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  1. winniw

    Projector Showdown (Viewsonic PRO8200 vs. Epson 8350 vs. Acer H7531D)

    Oh, wait, I just realized that you are going with a ceiling mount now, rather than the origianl wall mount version. I am not sure that you will be able to go with a high ceiling mount and still get the horizontal shift that you need. I can get the extreme horizontal shift because the vertical...
  2. winniw

    Projector Showdown (Viewsonic PRO8200 vs. Epson 8350 vs. Acer H7531D)

    Keith, I'm glad to help. BTW, the mount that you chose looks like it will work just fine but remember that with the 8350, you don't need to swivel or tilt. In fact, the 8350 needs to be completely level and square to the screen, so, you could use a simple shelf.
  3. winniw

    Projector Showdown (Viewsonic PRO8200 vs. Epson 8350 vs. Acer H7531D)

    Keith, Yes, the projector is in the far corner of the room! Epsons are amazing... they have such huge zoom range and lens shift capabilities. With the shifting lens, the projector is always square to the screen. That is, the front of the projector is set parallel to the screen and the...
  4. winniw

    Projector Showdown (Viewsonic PRO8200 vs. Epson 8350 vs. Acer H7531D)

    The 8350 will easily fulfill your needs. There is no keystone correction, the 8350 utilizes a shifting lens, and it has tremendous placement flexibility. You won't have to worry about the ambient light either, just put the 8350 in the Dynamic mode or Living Room mode. The "best quality" mode...
  5. winniw

    Speaker system for around $800

    Well, I am liking my Mirage Nanosats more and more. I don't know how big your screen or your room is but if a sat/sub system would work for you, I will tell you that the Nanos are a great value for the money. And, BTW, I am an old audiophile who is quite picky about my speakers. Currently...
  6. winniw

    Should I buy used or refurbished?

    I worried about buying a refurbished unit too, until I thought about it. Sometimes a "factory fresh" unit is DOA or has some type of problem. I saw a Marantz SR7005 refurb at accessories4less with a $500 savings. That is a big savings. Big enough to make me think about a refurb. Then I...
  7. winniw

    Pre/Pro suggestions - forced upgrade

    Hey Allen, Thanks for the update. I am waiting for more! I had actually considered the UMC-1 myself, with anXPA-5. The only reason that I did not go with that setup was because it did not have hdmi 1.4, nor HD radio. I wound up getting a Marantz SR7005 which drives some Mirage...
  8. winniw

    shameless plea for speaker help

    For subwoofer isolation, you might want to check out the Auralex SubDude Subwoofer Isolation Riser for $50 at Amazon. I believe that there are other brands and types available besides this one, if you...
  9. winniw

    What to do with my room layout? 5.1?

    Wow... that's awkward. There is no sweet spot for anyone, anywhere. Can you float these sofas, side-by-side, in the center of the room, facing the TV?
  10. winniw

    Need help designing a system

    Well, the cheapest HT seating that I have ever seen was $500 per seat (with most being $750 or more, per seat), so that is $3000 for seating, unless you buy some used seating or have some option that I am unaware of. Or is the $5000 for everything else besides seating?
  11. winniw

    Pre/Pro suggestions - forced upgrade

    Allen, thanks for your reply to my power surge question. When you look for a new surge protector, check out the APC HC15. It is a surge protector, power conditioner and voltage regulator. It is well made and very reasonably priced compared to Monster and Panamax (currently $230 at Amazon)...
  12. winniw

    Pre/Pro suggestions - forced upgrade

    Hey Allen, I gotta know... were you using any surge protection on that system? If so, which brand and model?
  13. winniw

    n00b, needs assistance, ty

    I had some trouble posting the above. I was typing and pasting but nothing was showing in the window until I previewed the post and could see what I had typed. So, I didn't want to try to edit the post above but thought it safer to post again to add some more info. I have the Nanosats...
  14. winniw

    n00b, needs assistance, ty

    Here are a couple of combination deals that will give you great bang for the buck. Mirage Nanosat 5.1 speaker system with a Denon AVR 3311 for $1200
  15. winniw

    newbie here....looking for help in setting up a home theatre in my basement

    Alan, It sounds like most of the speakers that you have been looking at have been satellite systems... small units with small drivers. Those are so popular now and I have them myself. They work okay for movies but not so great for music... depending on how critical of a listener you are...
  16. winniw

    newbie here....looking for help in setting up a home theatre in my basement

    100" is a good screen size, it balances a lot of different factors. I have the Elite CT2 and I think it is a decent screen but your screen choice should really be based the particular projector that you get, your lighting and other factors. Since you have a dedicated theater room, I would...
  17. winniw

    New and did not know what I was doing at Best Buy...

    Do you have a TV or projector? What is the screen size? How big is the room? How much do you want to spend? What priorities do you have... clear dialogue, excellent music reproduction, compact speakers, high volume capabilities, etc? What are you not happy with in your current system? What...
  18. winniw

    Need help with receiver!!

    Any Denon, Pioneer or Yamaha would work if it has the connections that you need. I would recommend to buy at the top of your price range... a $400 receiver has more features than a $250 unit, and it usually has a little better parts quality too.
  19. winniw

    Mission: Compact surround system

    Okay, I would go with the Definitive Technology Pro Cinema 800 package (subwoofer included) and a Denon, Pioneer or Yamaha receiver, that would fit in the budget.
  20. winniw

    Mission: Compact surround system

    Al, I think your second link is an error. Isn't the second link supposed to be a speaker package only? I think that you meant something like this, instead...
  21. winniw

    Clueless with ~$2000 budget

    Jim, I would like to help but I am really confused on your needs. You have Cerwin-Vega and Klipsch and you were considering Bose. Those are so far apart, in so many ways, that I cannot even make a connection... especially since you said that you don't need a compact system. I am guessing...
  22. winniw

    Plasma, LED, or Projector?

    Personally, I don't think that 100" is too big at 10' but actually, I was just pointing out the capabilities of the Epson. I view at 14' and I wish that I had gone with a 120" screen. I do agree with your previous post that 90" is a reasonable size at that distance. So, somewhere between 90"...
  23. winniw

    Plasma, LED, or Projector?

    An Epson 8350 or 8700 will give you a 100" image at around 10'. I highly recommend going that route. Placement is so flexible with these epsons that you could put it on a coffe table in front of your sofa (if it would be 10' from the screen). Check out my living room setup with the 8350...
  24. winniw

    Looking for advice for new 5.1 System

    I can offer some insight into the Mirage speakers. I auditioned both the MX's and the Nanosats, at a local big box store. If small size is of primary concern, the MX's fulfill that, but the larger Mirage Nanosats are both lower in cost and superior in sonics. If you can tolerate the larger...
  25. winniw

    Budding Audiophile Seeks Speaker Guidance--Details Inside

    Phil makes a very good point about taking music with you. It is important to hear the same pieces on all of the speakers that you are auditioning. Yes, there is a difference in all of the systems and rooms that you will hear them in but the speakers are the larger part of the diffference. If...
  26. winniw

    Budding Audiophile Seeks Speaker Guidance--Details Inside

    When you put speakers on a shelf, you can get some resonance from the shelf which colors the sound. You can also get edge diffraction from the shelf, which scatters the high frequencies in odd directions, throwing off both the coherence and imaging. Stands can color the sound but usually not...
  27. winniw

    Budding Audiophile Seeks Speaker Guidance--Details Inside

    Those are all potentially excellent choices. The important thing here is for YOU to hear them. That's a lot of driving, but I would view it as an adventure, and that would make it more fun. Personally, I would totally enjoy the process and in the mean time, try a couple of new restaurants...
  28. winniw

    Trying to plan an upgrade

    I have the Mirage Nanosat 5.1 system and for a seamless sound-field, they are great. They are great for movies and some types of music, like jazz or sparsely orchestrated pieces, but are somewhat lacking on large scale music. Right now, Amazon has them for only $407, a bargain price...
  29. winniw

    Need Advice please....

    Many people of this forum feel that the Panasonic plasma is the best choice for a flat screen TV, over any other brand or type of TV. I don't know if anyone would consider the LG a better choice over the Panny. A friend of mine has an LG (he also has a Panny plasma) and he said that he has...
  30. winniw

    Pioneer Elite Max Volume?

    Your channel levels compensate for the distance the speaker is from the listening position. It is done automatically with the built-in room correction software and microphone. This will be very important when you get your 5.1 system together. Right now, the levels should be set at zero, and...