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  1. Matt Rexer

    Hitchcock Set Comming on January 11th, Anyone KNow Anything About it?

    Just to chime in... great site, Dave! I just started collecting Hitchcock (my Criterion box just came in the mail today - woo!) and your site is going to be an extremely useful tool.
  2. Matt Rexer

    Non traditional Holiday movies I'll be watching this week

    Just watched Black Christmas last night. It's true what they say: it is the granddaddy of slasher films. Plus, it's ironically directed by the man behind perennial holiday favorite A Christmas Story. After that, watched the MST3K version of Mitchell - John Saxon gets a lot of presents in that...
  3. Matt Rexer

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Martin

    Arg! Well, a few months after selling my AB version on eBay, I just repurchased it (it's not hard to find -- I got it for $12). I should've learned my lesson when I unloaded the LE Halloween in anticipation for the 25th Ann. Edition. Never sell something until there's a review of its...
  4. Matt Rexer

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Looney Tunes - Golden Collection Volume Two (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    In that vein, I think director box sets would've been nice. I'd give my left arm for The Looney Tunes of Bob Clampett: Chronological Edition. Ditto for Tex Avery.
  5. Matt Rexer

    More from Anchor Bay in 2005

    Ah, then Jim needs to definitely be a bonus item on the Phantasm 2-3 box set Universal owes us. Grr. Must... have... silver killer ball... movies...
  6. Matt Rexer

    More from Anchor Bay in 2005

    Kenny & Company but no Jim the World's Greatest? Help me out, Anchor Bay... my DVD-R copy of that one is real bad.
  7. Matt Rexer

    Strong Bad Emails: 3-Disc DVD! (Homestar Runner)

    I just hope I don't have to call Senor Cardgage Mortgage to finance buying this set. Just in case, you might wanna put 555-55-55855-55-5-SENOR-MORT-GAGE-TODAY in your cellphone address book!
  8. Matt Rexer

    Strong Bad Emails: 3-Disc DVD! (Homestar Runner)

    I wonder how the Easter eggs will be translated? In the flash cartoons, you can sometimes click on words or other parts of the screen to get a side-movie to play. You can invisible buttons on DVDs menus or video streams -- like the hidden hotspots in the flash cartoons -- but without a mouse...
  9. Matt Rexer

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Looney Tunes - Golden Collection Volume Two (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    Wow, those screenshots are beautiful! Only 15 more Golden volumes to go, by my calculations. It's too bad they're not doing these things chronologically. They've built in a diminishing returns effect by throwing bunches of favorites on the same sets. Volume 17, should it ever arrive, will be...
  10. Matt Rexer

    How Nightmare on Elm Street Collection DVD...

    For 1999 it was amazingly well done, and could honestly benefit from a re-release. Definitely on both counts. In fact, I was so impressed with this set at the time, it's what got me to buy a DVD player in the first place. Yep, my very first DVDs ever were Elm Streets...
  11. Matt Rexer

    The "Dark Star" DVD restoration petition

    as much as Dan is a cool cool guy, this is really more Carpenter's film You think so? After watching it the other day, I came away thinking it was more DO'B's movie than JC's. This, I say as a huge Carpenter fan... Perhaps this was because Pinback was the main character for much of movie...
  12. Matt Rexer

    The "Dark Star" DVD restoration petition

    I just watched the shorter director's cut for the first time yesterday. I think it's much better than the 16-minute-longer theatrical cut, which I find tedious. Admittedly, I'm not much of a fan of the film in the first place... I can't see them ever putting out just one cut or the other...
  13. Matt Rexer

    Any news on Monster Squad?...

    Has Monster Squad ever been released in widescreen anywhere? I'm down with importing a Japanese LD if that's what it takes... tired of waiting.
  14. Matt Rexer

    Lest We Forget: Marilyn Manson's Best-of coming out with a DVD

    I just got mine in the mail today. PaulP is exactly correct. My friend has the US version and I have the JP version. The DVDs are identical, except the menus have 2 extra videos squeezed into them on the JP version. The bonus CD comes in its own little slip case. You get the regular English...
  15. Matt Rexer

    To announce Spider-Man 2.5 DVD

    The movie was really the best I could make it Spider-Man 2.0 for me, thanks.
  16. Matt Rexer

    Indian musicals on DVD?

    Thanks to the both of you! For the life of me, I couldn't remember the word "Bollywood" the other day.
  17. Matt Rexer

    Indian musicals on DVD?

    Instead of the VP debate, I'm sitting here watching the International Channel. There's a show on about a young, famous director from India. They keep showing clips from his films. I got to be thinking... it'd be very cool to actually own one of these on DVD. I'm aware that there are, for...
  18. Matt Rexer

    The King of Kings and M: Special Edition - Criterion Collection (specs!)

    I just watched the old Criterion M last night for the first time (as a part of Halloween-inspired serial killer marathon). Wow, that one's going on ebay in a hurry... the transfer was wretched. I wasn't keen on it before, but now I'm looking forward to that double-dip.
  19. Matt Rexer

    Lest We Forget: Marilyn Manson's Best-of coming out with a DVD

    Thank Todd! Just Netflix'd that movie so I can check the video out. I also ordered the Japanese edition of this set. The bonus CD you get with this one has these tracks on it, I believe: 01. Next Motherf****r (Rimix) 02. The Not So Beautiful People 03. The Horrible People 04. The...
  20. Matt Rexer

    Open Ltr To Par/wb/fox

    Sorry... I chuckle and think of this Penny Arcade whenever someone uses a $ instead of an S in the name of a company they dislike. Though I agree with all that's being said.
  21. Matt Rexer

    How Nightmare on Elm Street Collection DVD...

    The permanent home of the Nightmare Series Encyclopedia FAQ is here on, in case anyone still needs it. (I'm the Tripps that wrote it).
  22. Matt Rexer

    Friday The 13th SEs/Box Set Info Coming on September 19th!?

    Just adding my $0.02... I'm a huge horror fan and I already own the original releases of these 8 films. I was originally going to ebay all of those in anticipation of this set, but I'm glad I held off. The lack of uncut version on the new set is the deal breaker. A handful of commentaries and...
  23. Matt Rexer

    Finally: The Fly (1986) and The Fly II (1989) Special Editions are coming in Fall of 2005!

    Here's a vote against the grain: I'd much rather have a Cronenberg commentary than any special features he's not in to. Cronenberg consistently creates excellent commentary tracks that are low on silence and high on insight. He's one of the few directors who can actually pull off a track by...
  24. Matt Rexer

    Why don't more studios use anamorphic widescreen for extras?!?

    I hate what Anchor Bay does: they anamorphically enhance their 4x3 special features. I still can't figure out why they do this. It's essentially cutting resolution out of the image for no reason. Plus, for us lowly 4x3 owners, it results in a windowboxed rectangle of video in the middle of your...
  25. Matt Rexer

    John Carpenter's "Body Bags"

    I own the original DVD of it, myself. The operative word from my original post is "much." You'd have to agree, this isn't at the horror-nut-love-level of, say, Re-Animator, which –- when it was briefly OOP -– people went apesheet over.
  26. Matt Rexer

    John Carpenter's "Body Bags"

    Can't say I see this garnering too much support... Body Bags doesn't have much love, even from us horror nuts. But, Michael, I appreciate the good work you do. I love the DVD campaign pages and the information they contain. I owe you a beer someday :)
  27. Matt Rexer

    Candyman: Special Edition - coming soon?

    What would be really cool: an isolated Philip Glass score. Actually, I hope Clive Barker: Raising Hell is a documentary for a potential Nightbreed: Director's Cut DVD. That might make more sense, too -- he didn't direct Candyman, after all. Edit: Nah, looks like I'm wrong. Both of those...
  28. Matt Rexer

    HTF SURVEY: What else would you like to see done with DVD?

    Tom Rags wrote:
  29. Matt Rexer

    Reefer Madness comments

    How would that be, when the original B&W version is present on the disc? One has to wonder if you freak out whenever an old movie is released with both its original soundtrack and a 5.1 remix...
  30. Matt Rexer

    Do you think we''ll start seeing more "fullscreen for widescreen" DVDs?

    That's not what we're talking about. Brother Bear's OAR is 2.35:1. The DVD offers a version in 2.35:1, and a version in the 16x9 ratio. Both are "widescreen," but one is still incorrect. The fight for OAR will never go away. Both 4x3 TV shows and 2.35:1 films will suffer the wrath of P&S when...