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  1. Thomas D

    Win your choice of Dolby Atmos encoded Blu-ray

    Jupiter Ascending!
  2. Thomas D

    McDonald's Monopoly Best Chance 2.0 game -- with Best Buy Bucks!

    When I went in on Saturday, I had a confused cashier who called over his supervisor. The procedure according to the supervisor was to scan in the bar code on just one of the BBBucks, then total up the amount and apply it as a $ off coupon.
  3. Thomas D

    THE PIRATE MOVIE - Director Ken Annakin Wants Another Shot If It Ever Comes Out

    Oh yeah, I've got the dual LP at home, too. Now if I only had a turntable...
  4. Thomas D

    Best Buy's IT Department: Idiots.

    Lunch hour on the west coast. Tuesday is new media day. Not only that, but this Tuesday is when the Star Wars trilogy is released on DVD, making it probably the largest video release day of all time. Sounds like a good time to remotely upgrade all of the software on Best Buy's cash registers...
  5. Thomas D

    DirecTV DVR keeps messing up channels lists

    I'm going insane. I picked up the DVR (RCA DVR80) last week, edited the "channels you receive" and the "favorite channels" lists, and several times now I find that the DVR keeps adding the same three channels back on the "channels you receive" list -- 170 (Here), 228 (GEMS), and 234 (CSHP). I've...
  6. Thomas D

    Weekly Roundup 4/20/04 (Still me again)

    Very few copies of the CE of M&C showed up to our local Best Buy stores. Went in during lunch to pick it up and found a small hole in what looked like a wall of the single discs versions. Over at the in-aisle display thing that holds about a hundred DVDs, only single disc versions were there. A...
  7. Thomas D

    Batman Beyond: what the ........?

    The point was a comparison to the Farscape DVD situation -- where each DVD released had very few episodes -- and not that Warner was releasing Farscape.
  8. Thomas D

    Weekly Roundup 12/16

    That's funny, I thought the line above should have read: * BE CAREFUL! The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is available on DVD! Make sure you pick up something else instead!" :laugh:
  9. Thomas D

    "Two" DDD Coupons - 20% OFF!

    Sweet. Got caught up on the Stargate SG-1 boxed sets and am going to move fast to fill out my Cadfael collection. I love this place.
  10. Thomas D

    ABC's Fall 2003 Schedule

    So that's two shows based on Romeo and Juliet so far this fall. Time to see if UPN also jumped on the Bard's coattails...
  11. Thomas D

    BEST BUY E-Mail Coupon

    My new 80GB hard drive thanks you all.
  12. Thomas D

    DVD ETC. MAGAZINE POLL: "The Top 100 DVDs of All Time"

    I just did a "list of my favoritie 10 movies on DVD that I own". Here's two of them. North by Northwest Not only is it one of Hitchcock's best films, but the restoration efforts make it look like it was filmed just last year. Minority Report A movie so good, I almost purchased it twice...
  13. Thomas D

    Farscape 3/7: Hot to Katratzi

    Wow. Good show. It's the first Farscape episode I've seen since, oh, early third season. Why did I watch this one? Because I just stumbled across it. Damn Sci-Fi for thier asinine "we'll show new episodes whenever the real networks aren't showing new episodes" programming schedule that makes it...
  14. Thomas D

    Did anyone here watch Chevy Chase's talk show?

    I knew the show was going to suck two minutes into the first episode. Chevy comes out and tries to make a basket and misses. Someone throws him the ball and he shoots again. Cut to a previously-recorded close-up of a basketball going in the net. Cut back to Chevy reacting to him missing the hoop...
  15. Thomas D

    The HTF 'DVD Challenge' 2k3

    January 01: Clerks: The Animated Series 02: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 03: Dogma 05: Unbreakable 07: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai; The Accidental Spy 10: Signs Current Total DVDs: 225+ DVDs Watched: 7
  16. Thomas D

    Buffy Season 3 problems ?

    That's odd. A guy at our local Best Buy said that the boxed set was bad and was sent back to the distributor. He told my wife he sent someone over to the Wal-Mart, but all the sets there were defective, too. Anyone else hear this? Is this just the theme song being incorrect on two episodes and...
  17. Thomas D

    DVD Etc Poll: List Your Favorite Demo Selection

    Tomorrow Never Dies, pre-credit sequence. When CSA Audio demoed my soon-to-be-purchased Marantz SR-18, this is what they showcased. The sound mix ranges from very quiet scenes to furniture-destroying bass attacks.
  18. Thomas D

    DVD and films referred in Comics

    Moriarty and Janet discover the Director's Cut of Pearl Harbor on DVD and a realization about the LOTR movie, from my online comic strip Planet Earth (and other tourist traps). Enjoy!
  19. Thomas D

    24: Season 2 - Hour 3 - 11/12/02

    For those of you who get a kick out of lampooning things you enjoy, I've posted my ultra-condensation of Season 2 at Like almost every sequel, the ultra-condensation is not as good as the one for the first season.
  20. Thomas D

    Sopranos Season 4 Review and Discussion Thread Shows 1-12

    Sure, I'll tell you the Sopranos is about family. This episode has the same effect as one from last season's -- everyone gets all complacent and thinking, "You know, these guys are okay. They're just guys who happen to be working in organized crime." Then all of the sudden Ralphie beats a...
  21. Thomas D

    Any word on "High Road to China"?

    It's owned by Warner Brothers and no, it is not anywhere on the radar.
  22. Thomas D

    Birds of Prey - 11/06/02

    Like Jason, I made it this far but will subject myself to bad television no longer. I can't really begin to touch on all the things I find wrong or poorly-done with the show nor do I feel like wasting my time listing them. Birds of Prey: Could have been good; wasn't.
  23. Thomas D

    Firefly 11/01

    First time I finally caught a whole episode all the way through. Not too bad, if a bit slow to develop. I really like the western feel to the show. It's about time someone realized that space operas are just westerns with spaceships.