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  1. Frank Anderson

    new punisher movie....

    Looks like an "EOTech HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight" on the rifle. Also looks like it's mounted on it backwards. If they can get that small bit of info wrong how much else is gonna be screwed up.
  2. Frank Anderson

    Iron Man (New Line sets 2005 release date)

    Looks pretty good to me. Looking forward to it.
  3. Frank Anderson

    Big Brother 8 Discussion Thread

    I hope ED wins so he can loan his daughter some money that she won't pay back.
  4. Frank Anderson

    Peter Boyle R.I.P.
  5. Frank Anderson

    *** Official CASINO ROYALE Discussion Thread

    Loved the movie. Can't wait for Craig to do another. But I did hate the opening song. Also, I miss Q.
  6. Frank Anderson

    Medium - Season 3

    I have not watched it yet. I've never seen a single episode but I recorded this one because Thomas Jane was in it. Hope it's worth it.
  7. Frank Anderson

    Andromeda... worth it?

    I'll have to agree. The first two seasons were good after that it went down hill.
  8. Frank Anderson

    Spider-man 3 - On Going Developments

    Thanks Pat!
  9. Frank Anderson


    I actually like them both for different reasons. But for the purposes of making a separate music DVD I'd probably go with the ones without titles.
  10. Frank Anderson


    The entire opening sequence, with credits, all on one DVD.
  11. Frank Anderson

    Spider-man 3 - On Going Developments

    Anybody able to download the trailer (in non HD)?
  12. Frank Anderson


    I just finished Goldfinger, Thunderball and Diamonds are Forever. Gotta say best picture quality I've ever seen these movies in. As I was watching the opening credits I was thinking I would love a DVD that only had all 20 opening songs on it. Maybe it's just me but I think that would be a pretty...
  13. Frank Anderson

    Ark II coming Nov 7th

    This one will bring back memories. I'm waiting for Isis.
  14. Frank Anderson


    Any news at all if it's even remotely possible to purchase a R1 set with the attache case?
  15. Frank Anderson

    Heroes season 1 thread

    This was one of the shows I was looking forward to the most. I of course will watch the next episode but this first one wasn't as good as I expected.
  16. Frank Anderson

    Stargate SG-1 thinpak repackaging

    Any new info on this?
  17. Frank Anderson

    Bought from Ebay & no response from seller after 5 days? Am i just too impatient?

    A little off topic but I'm just venting. The only negative feedback I've ever gotten was retaliatory from a guy I left neutral feedback for. It really pissed me off that someone ruined my perfect record. After emailing eBay for about two weeks they determined that it was retaliatory feedback...
  18. Frank Anderson

    Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol 3

    October 25, 2005
  19. Frank Anderson

    Farscape custom cover art

    Outstanding work as usual Ric. Just curious... what's next?
  20. Frank Anderson

    Highlander: Raven on 6.14.05

    My wife and I really enjoyed Highlander and I had all 6 seasons on VHS and now on DVD. Highlander Raven was OK but not a favorite show of mine. However I will probably get it to complete my Highlander collection.
  21. Frank Anderson

    Alternative SW cover art...

    Yup, very nice.
  22. Frank Anderson

    NCIS Season 2 thread

    Never could understand why anyone would want leave a popular show and they're one of the main characters. 9 out of 10 don't do squat afterwards. I'm going to miss the banter between Tony and Kate. I wonder who will be going more ballistic in the season three opener, Gibbs or Tony?
  23. Frank Anderson

    The Star Trek Enterprise appreciation and Season 4 discussion thread (this one's for the fans).

    I enjoyed seeing Ten-Forward and some of the other TNG sets again as well as Riker and Troi. Even though there were a few scenes which I liked the story was just plain bad and a horrible series finale. What a let down.
  24. Frank Anderson

    The Amazing Race 7

    Todd S asked this earlier, and I haven't seen an answer.
  25. Frank Anderson

    EARTH 2 (Street Date 7/19/05) (contains spoilers)

    :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: Looking forward to seeing the series again.
  26. Frank Anderson

    Battle Of The Bulge - Short Review

    One of my favorite WWII movies. If that picture Herb posted is any indication of the condition of the movie I really can't wait.
  27. Frank Anderson

    Pink Panther Cartoons Finally! (merged)

    I sure hope they do.
  28. Frank Anderson

    TV Mini-series Request Discussion Thread

    If Tomorrow Comes And another vote for The First Olympics: Athens 1896 and Masada