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  1. AaronD

    your favourit sacd or dvd audio

    Anyone find a place on line with a complete selection of SACD and DVDA? I like places like acoustic sounds and elusive disc but they don't have -everything-. Heck even a comprehensive list of whats out there would be nice. -Aaron
  2. AaronD

    Blues Traveler

    I recently went on a blues traveler binge thanks to and I'll have to agree with you about Bridge. I find that disc spinning in one of my CD players quite frequently. I especially like 'Girl Inside My Head' and 'Back In The Day'. I didn't know about their new album until I saw John...
  3. AaronD

    So - What Music Did You Buy This Week?

    It's been a busy week... Genesis - Trick of the Tail (Remastered) Genesis - Duke Genesis - Invisible Touch Peter Gabriel - UP (two copies, car CD player destroyed the first) Pink Floyd - DSoTM SACD (WOW) Jump, Jive an' Wail: the very best of the brian setzer orchestra O' Brother, Where...
  4. AaronD

    Found some nice cd alphabetization dividers...

    KeithH, I've been looking for some decent dividers that don't make my collection look like a store too. I think these will work out nicely. I'm not sure about the artists yet either, but I do like the fact that they have some info about the artist on the card. That's pretty neat. Mike...
  5. AaronD

    Found some nice cd alphabetization dividers...

    Alpha Slips I just ordered their starter set. They also have lots of dividers for genres as well as individual band/artist. I've been looking for some pre-printed things like this for a while, I figure someone else probably is too. Anyone else have creative ways to organize growing cd...
  6. AaronD

    Reference-quality Bluegrass Recordings?

    We've got a local group where I live that has a very well recorded CD out. Their name is "Potato Moon" and the CD is "Midnight Water". You can get to 'em via their website at They've got some downloadable samples available, I suggest you check them out if you get a chance...
  7. AaronD

    RC2000 MKII or MX-500 Remote

    I agree with the other posters, the MX-500 is the way to go. I went through about 4 remotes before I settled on the MX-500 (including the Pronto Neo). The MX-500 was the only one to learn all of my components ir signals. I haven't had a single problem with the MX-500 and the setup is fairly...
  8. AaronD

    Anyone using a digital music server in their setup yet?

    Charles, Actually with 1TB you could store roughly 1500 CDs. With a slightly more modest 200GB you could store approximately 300CDs. It's still a good chunk of change, but it's a little more manageable. :) I'd like something thats on the verge of being an audiophile piece with the capability...
  9. AaronD

    Anyone using a digital music server in their setup yet?

    Does anyone know of a box that plays SHN or some other lossless file format? If I remember correctly the audiotron will play regular uncompressed WAV files, but I'd still like to keep 'em compressed. Thanks, Aaron
  10. AaronD

    Violent Femmes

    Apparently I'm the only one who likes the femmes anymore. :) -Aaron
  11. AaronD

    Alanis, Disturbed, Neil Young purchased today...

    I'm glad to hear the new Alanis release is promising on DVD-A. This may finally motivate me to hook up a switch between my SACD and DVD-A players. :) -Aaron
  12. AaronD

    Violent Femmes

    I'm thinking about signing up for Columbia House and while I was digging around for CD's I found this . I've owned several copies of the original debut from the violent femmes and it's always seemed pretty poorly mastered. Has anyone been able to check out this new version? In addition to...
  13. AaronD

    Sony Sacd ce775 problems

    Keith, I wasn't sure if it used the same laser akin to what some DVD players do in order to cut costs. Isn't SACD structured very closly to DVD on a physical level? -Aaron
  14. AaronD

    Which artists or changes would give SACD and/or DVD-Audio the biggest boost?

    IMHO Sony needs to get enough manufacturing capacity on hand to release the majority of their CD's as Hybrid SACD's. The stealth roll out talked about here is the way to go. Once a significant number of disc's are available the marketing department can then take over. I think instead of...
  15. AaronD

    Sony Sacd ce775 problems

    It sounds like you have a defective unit, I've never had a problem with mine reading anything. I've especially never had a disc come out spinning. Does anyone know if the CE775 uses a separate laser for CD and SACD? Something tells me that it does. -Aaron
  16. AaronD

    new Jurassic 5 album...

    I'm surprised someone hasn't mentioned the DVD that comes with the album.. It's just a short documentary kind of video, but it's a cool addition. -Aaron
  17. AaronD

    Component vs. S-Video

    Lew, Component video isn't the same as RGB video, it's actually Y-Pb-Pr (luminance, luminance minus blue, and luminance minus red). -Aaron
  18. AaronD

    HK AVR Analog Bypass Possibility?

    Thanks to all who have replied. Cooper_B, Interesting, I wonder why it doesn't give you all the normal bass management features that are available when a digital connection is used. If it's still going through the AD-DA process it would seem that it should be available. For now I'm just...
  19. AaronD

    Minidisc NetMD question

    Michael, The discs made with the netmd software are normal MDLP mini discs... They will play in any player that has MDLP capability, and you can even (with a little work) write SP audio to the mini disc (it's just upconverted MDLP 2 audio though). There shouldn't be any reason that you can't...
  20. AaronD

    How much can the quality between two transports differ?

    Paul, It depends on how retentive you want to be about the situation. Many people do not like the idea of using a DVD player as a CD transport, especially if it does not have dual lasers (one laser for CD and one for DVD). If you can use separate components then by all means go for it. If...
  21. AaronD

    HK AVR Analog Bypass Possibility?

    Paul, I'm glad someone else see this too... :) This would seem to suggest that a full range untouched signal is being sent to the mains while the sub is simply an addtional feed. This in effect would result in sending material below 60hz or 40hz to both the mains -and- the sub. Eujin, The...
  22. AaronD

    velodyne's the best?

    Jack, I've noticed the limiters in my SPL-1000, it seems to cut off just under 20hz. Doesn't this affect the impact of the sub adversely? Thanks, Aaron
  23. AaronD

    HK AVR Analog Bypass Possibility?

    I've got an AVR-310 at home, and I assume this will apply to other similar series as well. There has been quite a bit of talk in a few threads about the bass management on HK receivers. I noticed something last night, when you have an analog stereo source hooked up you can not choose...
  24. AaronD

    Minidisc NetMD question

    Michael, Yes, althought I've never tried an old disc that wasn't recorded with with the player (I don't have one) I don't see a reason why this shouldn't work. -Aaron
  25. AaronD

    Where are those AP SACDs?

    Keith, As long as they're hybrid I'm OK with missing a multi-channel track, it's not terribly important to me on remasters like this. I don't think I've found a really good multichannel mix yet anyways. :) -Aaron
  26. AaronD

    Integra releasing a universal player?

    From that little blurb there doesn't seem to be much difference between the Integra and Onkyo units. I wonder if this is just another case of a rebadged product selling for more under a premium name without any actualy gain in features or performance. I'm sure there are differences (at least I...
  27. AaronD

    subwoofer to match b&w600s

    Bunkie_r, I'll try and give out some non-SVS options. :) A friend of mine has an almost identical speaker configuration to yours and just bought a B&W ASW600. The ASW600 retails for around $500 I think. It's a good sub, but if you're looking for foundation shaking 20hz extension you may...
  28. AaronD

    Where are those AP SACDs?

    Excellent, thanks. -Aaron
  29. AaronD

    Where are those AP SACDs?

    I can't find any info on apo's web site about the SACD's being hybrid or not. Does anyone know if the CCR SACD's are in fact hybrids? I sure hope so. Thanks, Aaron
  30. AaronD

    New 'universal' player with bass mgmt and DCDi!

    Very promising. I will throw a small party if this player lives up to it's hype. When a player includes bass management for both, I think it'll show that someone is actually serious about the whole hi-rez audio world. -Aaron