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  1. Nick Graham

    USHE Announcement: Halloween II 30th Anniversary (Blu-ray)

    Picked this up for $15.99 at Hastings today. Holy crap, Universal put some genuine effort into this! It has all the deleted/TV scenes, and the deleted ending (in 4:3, which I assume were the best quality versions they could find), and they even have subtitles. Terror In The Aisles is the full...
  2. Nick Graham

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition

    Steve's screenshots give a good indication of when this disc works, but the screenshots you have seen of the crappier scenes are also accurate. Watched this tonight. The shots that have looked awful in every previous incarnation of Predator on home video look the worst here - like degaussed...
  3. Nick Graham

    Warner Chat 2010:No Plans At This Time

    At this point I'm just thankful to still have the TV/Animation chats. The TV on DVD market has been tapped dry - it was already getting drained thoroughly before the economy really tanked, and now it is just about gone save for the really popular stuff. If you're bag is older and/or more...
  4. Nick Graham

    Near Dark at Walmart early?

    I was excited when I saw the empty shelf for this waiting to be stocked at Wal-Mart Monday night, but the DVD Beaver review has me a lot less excited, so I too am curious to hear comments on the transfer. It's a shame if it is bad, I would have gladly paid $20 for a decent BD of this film.
  5. Nick Graham

    Weekly RoundUp 9-29-2009

    Mike, I haven't heard any news of The Deer Hunter or The Elephant Man hitting BD this week, or this fall for that matter. Nothing would make me happier (especially The Deer Hunter), but so far as I know neither have been announced.
  6. Nick Graham

    Gladiator Blu-ray - release date 09/01/2009 - Read before buying!

    Word is that Universal mastered Gladiator (they own the overseas distribution rights) while Paramount mastered Braveheart, and one looks great while the other looks not so much.
  7. Nick Graham

    Big Lots Sale

    There was one left - I will be back that way tomorrow, though it may or may not still be there.
  8. Nick Graham

    Big Lots Sale

    Mike - I've got your Roots set (30th Anniversary, 4 discs). Shoot me a PM and I'll arrange shipment. If *anybody* sees that Looney Tunes Golden Collection, I'd gladly pay $20 plus shipping for it. I'd love to introduce my little girl to them. Edited by Nick Graham - 7/25/2009 at 01:54 am...
  9. Nick Graham

    Big Lots Sale

    Mike, I'll be swinging by a couple of Big Lots tomorrow if you'd like me to check for Roots.
  10. Nick Graham

    Terminator 3 on May 25th, 2009 in U.K. on Blu-ray from Sony!!!

    Got this in the mail around the first of the month. The transfer is still pretty flat like the domestic release, but the TrueHD track is a BIG improvement over the vanilla 640k Dolby Digital track on the domestic version.
  11. Nick Graham

    Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far

    6 may very well be my favorite, even inching a little above II. A near perfect theatrical send-off for the original crew (something the Next Gen crew was never afforded and now never will thanks to Berman and Braga running it into the ground), a fun story, and Christopher Plumber doing some of...
  12. Nick Graham

    Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far

    Picked it up for $65 at Best Buy Friday night, and glad I did. Yes, the transfers sans II have been overly processed, but strangely they still tend to have a lot more detail and sharpness than some of the worst DNR offenders I have seen (such as Dark City). It's almost like some strange new...
  13. Nick Graham

    Deep Discount Spring 2009 Sale?

    I've been holding out on the Star Trek set on blu for this very sale.
  14. Nick Graham

    MGM: Child´s Play and Misery(September 15th)

    The Bits is reporting these as BD/DVD combos. Does that mean two separate discs, or have they found a way to do something along the lines of the old HD-DVD/DVD combos?
  15. Nick Graham

    Terminator 3 on May 25th, 2009 in U.K. on Blu-ray from Sony!!!

    Pre-ordered this last night - just under $25 shipped to the States from Amazon. Gonna pick up Terminator and the Skynet Edition next month during the Deep Discount sale.
  16. Nick Graham

    Terminator 3 on May 25th, 2009 in U.K. on Blu-ray from Sony!!!

    Sony corrects one of the most confounding decisions WB has ever made, putting this on HD without a lossless track. It shall be mine.
  17. Nick Graham

    Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far

    Saw one copy of the set and a few copies of the trilogy at the local Wal-Mart, but nothing at the local Hastings. Methinks this set was pushing a tight deadline on the replication line. Kind of a shame - I wonder if they had waited to release this until the fall (to coincide with the new...
  18. Nick Graham

    Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far

    I decided to cancel my order this morning, and put 2,4, and 6 in my Netflix queue. I'm still excited to see them in Blu, but I can rent while waiting for the Director's Edition set that will likely see massively improved transfers. Lord knows I will likely cave on this later in the summer if a...
  19. Nick Graham

    Panasonic TH46PZ85U plasma initial thoughts and why I chose it over LCD

    Ron, your recommendation on this TV was right on the money. I ended up going for the 46" instead of the originally planned 42", and it's probably the best investment in my home theater I've ever made. The first night I hooked it up, I popped on one of the IMAX scenes from The Dark Knight...
  20. Nick Graham

    Any reason not to get this plasma TV?

    Got its 46" little brother back in February when I got my tax refund. You will not regret this purchase for a second. From blu-ray to DVD to satellite to gaming, it has had my jaw on the floor since the night I installed it.
  21. Nick Graham

    Free Comic Book Day - Saturday, May 2, 2009!

    The Avengers book was a great little done-in-one story, with killer art by Jim Cheung. Blackest Night #1 was also very good, but isn't the nice, accessible to comics outsiders comic that Avengers is.
  22. Nick Graham

    Netflix raising price for Blu-ray access

    I'm sticking with them for three reasons: A) Both Netflix and Blockbuster have distribution centers in KC, MO, which is an hour and a half up the road. I get my movies from Netflix in 24 hours, and vice versa. During my Blockbuster trial, it took anywhere from 2-3 days, and i believe once...
  23. Nick Graham

    *** Official KNOWING Discussion Thread

    Someone on the Chud boards pointed this out - I won't delve into spoiler territory, but there is a reason a certain picture in a certain trailer home mentions a verse from the book of Ezekiel - read through that book and you will find tons of spoilers for this movie, as well as some filling in...
  24. Nick Graham

    *** Official KNOWING Review Thread

    Don't let Nicolas Cage's name on the marquee scare you away, this is the director of The Crow and Dark City (which if you have not seen the Director's Cut, you need to do so) given free reign, and it is amazing, assuming you accept a revelation about 2/3 of the way in. The ambition here is...
  25. Nick Graham

    Weekly RoundUp 3-17-2009

    Punisher: War Zone abandons all pretense of being serious, and is just gonzo gore and violence and black humor. Any roundup info for the Paramore: The Final Riot blu-ray being released to coincide with Twilight on the 21st?
  26. Nick Graham

    You make the call - 46" Panny Plasma or 47" Phillips LCD with 120 Hz and 2ms Response

    My tax refund should be here within a week, perhaps two. At that time it will finally be time to retire my 1080i 32" Panny tube. I have narrowed my choices down to two options: Panasonic TH46PZ85U 46" Plasma (1080p, 30,000:1 Contrast) Philips 47PFL7403D/27 47" LCD *Refurbished* (1080p, 120...
  27. Nick Graham

    Panasonic TH46PZ85U plasma initial thoughts and why I chose it over LCD

    With tax refund time coming, and our financials in good shape, I am finally about to jump into the flat panel arena. My friend Des, who has two LCDs in his home and one plasma, has told me plasma is the way to go hands down, and the more I read about this unit, the more I start thinking he is...
  28. Nick Graham

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Nixon -- in Blu-ray

    Great to hear this title looks good, especially the re-inserted scenes. The previous DVD release was one of the worst PQ wise I ever saw, especially the analog noise riddled, sub LD quality re-inserted scenes, so I'm glad to hear they've done this film justice.
  29. Nick Graham

    Studio People Don't or Rarely Read the Forums Anymore?

    Penton is a mixed bag. He can be helpful, and he can be a hindrance. Whereas guys like Bill Hunt and Max have no problem calling a spade a spade (which is saying something for Max, since he works for a company actually invovled with the BDA), I have never once heard Penton level or acknowledge...