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  1. Chad E

    3D Blu-ray Review John Carter 3D Blu-ray Review

    Looking forward to picking this up and giving it a spin. I actually was hoping to catch this one in the theatre, but it never worked out. I haven't really been following this, so apologies if this is already common knowledge, but I'm not really clear why Disney dropped the "of Mars" off the...
  2. Chad E

    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: Watchmen: Director’s Cut: 2-Disc Special Edition

    Picked up the 2-Disc SE today at a Canadian Wal-Mart... none of the SE copies had a slipcover, lenticular or otherwise. Just out of curiosity, do copies at other Canadian retail locations have the lenticular slipcover, or was that for the US only? (And if it was up here, why wouldn't Wal-Mart...
  3. Chad E

    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: 10,000 BC

    FYI for Canadian readers... Canada also has a two-disc set available. The second disc contains National Geographic's Prehistoric Predators: Sabretooth. Run time is listed as 55 minutes. The set comes in a steelbook case. Artwork can be seen here. Best Buy Canada also has an exclusive...
  4. Chad E

    DAY BREAK - Complete Series

    Great news... a definite buy for me. I've been waiting for this for a while now. Looking forward to seeing those unaired eps!
  5. Chad E

    Battlestar Galactica Season 3 DVD Art & More

    I hope the "Resistance" webisodes are included as well... I never actually saw them. The web-based "Flashback" episodes were included on the Razor DVD, and they weren't mentioned at all on the packaging (not sure about the press release). Granted, some of them were in the movie itself, but...
  6. Chad E

    The official BLADE RUNNER SE thread. (Check out page 8 and #790.)

    Canada seems to have got its own separate print run. Mine (purchased at Future Shop) is 03267/10000.
  7. Chad E

    South Park - why Imaginationland and not season 11?

    Russell G is from Canada, so he's correct that season 11 is still running here (at least it is here in Ontario). The Comedy Network carries the first run shows, and they run the whole season beginning in the fall. The most recent episode aired was the first "Imaginationland" epidode, which was...
  8. Chad E

    Robocop: 20th Anniversary CE Aug. 21, Both Cuts Included

    Has anyone heard any more about this? Does the problem affect all copies of this set, or just certain batches? I bought this on street date, but haven't opened it yet... not sure if I should open it to check, or just return it without opening. It might be easier just to return it and wait for a...
  9. Chad E

    Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) - questions

    ^ Not to speak for him, but I think Bo_Darville's protestation is because he was questioning the October release date for Blade Runner, not Bram Stoker's Dracula. While I haven't heard anything official being announced for the DVD, the hi-def version has been advertised for October... since...
  10. Chad E

    Ghost Rider 1 disc & 2 disc edition June 12, 2007

    The bonus disc available at Wal-Mart (Canada) has two featurettes: "Hellfire & Brimstone: An insider's look at the cutting edge visual effects that help make Ghost Rider spectacular." Run time is 14:19. "On the Set of Ghost Rider: Join the cast and crew on a behind-the-scenes visit to the...
  11. Chad E

    Ghost Rider 1 disc & 2 disc edition June 12, 2007

    The new Wal-Mart (Canada) flyer was delivered today, and it shows that Wal-Mart is selling an exclusive bonus disc with the 2-disc extended cut. (You can see the image from the flyer here.) Anyone have any inside scoop about what's on the bonus disc?
  12. Chad E

    Voyagers... who's looking forward to this?

    I am looking forward to this release... I really enjoyed this show when I was a kid. I hope it holds up, though... I haven't seen it since it's original network run! Its always risky watching a series as an adult that you loved when you were young! ;)
  13. Chad E

    "Day Break" starring Taye Diggs

    ^ Unfortunately, "only viewers within the United States can watch these full-length episodes".
  14. Chad E

    "Day Break" starring Taye Diggs

    I only managed to catch the first couple episodes of this series, but I did enjoy it, and I am hoping for a DVD release. Did all 13 episodes in the planned arc get filmed? They only aired, what, six episodes? I'd be all over a complete series release.
  15. Chad E

    DC Animation DVD Sets

    According to the packaging, the versions I purchased from a Best Buy in Ontario have the same specs as you listed: Batman Beyond S3 lists English & French language tracks but doesn't mention subtitles, and JLU S2 lists English & Portuguese language tracks with Portuguese subtitles. I haven't put...
  16. Chad E

    TIDELAND - Terry Gilliam's latest on DVD 2/27

    Do any Canadians here have the Maple release? As Sean mentioned, some Canadians have said that their copies are indeed 2.25:1, but it seems all the Canadians who posted comments to the story on film ick say it's either 1.78:1 or 1.85:1. Is it possible there was more than one release in Canada...
  17. Chad E

    TIDELAND - Terry Gilliam's latest on DVD 2/27

    I dropped in to HTF tonight to ask if the Canadian version of Tideland was even anamorphic. The case just says "Letterbox DVD Screen Format"... no mention of anamorphic or enhanced for 16:9 or anything. Then I find out that it's MARed from 2.35:1?!? That sucks even worse! :angry: The...
  18. Chad E

    Has any Canadians received their replacement discs from Warners Superman Set ??

    This is probably a moot point since your subsequent posting said you have now received your replacements, but... to answer your question: yes. I live in southwestern Ontario. Sorry to hear about your Supes 3 disc, though. Bummer. :frowning:
  19. Chad E

    Has any Canadians received their replacement discs from Warners Superman Set ??

    As intended, I mailed the discs back to Warners on Thurs Jan 25. I received the replacements on Tues Feb 6. So I got the replacements back 12 days after mailing my defective copies (or 8 weekdays, if you want to count that way.) Superman: The Movie Disc 1 arrived in good shape. Superman III...
  20. Chad E

    Has any Canadians received their replacement discs from Warners Superman Set ??

    I sent the email to Warner's on Jan 16, and received the mailer on Jan 23. I'll be mailing the discs back on the 25th... I post when I receive the replacements.
  21. Chad E

    Is there anywhere to get the Superman Ultimate box before xmas?

    Haven't seen any at BB since I bought the last one on the shelf a couple of weeks ago. However, I was doing some Christmas shopping at Toys 'R' Us of all places, and they had 8 copies in their DVD section.
  22. Chad E

    has anyone bought the Alias box set?

    The Digital Bits has all the studio contact information here. Using the link to BV's Customer Service site, I found their feedback page, which gives their toll-free customer relations number as (800) 477-2811. Hope this helps. (Ironically, that site is the same one where you register your...
  23. Chad E

    has anyone bought the Alias box set?

    ^ Please forgive my ignorance, but what replacement program are you referring to? I didn't see an insert for anything like that included with the set. Unless it's in the hardcover book? I haven't read through all that yet, since I haven't seen all the series and was trying to avoid spoilers...
  24. Chad E

    has anyone bought the Alias box set?

    My complete series box arrived from Amazon (US, to save $$) today. The box is cool-looking, but those cardboard sleeve books that the discs slide into really seem to scuff and scratch the discs. Too bad they couldn't have used the plastic "book-style" holders that the Star Trek sets use. I...
  25. Chad E

    Warner announces Forbidden Planet for November

    Picked up my SD-DVD copy of FP today at Best Buy. Interestingly, the Canadian version of the disc-only package uses the same cover art as the Ultimate Collector's tin (albeit with both English and French text). Not that I'm complaining... I certainly like that art better than the cover art...
  26. Chad E

    The Transformers: The Movie (1986) 20th Anniversary DVD

    Sorry to reply to myself, but I just thought I'd mention that I saw the lenticular covers in Future Shop this week. I don't recall them being there last week.
  27. Chad E

    Star Trek: The Animated Series on 3/15?

    Anyone heard if there's going to be a Best Buy (& Future Shop) bonus disc available with this set, like there was for pretty much all the other Trek sets? I didn't see anything mentioned on Best Buy's website, but I don't think the bonus discs were always mentioned there anyway? Then again...
  28. Chad E

    The Transformers: The Movie (1986) 20th Anniversary DVD

    I saw them at Cinema 1. I'm guessing they were probably American imports? Of course, I had already bought a non-lenticular one at Best Buy, so I didn't buy it. IIRC, the Cinema 1 price was within a couple cents of the Best Buy price, which doesn't happen that often! ;)
  29. Chad E

    Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 2...

    I picked this up today, and I haven't actually gotten into it yet. However, I noticed something odd, so I thought I'd ask about it here. On my Season One set, if you place the set in front of you, with the front cover facing you, the opening in the box that the discs slide into is on the...