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  1. Al.Anderson

    Need some help with an old configuration

    I *think* this is a jury rigged set-up. I say "think" because for the life of me I can't figure out why the MD/DAT 'input' is being used. (I'd love to know what that's connected to.) If I'm right then the setup is splitting power to multiple locations, which not standard but fine if you're...
  2. Al.Anderson

    Need some help with an old configuration

    MD/Tape In/Out are line level, so if you're using them to drive speakers then those rooms must have another form of amplification. Assuming you want to keep things the same, then you just need to look for a receiver with pre-outs. On the other hand, your current receiver also has pre-outs, so...
  3. Al.Anderson

    Amazon Prime Commercials Coming To Amazon Prime in 2024

    I originally got Prime for the 2-day shipping and the streaming. As others have said, the 2-day shipping has become a pipe-dream, and now the streaming is devalued. Unfortunately, I went to cancel Prime but realized that I have a lot wrapped up in Prime Visa. So I'm going to have to find a...
  4. Al.Anderson

    Woofer gaskets

    Opinions are all over the place on this question. I'm going to stick my neck out and say that the consensus is a couple of hours break-in.
  5. Al.Anderson

    Weekly RoundUp 11-7-2023 (Beta Test Version)

    The weekly round-up is often the main reason I visit every week; so yes, it's very valuable to me. On the other hand I don't buy nearly as much as I used to, mostly because the streaming companies aren't releasing what I watch. I think your approach for DVDs is great, as I only get DVD if I...
  6. Al.Anderson

    I'm such a noob...

    1) Computer systems are generally handled two ways: (1) as computer speakers, sound controlled by the computer, or (2) as a standard surround system with the computer as an input, sound controlled by the receiver/amp. 2) The receiver sends the appropriate band to the speakers, which is...
  7. Al.Anderson

    What should I change?

    I don't understand this suggestion; if he's not getting a 4K monitor then there's no reason to replace the receiver.
  8. Al.Anderson

    I need a recommendation for a new receiver

    I don't *need" new models every year (heck, I'm still using the RX-V2095 which came out maybe 20 years ago), I want them because innovation is fun! Also, I don't think any decent manufacturer is releasing with bugs in the hardware, it's in the software. Software bugs can be fixed relatively...
  9. Al.Anderson

    I need a recommendation for a new receiver

    I only tried one Denon, and it didn't sound as "warm" as the Yamahas. I also tried a Marantz (same company as Denon) but that wouldn't connect to my NAS, so it went back. To be fair, both of those were ~5 years ago, so definitely not models out now. For completeness I've owned Yamaha models...
  10. Al.Anderson

    I need a recommendation for a new receiver

    Many of the suggestions so far are not appropriate for 4 ohm speakers, so be careful there. Mike Up's suggestions are good for 4 ohm speakers. I really wanted to give him a 'Like' but I don't agree with his position of Denon being a step up over Yamaha. (Denon is certainly as good though...
  11. Al.Anderson

    Yamaha HTR 2071 video out

    Those are inputs, not outputs. They'd typically be used for something like a DVD player, a Roku, or a cable box. There's only 1 HDMI output (although it's an ARC, so audio can come from the TV). Throwing in the manual link for grins...
  12. Al.Anderson

    Does anyone know who or where I can get something like this?

    Not quite the shield you show, but I found similar products searching Amazon for 'power strip cable management'.
  13. Al.Anderson

    Receiver Lost Settings

    Some receivers have a 'Lock Settings' or a 'Backup Settings' to help with this problem.
  14. Al.Anderson

    Which Single Movie Of Your Collection Gets The Most Long Term Replay ?

    According to Plex I have a 3-way tie: The Fifth Element, Galaxy Quest, and Silver Linings Playbook.
  15. Al.Anderson

    Need help with my TCL R625 Roku Television and Dolby Vision

    This is a shot in the dark, but I remember this kind of thing happening when the TV was trying to process a signal from the player that wasn't native (so had to scale). So maybe check what your player is putting out. Also, it couldn't hurt to try another HDMI cable that you;re sure is spec'd...
  16. Al.Anderson

    The Avengers: The Emma Peel Collection (1965-1967) – Imprint Television #3 Unboxing

    It's $179 on Amazon! What was it before it dropped? I was interested but that's crazy.
  17. Al.Anderson

    Netflix To Crackdown On Password Sharing

    I like being able to share my Netflix account with my kids as much as anyone, but I'm going to go against the grain and say I completely understand that they would like to make money. It's pretty funny that just a few years back they had the, "Love is sharing a password" slogan; but that aside...
  18. Al.Anderson

    Logitech bows out of the Harmony Universal Remote market

    My family is either streaming or using Plex, both of which can be 95% controlled with a Roku remote. I'm the only one who ever wants to muck with the receiver, and for that it's easier to use Yamaha's MusicCast app on my phone. For my stereo music setup I only use MusicCast from my phone. As...
  19. Al.Anderson

    Question About My New Babies...How High to Mount on the Wall?

    I was going to say "ear level", but you're really getting into the nitty gritty. So maybe hang them from the ceiling and move them up and down to see what affect it has.
  20. Al.Anderson

    Please help - Bowers & Wilkins receiver

    Yeah, Amazon Music is a PITA; I switched to Tidal for that very reason (and I have CDs). You could try something like this; but it's expensive enough to just wait until you get a new receiver:
  21. Al.Anderson

    Please help - Bowers & Wilkins receiver

    The sub should be set to "max" (or whatever it's called on your sub). Otherwise you'll have dueling crossover curves which will lose detail (the crossover is a slope, not a hard cut-over). As for music I won't go into detail unsolicited, but those are too nice of speakers to deprive them of...
  22. Al.Anderson

    Please help - Bowers & Wilkins receiver

    There's really not a wrong answer. Here's three ways to decide: 1) If your sub is good, well placed, and the room acoustics are decent - run it at 80 so it handles all the low end and reduces stress on your mains so they can handle the higher frequencies more easily. 2) The default/standard is...
  23. Al.Anderson

    The perfect setup?

    The only think you might want to do is make sure the audio signal is making it to your receiver as intended (and not being processed by the TV). Most receivers have an 'Info' button; so while you're playing a known hi-res source (from cable, streaming, or DTS-HD disc), see if your receiver sees...
  24. Al.Anderson

    help needed on my yamaha rx v2700 please

    It might help to know how are you changing inputs, and what connections you've used for any attached components. I've had several Yamaha receivers, but they all have slightly different controls that your 2700; but in my experience the problem you're seeing occurs when the inputs are not...
  25. Al.Anderson

    Looking for a decoder device for new Atmos Setup

    The video talks about a Audirvana player app, but when I googled I only found a player device; So I'm not which one you had in mind. But since your Marantz is already a great decoder, why bother with Audirvana at all? If you a lot of music and a computer on a network you can easily set up a...
  26. Al.Anderson

    Room correction, it's a waste IMO.

    I use room correction as a starting point and then tweak; and for that purpose I really like it. (I've mostly used Yamaha's version.) That said, I can't tell if it's the room correction (distance, level, big/small, crossovers) that you don't like, or the used of the receiver's DSPs based off of...
  27. Al.Anderson

    Speaker Settings

    Did you perform an auto calibration, and did sound come from the rear speakers during the setup (manual page 35: Performing Auto Calibration, step 7)? What's the Speaker Pattern set to (page 45)? And in case it's a TV problem, what TV are you using with it?
  28. Al.Anderson

    Thoughts/advice on my planned 5.1 HT system

    The Yamaha has outputs for presence speakers, which is basically the same as Atmos if you place the presence speakers in the Atmos location. (Meaning the Yamaha will decode the Atmos channels, pg-43...
  29. Al.Anderson

    Yamaha rx-v650 protection

    What speakers are you using and has anything changed? I don't know what this means, so maybe I'm missing something, "Now. All output stages have been replaced."