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  1. Steve Bjorg

    World of Warcraft

    Wayne, thanks for your comments. Being an avoid FPS player, CoH must simply be fitting my frantic playing style better. Also, one the things that irked me in WoW was the monster spawning. Door missions and train missions in CoH keep the gameplay going fast without external interferences. I guess...
  2. Steve Bjorg

    World of Warcraft

    I installed the beta of WoW and I deleted it after playing with it for two days. The gameplay was boring, imo. It felt like a rehash of a rehash. I didn't stumble across a single original thought. I just don't see what I must obviously be missing. Everybody seems to speak so highly of WoW, but...
  3. Steve Bjorg

    DVD Review HTF Review: D.a.r.y.l.

    That's quite a surprise. I just recently looked up this title on IMDB. I recall liking it a lot as a kid. I'll most definitively give it a spin just to remind myself of how much my tastes have changed since then. :)
  4. Steve Bjorg

    Kaena: The Prophecy

    Netflix finally delivered this flick on my doorsteps. The rendering quality is far below Final Fantasy, but the story is equally imaginative. While, I thought the movie itself was at best C grade, the opening scene, and the BASS of the opening scene definitively make this movie worthy of a...
  5. Steve Bjorg

    Resident Evil Apocalypse reviews?

    Finally managed to see this one today. I agree that it is not a great movie. However, it is a good action flick. Much, much better than that POS of AvP. That was the worst movie I have seen in many years. Completely devoid of any rational thought... but I digress. RE:A has many short comings...
  6. Steve Bjorg

    *** Official ALIEN VS. PREDATOR Discussion Thread

    Finally got aroung seeing it. I can't imagine that anyone posting on these forums wouldn't come up with a better script in a heartbeat. The storyline is so incredibly ridiculous that it was distracting from the little action there was. Totally absurd. If anyone comes across this revived thread...
  7. Steve Bjorg

    Microsoft Ends development on Sports for X-Box

    I don't know if it was a requirement by EA, but it was certainly something that MS used in their negoations: "If you release your titles on XBox, we'll give you our sports market share of them."
  8. Steve Bjorg

    X-Box 2 will win next console battle

    While I wish that more gamers would appreciate innovation over polygon count with little game depth, Doom3 simply shatters this illusion beyond any point of refutability. First impressions are what matter the most. Everything else is secondary, if taken into consideration at all.
  9. Steve Bjorg

    X-Box 2 will win next console battle

    Romier, You're too politically correct. :) If XBox had been launched by any other company, that company would have declared Chapter 11 a long time ago. There is a sheer will of making it succeed, regardless of cost.
  10. Steve Bjorg

    X-Box 2 will win next console battle

    XBox2 is almost guaranteed to be a flop. I would put my money on PS3. I currently don't own a PS2, because I never liked it -- since it killed my beloved Dreamcast -- and I love my XBox. But what's in the pipe for the next XBox iteration is downright troubling.
  11. Steve Bjorg

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Stir of Echoes (New Special Edition)

    For those who care, the Stir of Echoes is also available on DVHS. Definitively an underrated movie.
  12. Steve Bjorg

    Disney's Tron is Fantastic

    Not sure it was answered, but the skeleton fight scene is in 'Jason and the Argonauts'. A true marvel of its time in the FX department.
  13. Steve Bjorg

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Cyrano De Bergerac

    I presume the beauty of the poetry is entirely lost on the sub-titles. For those who might not know, the entire movie is spoken in rhyme. Also, the vocabulary used by the commoners and noblemen is quite different, providing a wonderful landscape of expressions. I remember it brought tears to my...
  14. Steve Bjorg

    Disappointing Disney News

    Adam, I agree with you wholeheartedly. In a perfect world, all DVD players would be shipped in ZOOM mode by default and the technophobes would never notice the black bars and live happily ever after. However, the savvy videophiles would immediately deactivate such a feature to enjoy the...
  15. Steve Bjorg

    Disappointing Disney News

    I think that FS has a purpose and that many consumers don't care about the artistic integrity of the presentation. While, I consider it an abomination of the original intent of the director, I don't get revved up about it. As for my 32" comment, I apologize, as it was not my intent to belittle...
  16. Steve Bjorg

    Disappointing Disney News

    I have avidly followed these forums over the past few years and I must say that these anti-FS release posts are getting irritating (and death wishes are unacceptable!). There is a reason companies decide to consolidate their production. With two releases the risk is much higher to have unsold...
  17. Steve Bjorg

    Denon might agree that separates are the answer in 2004

    I must have missed the HTF membership power buy, because I am among the few who are still interested in hearing what Denon has to offer.
  18. Steve Bjorg

    XBOX: DDR Ultramix

    For those interested, it supports 480p.
  19. Steve Bjorg

    Anyone else pick up Otogi Myth of Demons?

    It looks better in 4:3 than in 16:9, but then again, I haven't come across too many demons to have a good point of reference of what the right ratio would be.
  20. Steve Bjorg

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Dreamcatcher

    Same here. Skipped it at the cinema, but now it's atop my netflix queue.
  21. Steve Bjorg

    The D-Theater movie listings thread...

    Thanks Troy for keeping the list up-to-date. It's quite appreciated.
  22. Steve Bjorg

    KOTOR - I don't get it...

    Also, look around. Often you can use objects to your advantage like security terminals and droids. Not each fight is fought face-to-face.
  23. Steve Bjorg

    Just bought JVC 30k DVHS player, recommend some titles!

    I have ordered quite a few tapes from bestprices. So far no problems, although, 'Die Hard' did take 3 weeks to ship because it was out-of-stock. For some reason, I seem to be the only one to enjoy 'Behind Enemy Lines'. That tape really blew me away. The other two are 'Ice Age' which I have...
  24. Steve Bjorg

    The D-Theater movie listings thread...

    Just finished watching 'End of Days'. A so-so flick, but the image quality was truly amazing. I can't wait for 'Snow Falling on Cedars'. The cinematography in that movie was simply stunning. BTW, what's up with those completely bizarre Artisan release dates: 'Total Recall' and 'Basic...
  25. Steve Bjorg

    The D-Theater movie listings thread...

    I usually rely on the following: Laser's Edge BestPrices DVD Empire
  26. Steve Bjorg

    Got A Message from Comcast about abuse violations

    John, If one were to follow through with your line of reasoning, modern society as it stands today would not exist. Either you're joking and haven't let anyone in on it, or you're quite a step away from reality. The reason that 'fair' use is being trampled on in P2P networks is because of...
  27. Steve Bjorg

    Got A Message from Comcast about abuse violations

    Mike, I think it's pretty much black & white. If you make it publicly available, -- regardless if anyone grabs it or not -- it is illegal, because you didn't have a license to do so. Also ignorance is no excuse, so the person can't say 'I didn't know it was shared publicly'. Similarly, if...
  28. Steve Bjorg

    Got A Message from Comcast about abuse violations

    Mike, Sharing copyrighted material through a P2P network is illegal. It's only for private consumption that there is a grey zone, but then it wouldn't be called sharing either (more like backup).
  29. Steve Bjorg

    Got A Message from Comcast about abuse violations

    Evan & Mike, I simply can't believe that you don't see the difference between fair use and stealing. It's obvious that you only see this issue from your side and that you have never participated in creating someting of value that is available in digital form. If you don't agree with the...
  30. Steve Bjorg

    Girls and Video Games

    Jason, you were right to call me out on that statement. I was irritated by some earlier posts, which lead me to some sweeping generalizations. I'm glad to see that I was wrong. I sure hope that we will see more strong female lead characters in games and movies. The damsel-in-distress or...