the area" (at...