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    Polk Cherry CSI-5 center , Polk RTI-6 , FXI-5 dipole

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    Polk Cherry CSI-5 center , Polk RTI-6 , FXI-5 dipole

    I have a CHERRY CSI-5 polk center ( prefect match for RTI series ) ..I bought on closeout 6 weeks ago from Tweeters as a demo. This doesnt come with the box and Id give it a solid 8 or maybe 9 rating, the only thing I see is a small slight scratch on one side ( not the front ). These are almost...
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    JBL AVA7 / Lexicon GX-7 7 channel amp for TRADE

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    JBL AVA7 / Lexicon GX-7 7 channel amp for TRADE

    SOLD....................SOLD................ Ive sold many things here, but you can check out audiogon and ebay flawless feedback under psujohny The specs form JBL ( JBL rates this amp a little more conservatively then Lexicon ) With 7 x 125 watts of power, the AVA7 delivers superb...
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    Shameless plug ..I just put up a 6 month old mint HSU VTF-HO with TURBO for sale here on the forum for 699.00 ( 999.00 from HSU ) Awesome sub by the way, having owned both many SVS and HSU models, my preference from a "sound" standpoint is HSU ( given equally priced units ), and from a looks...
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    Polk psw10 subwoofer new in the box

    PRICE DROP TO 100.00
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    VTF-3 HO with TURBO sub for sale

    SOLD Thanks
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    Polk psw10 subwoofer new in the box

    I have a brand new Polk psw10 subwoofer that hasnt even been opened. Im in the northern Va area and would prefer a local sale. PRICE DROP TO 100.00 ! I would also ship it for 30~40 dollars depending on actual cost to ship Please email [email protected] as I check that more often. You can...
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    WTB: Denon AVR 2807

    PM sent
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    Denon 2807 MINT

    Just purchased this Denon 2807 on 12-16-06 from my local dealer ( Audio Buys in Manassas Va. )..I have the reciept and it is fully warrantied ( "A" stock, not a refurb or the like ) ..esentially brand new with everything included ( boxes, remote, manuals etc).. Would love to sell it locally (...
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    Begging for suggestions for good quality bookshelf speakers :)

    Von Schweikert VR-1 ..retail is 999.00 pair , Can be had for around 600.00 a pair. Best bookshelf Ive ever had for the price. Dont be fooled by the smallish size as they put out some serious bass to around 45 hz or so. Also looks and build quality are second to none...
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    Denon AVR-2807 HDMI Question

    " You will need 1.3 to pass lossless (high definition) audio such as coming from HD-DVD or BD" Wrong wrong wrong .. You can pass lossless audio just fine thru hdmi 1.1 ... Also since the audio codecs for lossless audio are found in the player/source..I cant see what the big deal with...
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    best for $800

    If you get a blu-ray or hd-dvd player and want to hear the best audio possible you'd want to hear umcompressed audio, lossless...LPCM To do this you must use the hdmi connection from the player to your reciever (You could use the multi channel analog inputs if your reciever has them and your...
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    3806 2807

    "Where did you hear that? Does that mean that the 3806 does not support 71.?" Multiple users on avs report that it only passes 5.1 LPCM can apply PLIIx to the source and have 7.1 ..but that isnt the same thing as you know, I think thats where the confusion may be. I havent seen a...
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    denon vs. denon... fight to the purchase!

    "is 2807 version handling LFE thru PCM correctly" Yes, it handles LPCM bass correctly 10 db bass loss
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    denon vs. denon... fight to the purchase!

    I'll make it simple ..imo get the 2807. Its a generation newer, it has 7.1 LPCM ( why get 5.1 LPCM at this point? ) ..with blu-ray and hd-dvd heating up. Plus there isnt that much of a difference in the amp section and dacs ! wouldnt even be able to a/b the difference in a blind test...
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    list of receivers capable of accepting LPCM7.1 thru HDMI

    The PS3 game "Resistance" is true 7.1. Also the demos Ive downloaded from The Sony store are 7.1 ( Gran turismo and Motorstorm ). As mentioned the movie Descent is a true 6.1 source. As far as recievers go, Denon 2807..Its the ONLY reciever to get EVERYTHING right. No 10db loss of bass issues...
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    best for $800

    Denon 2807 ! ..Its the ONLY reciever to get EVERYTHING right. No 10db loss of bass issues on HD and Blu-ray ( ala Pioneer etc.). Hdmi inputs work flawlessly. It does 7.1 LPCM audio and Ive confirmed this ( not many other do this either ) ..ala HK Id challenge anybody to name another reciever (...
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    3806 2807

    The 2807 accepts 7.1 LPCM audio ( from HD and blu-ray) ..The 3806 only does 5.1 LPCM. biggie imo. Ive had both and will gladly give up a couple of watts for this ( You couldnt tell the difference in a blind a/b as far as the watts go ). If you have very hard too drive ineffecient speakers then...
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    WTB: XBOX 360 Prem

    Its still says sold out ? .. "They are in stock again right now." Are you talking about another site ?
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    If you planned on visiting your sister in Manassas sometime soon, then that would be great :) Im only a few miles from there. If not I could ship to you, if you could ship the maestro to me. Everything on my end is in excellant condition.. (subs/amp/boxes ) with all packaging and manuals...
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    David, where are you located ? Are you interested in a pair of svs 20-39 cs+ subs along with a samson s1000 amp ? I will email you as well. Regards, John PS. Im in Northern Va. I have the svs interface box too.
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    Buttkicker LFE This is a baaad boy ! Also have an AMP

    Sorry Frank ...Sold em already