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  1. RyanAn


    Do you have Angus, The Jerky Boys Movie or and Addams Family Animated series volumes?
  2. RyanAn

    Black Friday 2010 - listing of DVD/BD deals

    I bought a ridiculous amount of $5 Blurays from Wal-Mart.... Thanks for the list!
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    Any fans of Magic?

    I agree, Keith. Nothing beats a live performance! Another form I love and am still trying to figure out how they do it is quick-change - where there is a couple dancing and the lady and sometimes the gentlemen switch into numerous outfits in a staggeringly fast time. Really impressive...
  4. RyanAn

    Any fans of Magic?

    Growing up, I liked a lot of different things, but one of the things I absolutely loved was magic. No, not the "card game" but the slight of hand, illusion showcases. Is it just me or is the magic craze dwindling each year? It seemed like there were several specials every year on the major...
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    Big Brother 12

    Yah! I'm excited! It feels like it's been two years since last season. :) Can't wait! Are we doing the challenge? If so: Winner - Monet, Matt, Kristen, Hayden, Andrew, Annie, Brendon, Ragan, Enzo, Britney, Kathy, Lane, Rachel, Annie - First out
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    ANGUS DVD - When ?

    I'm sorry to resurrect a very very old thread, but I figure (hope) it's okay due to the fact that I stumbled upon the following site a few minutes ago:,default,pd.html?cgid=ZARCHIVEALL# This is one of my all time favorite films, and one of the few titles...
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    Track the Films You Watch (2010)

    Call me a table at Shakeys, because I'm reserved.
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    Recommendations for my viewing habits?

    Thank you, sir! I just bought a PS3 and am looking forward to enjoying Blu-Ray!
  9. RyanAn

    Recommendations for my viewing habits?

    Well, a family member bought us a 24 Vizio 1080p LCD so with that in mind, I opted to hold off. It's definately not as big as I wanted, but I can't really hurt their feelings and buy a brand new one and have them see it. ;0 I will probably wait to Superbowl season like you recommended and...
  10. RyanAn

    Recommendations for my viewing habits?

    Thanks guys! has the Mits 65'' for $999 for the cyber monday deal!!! i can't believe it. this is the tv that i almost picked up a couple years ago for $1600... I am absouletly thinking of purchasing this TV. What to do, what to do...
  11. RyanAn

    Recommendations for my viewing habits?

    Wow, thanks for all the feedback guys! I've heard that DLP is going out in the last few days looking it up. Would the four year warranty not cover bulb replacement? Is the "burn-in" factor for Plasmas not an issue anymore? I know that people say a Plasma has an excellent picture but I've heard...
  12. RyanAn

    Black Friday 2009 sales thread (DVDs/BDs/videogames/HDTVs/players)

    I worked at Wally till 9am and found out my PS3 bundle pack was sold out. :( The $10 Blu-Rays were wiped out except for several copies of Ice Age:The Meltdown and Coraline. Went to Target it was still swamped, passed. GameStop was packed as well. Still looking for a TV online... and a GPS...
  13. RyanAn

    Recommendations for my viewing habits?

    I'm thinking of getting the 60inch Mitsubishi DLP 1080p from BB. It's $800 with a four year warranty for an extra $200. It's a Black Friday deal... Decisions, decisions. heh. ;0 Thanks.
  14. RyanAn

    Recommendations for my viewing habits?

    Hi Bobby. The room I would put the tv in would be about 8-10 feet away from where I view it and the light could be pretty much shut out whenever I need it to be. I'm just on the fence between which specific kind and model is considered good at the moment. I've got friends co-workers(some in the...
  15. RyanAn

    Recommendations for my viewing habits?

    Hello, I am in need of a new TV and would like finally come into the HD universe. 1. The majority of my watching would be movies and television. I've been known to watch 5+ movies in a day and a ton of TV. 2. I only game on occassion and it's mainly games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. 3. I...
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    Black Friday 2009 sales thread (DVDs/BDs/videogames/HDTVs/players)

    Man... I'm on so many sites at the moment, seeing if I can save myself some effort in a store tomorrow after my shit at 9am. My list of stuff to get: GPS - a good one, that's not outrageously priced HDTV - A GREAT one that's not out-of-date and will last a good one (and be cheap) 120 gig PS3...
  17. RyanAn

    Black Friday 2009 sales thread (DVDs/BDs/videogames/HDTVs/players)

    Hey! They are all serious gamers, but I'm not sure their lighting preferences. They are all about LCD and say Plasma is icky. ;0 I always wanted to go DLP, but then I heard from one friend that people are saying it's not all it's cracked up to be. I really don't know, so I'm asking around...
  18. RyanAn

    Black Friday 2009

    My Wal-Mart has 2 or 3 pallets full of the $78 Blu-Ray's - hopefully your's will as well. I personally want to get a PS3, but I'm not sure how many there are.
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    It Happened Again: The Annual Black Friday Trampling

    Can anyone tell me if this person or the one in New York (jersey?) last year's "perpetrators" were arrested or charged? I'm working my first Black Friday as a Wal-Mart employee and I'm gonna be in front, directing the inside traffic. My Wal-Mart's managers are really gung-ho about having this be...
  20. RyanAn

    Black Friday 2009 sales thread (DVDs/BDs/videogames/HDTVs/players)

    Thanks for the suggestion Gregg. I've heard mixed reviews from friends about Plasmas. They all say LCD is the way to go, what's your opinion on the matter?
  21. RyanAn

    Black Friday 2009 sales thread (DVDs/BDs/videogames/HDTVs/players)

    I get to work my first Black Friday at Wal-Mart his year (yaaaaah!) and it should be very fun. (yaaaah!) Anyways, after my shift is over, I'm thinking of picking up if still available: PS3 120 Gig Bundle Pack including PS3, Dark Knight-BD, Infamous and Arkham Asylum - $299 Sony Bravia 46'' LCD...
  22. RyanAn

    The best sex scenes in movies (merged)

    You gotta understand, I like a lot of people, like sex scenes - the staging is just an added plus. I have some pretty serious viewpoints, anti-MPAA to the day I die, freedom of speech and I think you should be able to put what you want in a film. Although I could post some of the sauciest ones...
  23. RyanAn

    10 year anniversary re-releases of 1999 flicks

    I think you were right in thinking the double-feature releases of these films was for a tie-in for it's third film in the summer of 2010. Re-releases are getting rare rare rare. In some markets the feature got expanded past the two weeks just like "This is It" was as well because it's selling so...
  24. RyanAn

    Your ONE Most Favorite Film of All Time?

    My choice is a little indie that most people have'nt heard of mainly do to the lack of promotion and it's budget was just non-existant. "The Wizard of Oz." Seriously, I love this movie!!! I've seen it a few hundred times and my feelings have definately been transformed over the years. When I...
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    Need Help with name of a movie:

    I honestly tried finding the old thread we posted these in, but I gave up, if somone wants to merge them, that's cool. Here's a new one: It's a "modern" day animated version of the 10 Commandments. I can't remember all the details, but what I do recall is that it was from the 80's, 100%...
  26. RyanAn

    Southland (Season 1 and 2)

    I was so happy a when I heard that a second season was picked up and then I heard NBC cancelled it, I think it was on Attack of the Show. I coulda cried! Thanks TNT!!! (now bring back Wanted!!!)
  27. RyanAn

    Any tips for a guy loosing his mind... and hair?

    Thanks to everyone who gave me tips, I just have'nt been able to get on the site that often lately. To update, my hair is still getting thinner and I have reverted to a shorter hairstyle again. I might end up shaving it but I can't say for sure if I will. If I have the money one day, I may look...
  28. RyanAn

    Dealzon's HDTV deals first post: Dynex 42-inch 1080p from BestBuy for $500

    Hey thanks for all the info. How do I get it for the $500 price? I clicked that link, put it in the cart and it still rings up at 550... I'm still open to more TV deals, thanks again.