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  1. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Disenchantment - Season 1

    I watched the first 3 episodes when it first started streaming and probably laughed under my breath a few times. Watched the rest of the episodes on vacation when I got sick and again didn’t laugh much during the remainder of he episodes. Recycled Futurama jokes and characters that had very...
  2. Paul_Medenwaldt


    I agree with feeling disappointed with the end result. I have not seen Broadchurch to compare the series so i'm going by what I saw during the show. I thought there was a lot of sub plots that were truly unnecessary like the forensics expert hitting on Ellie and the Editor of the newspaper...
  3. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Resurrection (ABC) - season 1

    I watched the show and thought the first 3 episodes were pretty solid, but then it seemed to lose me. Too many character stories. If the show follows the book (The Returned) then you won't get any answers unless the writers decide to come up with their own explanation of why people are coming...
  4. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Planet of the Apes 40th Anniversary Collection Blu-ray $40.49 (49% off)

    I just picked it up for a few bucks more at Amazon. $42.49, still not a bad deal. Paul
  5. Paul_Medenwaldt

    They don't make R-rated movies like they did in the '80s

    Hatchet II was released unrated, but was quickly pulled after the first week. What was Antichrist rated when it was released? Its pretty violent plus it has full penetration sex. Paul
  6. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Hangover 2

    I saw it on Thursday night with a mostly packed house. After I watched it, I felt cheated out of my $5. It was basically the same as the first movie and though the audience laughed at most of the jokes, you knew what was coming up. There were no surprises or an ounce of originality with the...
  7. Paul_Medenwaldt

    "Paul" - Starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

    I saw it last night and really enjoyed the movie. Quite funny with a nice pace, it was never dull. The one critique I will give it is the underlying sub plot of Evolution vs Creationism. I think this storyline was an easy way out for the writers to come up with a subplot. This type of...
  8. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Kindle or Sony ebook reader ... or the Nook?

    I love my Nook. I've read more books in the last few months then I had in 2 years. The only thing that irks me is that I purchased it at the end of April and then in June they lower the price and then introduce a Wi-Fi only version which is all I would of needed. I don't see the 3G connection...
  9. Paul_Medenwaldt

    *** Official PREDATORS Discussion Thread

    I've seen this in the trailers and tv ad's, but in the movie he is only targeted by one Predator. False advertising at this point thinking he was going to get smoked by a dozen Predators only to find out in the movie they are only being hunted by three. This type of editing isn't needed...
  10. Paul_Medenwaldt

    *** Official PREDATORS Review Thread

    Fishburne's character was an actual waste of a character. You set him up to a all knowing character that may help this group of people and turn him into a nut. Waste of talent and time. I thought the movie was good compared to the last 2 offerings we got from the AvP series. I liked the idea...
  11. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Anyone use Vonage or other VoIP provider?

    My first step into VOIP was with Qwest. They had poor quality and poor customer service. That lasted about 6 months. I switched then to Vonage and the quality was great. I used it over 1.5meg DSL connection. I never had an issue with the service. I remember going through the research faze of...
  12. Paul_Medenwaldt

    *** Official SAW VI Review Thread

    Probably some spoilers here This was the first Saw that I was physically exhausted watching. It had a lot of great traps. The one that kept me on the edge of my seat was the one where the guys had to hold their breath. They really set that one up really well and I think kept the audience...
  13. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Help I am having a party for a group of 13 and 14 year old boys! I need help deciding what to watch.

    When I was that age, me and a few friends got together and rented the Friday the 13th movies that were available up to that point, I think up to 6 and we stayed up all night till about 6:30am. My dad didn't have an issue with us watching the series. Paul
  14. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

    Just got home from watching it. First of all its a very stunning movie visually. I think at times there is too much detail when it comes to transformation of the characters. I think if most of the tranformations were done at a distance and not at a close up at times, it would of been easier to...
  15. Paul_Medenwaldt

    *** Official UP Review Thread

    I saw a preview showing the other night and the theater we went to was not digital. Oh how it was painful to watch this movie on film. It was grainy and it killed me to know how much better this movie will look in digital and in 3D. I really enjoyed the movie. It almost started out like...
  16. Paul_Medenwaldt

    South Park: Season Thirteen

    Last nights episode was solid, but not knowing much or anything at all about Kanye West really left me feeling like I missed something. Though I got what they were trying to get across about West, the one liners in the story didn't really catch me, but the overall plot was understood. Paul
  17. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Family Guy Season Seven

    Will, I couldn't agree more with out on your comment. Without getting to deep, Seth seems to degrade an opinion that contradicts his own point of view. I stopped watching American Dad after last season because I got so tired of the main character's lifestyle belittled throughout the...
  18. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Weekly RoundUp 2-3-2009

    I'm picking up Friday the 13th blu, but what makes this release 'Uncut'? What extra footage is in this version? Will it also include the original release? Paul
  19. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Books you've read in 2009

    Just started Ted, White and Blue by Ted Nugent Paul
  20. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Opinion: The demise of satellite radio

    I've been a XM subscriber for 7 years and grown attached to The Boneyard which was a heavy metal channel that played the bands I grew up on, plus it played new songs from these bands. When Sirius took over, they replaced The Boneyard with Hair Nation. I made a mental decision to compare the...
  21. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Good Metal with Clean Vocals?

    I'll 2nd the Airbourne mention. They have a great party metal feel. Paul
  22. Paul_Medenwaldt

    *** Official THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (2008) Discussion Thread

    One of the worst movies I saw this year. There was a woman actually crying behind us at the end of the movie. I'd cry to knowing I spent $10 on this movie. Keanu was perfect playing this role, he was born to play this character. He has reached the pinnacle in his career, quit while your...
  23. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Guns 'N' Roses Chinese Democracy Nov 23 & a free Dr Pepper

    I picked the disc up yesterday and have to say I thought it was better then what I expected. I wasn't a huge GnR fan growing up, but always enjoyed their music. The songs are pretty solid, but there isn't a big hook on these songs that would make them stand out from anything on Appetite or...
  24. Paul_Medenwaldt

    New Boston lead singer - Tommy Decarlo

    Didn't realize they hired someone full time, I know they are touring with Michael Sweet from Stryper as their lead singer for this tour. Paul
  25. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Let's Talk Cigars

    I've been smoking for 8 years now and have really enjoyed the hobby. A friend and I looked into opening our own shop recently, but we ran into money issues of course, but it was as great learning experience. We are now repping cigars in the Twin Cities and I'm the President of a local...
  26. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Netflix Player

    I think i'd be more inclined to get it if it had a hard drive where it downloaded the content to the device and then watch it later, but i'm sure there are copyright issues regarding the storage of movies and shows to a hard drive. Paul
  27. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Netflix Player

    I couldn't find anyone talking about this player in any thread, if it has been discussed, please close the thread and direct me to a current discussion. The player was announced last week and I was wondering if anyone was planning on getting this? Netflix Online Movie Rentals - Rent DVDs...
  28. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Any 80's Hard Rock/ Metal Fans?

    In interviews i've heard him say he wanted some of the songs to reflect his view on 'the war' because his 19 year old son was enlisted or going to enlist and he didn't want him going off to war he didn't believe in. I have to be honest, the 2 albums Skid Row did without him are not that bad...
  29. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Any 80's Hard Rock/ Metal Fans?

    Airbourne is a great new band mentioned a few posts ago that will certainly give the guys here who really enjoy those 80's/90's metal a nostalgic feel. Great rock album! One plus with this ballads. The the new Def Leppard album from what I read isn't a throwback to their roots...
  30. Paul_Medenwaldt

    Any 80's Hard Rock/ Metal Fans?

    Wow not many people know of Blue Tears. They are a hair band that came on right at the end of the whole metal years right before grunge took over. Their second album had been bootlegged for many years on ebay, but was recently released a few years ago by a place out of Australia. I really...