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  1. Ray Gutnick

    Walking Dead Season 3

    can't claim this is my idea, but how cool would it have been to have this series starring the cast of Lost
  2. Ray Gutnick

    True Blood: Season Five

    I'll watch until the end of this season, but that's likely it for me.
  3. Ray Gutnick

    Breaking Bad - Season 5 (AMC)

    can someone remind me what happened to Ted? i.e. how did he get to this state?
  4. Ray Gutnick

    Five favorite TV shows of all time?

    Tough to pick only 5 but here goes: Buffy X-Files Twin Peaks Sanctuary 24
  5. Ray Gutnick

    Mad Men: Season Five

    interesting that so many of you will miss Peggy; I was rarely interested in her storyline.
  6. Ray Gutnick

    Once Upon A Time - season 1 thread

    Had they been cancelled, I suspect they would have just cut out the last few minutes of the episode. would have been a great series finale.
  7. Ray Gutnick

    Once Upon A Time - season 1 thread

    I think they'll keep going with the current idea of adding new "past" characters until the show just runs out of steam (which i'd guess will be 3 seasons). I just hope when they get cancelled they have enough of a warning to properly wrap it up. I do hope the writers have an ending in mind...
  8. Ray Gutnick

    Happy Ending season 2 thread

    I like this show - sort of reminds me of scrubs with the quick banter
  9. Ray Gutnick

    Chuck - Season 5

    I think it would have been so much better had she completely got her memory back.
  10. Ray Gutnick

    Chuck - Season 5

    Easily my favourite part:
  11. Ray Gutnick

    Best shows of 2011

    Not in any particular order, but these are my favourites: Breaking Bad Dexter Supernatural Modern Family Honorable mention: Mad Men Chuck
  12. Ray Gutnick

    Grimm Season One

    I'm also done with this, mostly because I don't care for any of the characters; they're all kind of bland.
  13. Ray Gutnick

    Shows that should be shut down

    Some shows keep going well past their "best before" date. I'll start this off by saying The Office is no longer funny.
  14. Ray Gutnick

    True Blood: Season Four

    This show has a very large cast - I'm hoping that's enough of a reason to get rid of her
  15. Ray Gutnick

    Entourage: Season Eight

    any movies goes straight to dvd
  16. Ray Gutnick

    Entourage: Season Eight

    Ari and Dana are way better together than Ari and his ex-wife, but I'm guessing the writers are too stupid to see that. in the same way that they'll setup Vince and the reporter; absolutely zero chemistry there.
  17. Ray Gutnick

    Entourage: Season Eight

    so obvious how this series concludes: vince gets girl. turtle's restaurant big hit. drama has hit series. e gets back with sloan. ari gets back with wife. What I would add: Vince new girl friend holds intervention with vince and all the girls in the video. Turtle's executive chef is bobby flay...
  18. Ray Gutnick

    David Foster wants to pitch new Trek series.

    if they want to liven up a trek series, create one for HBO or equivalent.
  19. Ray Gutnick

    Entourage: Season Eight

    If they do go ahead with a movie, I'm guessing straight to dvd. they missed that opportunity by a few years
  20. Ray Gutnick

    Entourage: Season Eight

    i'm assuming this is as good as this season gets...keep your expectations really low.
  21. Ray Gutnick

    Review your favorite Movie Theater

    instant classic!
  22. Ray Gutnick

    "Source Code" starring Jake Gyllenhaal

    I thought it was Colter's conscience in Sean's body at the end, but a friend suggested that it was actually Sean back in his own body at that point.
  23. Ray Gutnick

    Chuck - Season Four

    I thought Jeffster's push it was of my favorite scenes in the series!
  24. Ray Gutnick

    What movie do you most detest?

  25. Ray Gutnick

    The Office - season 6

    can someone explain the kite gift?
  26. Ray Gutnick

    Show Status Cheat Sheet - Fall 2009

    Interesting - hopefully they're wrong about reaper
  27. Ray Gutnick

    The Office season 5

    I thought that episode was good enough to be a series finale
  28. Ray Gutnick

    Reaper Season 2....

    of all of the shows that are on the cusp of being cancelled, this is the one that i hope survives
  29. Ray Gutnick

    New Joss Whedon show announced: Dollhouse

    Interesting idea, but in that case, why not promote all dolls to whatever positions they need (ie: security, watchers, cooks, etc)
  30. Ray Gutnick

    Directors If you could save 1 show that's on the bubble...

    Which would you save: Chuck Dollhouse Reaper Terminator The Unit