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  1. Bill Will

    Heads up on some deals coming at Thanksgiving

    Also BB & CC will have the 50" Samsung 5044 for $1,399.99 & I think a lot of other stores may also have it too. For a low price set right now BrandsMart USA Stores in FL & GA have the 42" Panny (75) & Samsung (54) on sale for $898.88 & Frys has the Sammy 50" 5054 for $1,399.99 delivered...
  2. Bill Will

    DVD/VCR recorders

    Phil, The "Cancel" Button on your Samsung VR330 Remote Control should also Reset the Counter to 00:00:00 if that's what you were looking for.
  3. Bill Will

    Please help me pick out a DVD recorder

    If you can hold off until April I would wait because the "New" models will be out. For more info on DVD Recorders check out they have a ton of info on them. If you have to use the Credits right now I would get the Panasonic model DMR-EH50 that has a Hard Disc Drive in it &...
  4. Bill Will

    using DVD-rw

    BillCR,I don't know if you can Reformat after you Finalize a DVD-RW but ask over at AVS or give it a shot yourself. Just don't record anything that you want to save incase it does reformat because you will loose whatever was recorded. Mike, Yep those are good site's too I just prefer using...
  5. Bill Will

    using DVD-rw

    Either "Reformat" the disc or "Erase The Titles" on it so there will be room to record your next newscast. I not sure on your second question but over at there are a lot of Panny owners who I'm sure can tell you everything that you ever wanted to know about your Panasonic...
  6. Bill Will

    Black Friday Sales

    Thanks & I finally found the site myself.
  7. Bill Will

    Black Friday Sales

    Anyone have any sights to go to yet? I just saw on my local news that some website's already have the sales posted but I missed the part where they gave the web addresses. Wal-Mart & Radio Shack reported that the sale prices on the website's were correct for their upcoming sale. Thanks.
  8. Bill Will


    If I was you I would try running the Output into the Input just to see if it will accept the feed. If it does then I would go buy the Sima. Before you buy the Sima model you are thinking of getting you might want to look into one of their other models that will do both Video Tapes & DVDs...
  9. Bill Will

    Good Guys stores closing

    I would not look for any really great deals on things because from what I've seen lately on going out of business sales is that they will reduce the open box stuff sometime up to 30% off the last few weeks on beat up stuff & when most of the stuff has been cleaned out at 10% to 20% off the rest...
  10. Bill Will

    Help me choose between these 2 DVD recorders

    They must have been reading this thread ;) so they decided to help you out with the Gas Money :D Enjoy your new toy & be glad you got the Panny 10 & if you have any questions on it I would ask over at AVS Forum where there are a bunch of Panny owners. Just make sure your VCR doesn't EAT...
  11. Bill Will

    Help me choose between these 2 DVD recorders

    Well have fun & don't forget while your there to pick up some blank DVDs especially some DVD-RAMs because the RAMs are the ones that you can do all the Editing Tricks on when using Panny recorders. Recordable DVDs Used on the Panny ES10 DVD-RAM: Record, Edit, Erase & Use Over DVD+R: Record...
  12. Bill Will

    panasonics dmre 85 h dvd recorder

    I don't think you can create your own chapters on DVD-Rs only on DVD-RAMs. I don't have a Panny HDD model but on my E55 I can't create chapters on DVD-Rs but they are automatically created at about every 5 minutes when I finalize the disc. For "ALL KINDS OF INFO" though on DVD Recorders...
  13. Bill Will

    Help me choose between these 2 DVD recorders

    I don't know if I would drive 4 hours to get one? Can't you get Best Buy to ship it to a store near you? Also your wife should be happy with the Panny to transfer your wedding tapes because the Panny's create the best dubs from video tapes to dvds bar none ;)
  14. Bill Will

    Tips on "haggling" at CC?

    I usually do my homework first by price checking the internet & figuring in the S&H to come up with a price I am willing to pay & then I go in & tell them I'm ready to buy but only at this price. If they say "No" then I walk & as long as your not out of the ballpark with a price believe me some...
  15. Bill Will

    Help me choose between these 2 DVD recorders

    Todd H, I'm glad you could get the 10 & I don't think you'll be disappointed either with it. I forgot also to add that the 20 is also 2 pounds lighter & a lot less deeper & some people over at AVS have been saying that it might have cheaper parts in it & it looks like a whole new Panasonic...
  16. Bill Will

    Help me choose between these 2 DVD recorders

    Not sure but I think the Toshiba has the "Black Level Bug" & if you want the Panny 10 grab it fast because it has been replaced by the DMR-ES20 which has less Editing Features & only 1 Rear A/V Input. But it does have a Front DVI Input. Go to where you can get a lot of info...
  17. Bill Will

    HELP, Which MP3 Player?

    Anyone know about these models from Wal-Mart? rocbox 512MB & mobiBLU 512MB both are $100 Wal-Mart is billing the mobiBLU as the smallest full featured MP3 Player on the market. It's a one inch square cube with an LCD on one side, an Operation Wheel on another side & a Menu & ON/OFF Switch...
  18. Bill Will

    HELP, Which MP3 Player?

    Mike, Believe it or not when I logged on my AOL Home Page had an add for Apple MP3s with the "Shuffle" for $69.50 & the new NANO for $169.99 so maybe I should give the Shuffle another look :) They say the Shuffle can hold around 100 4 minute songs & I was wondering if anyone knew how many songs...
  19. Bill Will

    HELP, Which MP3 Player?

    Diallo B, Thanks & I'll put that on my list to check but so far at the top is the iriver IFP790T with 256MB for around $90.00
  20. Bill Will

    HELP, Which MP3 Player?

    Thanks guys & keep it coming. Myself I don't know anything about MP3 players & I don't want to know anything about them or want to do any research on them. What I'm looking for is for people to tell me which MP3 player would you buy as a gift for someone out of state that has never used one...
  21. Bill Will

    HELP, Which MP3 Player?

    I'm not a member of Costco & None of their stores are even close to me. The store nearest to me is a Wal-Mart all other stores are about 10 miles away but I'm not opposed to ordering on the internet & would really like to do so because my daughter is in another state & I would have to ship it to...
  22. Bill Will

    HELP, Which MP3 Player?

    rob-h, That's ok if it's for yourself & your not going to maybe loose it or break it. ScottL, the Zen Nano with S&H is $141.98 way over budget. Are the iriver's any good? & I think I've seen some for under $100 are they any good? Also I don't care about the "WOW" factor just how good is...
  23. Bill Will

    HELP, Which MP3 Player?

    Thinking of buying my daughter an MP3 player as a gift & I know nothing about them so I'm looking for help. I'm looking to spend around $100. I hear that on the Apple Ipod's that the batteries only last a few years before you have to have them replaced. Is this true? plus none of the Ipod's have...
  24. Bill Will

    Desperate Housewives Best Buy Coupon Not a good deal!

    Sounds like it's all Best Buy's fault for not stating on the coupon wether the $10.00 off was on the MSRP or their own Regular (Discount) Price. With their wording I'm sure you could hold them to it's off your own "Regular Price" but it would be hard to hold them to it's also off this weeks...
  25. Bill Will

    Panasonic DMR-E80H Remote Question

    On most DVD Recorders, & depending on the model, you just can't do certain things without the original remote control. I would spend the $40 or so & get one. You can order one from Panasonic's website under PARTS. But if you also din't get the Owners Manual for it that can be download from...
  26. Bill Will

    Panasonic DMR-ES10 DVD recorder - capacity to jump to a specific spot in a movie?

    If your talking about DVD's that you have recorded & I remember right from using a friends you enter the time you want to go to using the "Time Slip" feature. If your talking about store bought DVD's I don't know but maybe someone else will know. If not over at the AVS FORUM there are a lot of...
  27. Bill Will

    Best Dvd Recorder for my needs?

    I would take a look at the entry level Panasonic or Pioneer models. Both can be had for $200 if you shop around. Check over at because there is a lot of info on DVD Recorders over there. Myself I just got the entry level Panny E55 & I'm very happy with it especially for $200 The...
  28. Bill Will

    So who still has a VCR in their entertainment center?

    Hate to say it but I still find myself using my RCA VCR to time shift programs rather than my DVD Recorder just because it has "Commercial Advance" I know how lazy can I get not to just push the Commercial Skip button on the recorder's remote but once you get used to commercial advance it's hard...
  29. Bill Will

    Panasonic E55 & ram?

    The nice thing also about DVD Recorders is that if you just happened to be scanning the channels & you see something you want to record you can just hit the record button & you never have to worry about recording over something because the recorder will automatically find the blank spaces on a...
  30. Bill Will

    Toshiba TV too sharp?

    I'm not sure if you set has it but some other Toshiba Tube models Turn "OFF" the SVM when you set it to the "Movie" Mode (Theater Mode? or whatever Toshiba calls it) so you might want to try that & then adjust your settings for that mode.