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  1. Mark_TS

    Aliens 30th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Like ALIEN 35th, this is just a release with 'stuff" if you don't have any; ALIEN came with a mini comic book of the original movie tie-in and some cards of HR GIGER art. As for THE ABYSS.....that is insanity for this to be still MIA
  2. Mark_TS

    "The Alamo"s Status?

    I actually once owned it.
  3. Mark_TS

    Official KINO Insider Announcements Thread: STRICTLY MODERATED: READ GUIDELINES

    Since Studio Canal+ have not yet seen fit to release ONE MILLION YEARS BC on Blu yet in the UK, let us hope we get the uncut version from Kino
  4. Mark_TS

    UNIVERSAL --Are you ever going to release these films on bluray?

    BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF? (Le Pacte Des Loupes)
  5. Mark_TS

    Nintendo drops Wii U $50 due to poor sales

    MS must really be doing poorly (actually it is in all facets of operation except for MS OFFICE WIN/MAC) as its XBOX is dropping by $100 to $199
  6. Mark_TS

    Anyone know what happened to the planned Artificial Eye Blu Rays of....

    The Tarkovsky collection? Ive read it was announced by the end of 2015.....if this has been updated, i apologize
  7. Mark_TS

    Blu-ray Review Zardoz Blu-ray Review

    because they would have proudly advertised it as a 'feature' like they have done with Journey to the Center.... plus i wrote them and the only thing they told me was that it was NOT from the DVD master anyway, word gets around-and nobody has mentioned this as 4K-which i think would be...
  8. Mark_TS

    Zardoz coming from Twilight Time (Tentative February 2015)

    well, all will be happy to know that FOX Europe created a restored 4K remaster with DTS-just a few months later-why TT wasn't able to get ahold of this is a mystery; The film is probably not popular enough to pull a Journey to the Center scheme. All TT would tell me was that it WAS NOT using the...
  9. Mark_TS

    Blu-ray Review Zardoz Blu-ray Review

    well, thats just great. Only a couple of months later, FOX Europe went ahead and issued a 4K restoration with DTS sound How is it that Twilight Time missed out on this? it isn't even advertised as 2K Look on for the info I went ahead and got the Steelbook edition from them
  10. Mark_TS

    Could the original, unaltered STAR WARS be on its way to Blu-ray?

    my wish would be to see the original THX 1138-he ruined that too.
  11. Mark_TS

    Blu-ray Review Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection Limited Edition Blu-ray Review - Recommended

    hopefully they will finally get it right with the future assumed UHD 4k restoration-and then we can then buy them all over again!
  12. Mark_TS

    Blu-ray Review Oblivion Blu-ray Review

    Cruise can't keep his mouth shut, jabbering over and interrupting Kosinski-it was very boring
  13. Mark_TS

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Ladyhawke -- in Blu-ray

    By the time Donner used Parsons muzak in LADYHAWKE, Alan Parson was already on elevator muzik and "smooth 96" radio stations-he was never really had street red-he just produced MUZAK
  14. Mark_TS

    Universal re-releasing some of the DVD's previously released on DVD-18s?

    2 disc version of DUNE?
  15. Mark_TS

    Blu-ray State of the Union. Are you switching to streaming media?

    Hollywood Reporter should be taken with a grain of salt: its purpose is to push industry product, news, etc Somewhere I read that DVD sales still make up 60% of home viewing/sales-yet here they are trying to bite the hand that feeds them-by pushing BR and treating DVD purchasers as second...
  16. Mark_TS

    Image Inks Deal With Lakeshore (Re-release Of Horror Titles Involved)

    I wouldnt think that SONY would let go of THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, which is also LE
  17. Mark_TS

    LIFEFORCE SE desperately wanted...

    LIFEFORCE just cant seem to get a break; There is a 'new' NTSC issue of it out from R3 Korea-(I only just discovered it) July 2010-(the R1 MGM disc is from 1998-and was the perfect candidate for an anamorphic transfer from the start) I felt certain that at this late date "Who could possibly...
  18. Mark_TS

    Anyone hazard a guess re: BARRY LYNDON and LOLITA aspect ratios on DVD?

    It seems you can only get the 2011 edition on DVD in the 9 disc set-BUT will Warner go cheap and sleazy and use the 2005 transfers of will they be upgraded to 16x9 anamorphic?
  19. Mark_TS

    Questions for people who haven't gone Blu yet...

    Not enough classics and catalog on BR, I hardly buy DVD anymore thanks to the studios; Im pretty sure that DVD still outsells BR 2-1; I will sit out BR until the next thing comes along or the whole thing collapses and DDL is the norm-BR is one last gasp to squeeze money from us-the studios are...
  20. Mark_TS

    Fall 2010 DVD reissues

    as the title and subject refers to, Im asking about the new DVDs
  21. Mark_TS

    Fall 2010 DVD reissues

    This fall several DVDs have been rereleased in keep cases and some with new covers APOCALYPSE NOW THE ROAD WARRIOR CONTACT (J Foster) 2010 JACOBS LADDER I just bought the 2010 reissue of JACOBS LADDER on DVD. It had a new cover and said © 2010 Lionsgate but i put the disc on my...
  22. Mark_TS

    The Official Fox Wishlist Thread

    ROFL! +10
  23. Mark_TS

    Will Streaming end our DVD Collecting?

    But "nobody" lives in the hinterlands so being unwired is irrelevant to the situation by sales %-anyway most places get DSL, they just dont have Fibre-optic yet. But the studios seem to be shooting themselves in the foot as Blu Ray sales are still meager by % and the masses of americans still...
  24. Mark_TS

    The Official Fox Wishlist Thread

    a proper FOX Classics 2 DVD SE of JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH (1959) they did SEs of all their classic big Sci Fi titles in 2007 except they curiously left this one off; Wouldnt be the first time- at a FOX chat long ago someone asked about a first release of JTTCOTE on-DVD and who...
  25. Mark_TS

    Another Universal Backlot Series coming

    whatever happened to the individual releases from the 2006 remastered HITCHCOCK BOX? at the very least I want a 2 disc set of THE BIRDS etc
  26. Mark_TS

    Mackenna's Gold on May 4th widescreen or not?

    i dont claim to know the length but I THOUGHT Leonard Maltin's film guide implied a LOT was cut-but that was years back when I read this BUt you are correct on all other accounts-it was an 'end of an era Roadshow' that didnt make the cut, AFAIK its a fun, big dumb film but beautifully shot- a...
  27. Mark_TS

    When are We going to see a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Blu-ray Release?!

    and will we have to put up with a CGI Seaview? Abbotts 20 foot model with high speed fans to break up the water surface was ingenious-and good enough for me.
  28. Mark_TS

    Mackenna's Gold on May 4th widescreen or not?

    ive read it had been remastered once a couple years back in PS only, so maybe this time its WS. Itll never happen, but it would be nice to see a restored uncut version, ive read exists