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  1. Wayne McRae

    LOST season 2 discussion thread......

    Hey Travis, I can confirm that Sayid was on the TV in the background of the recruitment office. I recorder it on my PVR and blew right by it, but my 10 year old daughter caught it as usual. It almost looks like he's being lead away....maybe in cuffs?
  2. Wayne McRae

    "If you could see any band in history..."

    This is pretty sad, but I gotta go with Zeppelin, even though I saw them in Seattle in 77. My first road trip from Vancouver, 16 years old and guess what...yep, got too drunk and can barely remember the show. All I can clearly remember is No Quarter with lots of dry ice and it being very very...
  3. Wayne McRae

    Robert Plant Tour - Intro Music

    Neil, I saw him in Vancouver a few weeks ago, but I can't help you with the music. Why don't you try his website, there's a fair bit of info there.
  4. Wayne McRae

    LOST season 2 discussion thread......

    Jason, I must say that your post is one of the best I've read on the plot possibilities! It may steal a bit from the Matrix but a very cool idea. Well done.
  5. Wayne McRae

    New Eagles DVD in June!

    This is a must buy for any Eagles fan. Great picture, DTS and song selection. Watch for Joe Walsh sticking his face in front of the camera during a Henley song. My wife and I were laughing our asses of!
  6. Wayne McRae

    DLP rainbow question

    Thanks for all your help! I'm off in 15 minutes to try and do the deal.
  7. Wayne McRae

    DLP rainbow question

    Hi all, I've been delaying my first HDTV purchase due to the rapid change in technology and connectivity issues. But, my 10 year old Panny blew up on me 2 nights ago, so the time is now! I've found a great deal on the Sammy HLP5085W and will probably buy tonight. My question is, on what sources...
  8. Wayne McRae

    Sending a DVD player to Canada?

    Hi Jim, you can buy a low end DVD player here for $100 Canadian dollars or a mid level Sony for $160. Sending from the U.S. will incur taxes and duty. Try searching Future Shop, they are a chain in Canada which I believe is owned by Best Buy. You should be able to get a decent player for approx...
  9. Wayne McRae

    Just got a job at A&B sound!!!

    I was in the Langley B.C. store yesterday and they were setting up Parasound's Halo line. Very impressive looking.
  10. Wayne McRae

    Paradigm Studio 60v2 - Magnetic Field an Issue?

    My T.V. and speakers fit into a alcove in my family room, which puts them only 14" apart. I chose the 60 V2's with the sheilding. The speakers sound great and it was only $60 more for the pair. I wanted the veneer, but they are N/A with the sheilding.
  11. Wayne McRae

    Any Reviews of Led Zepplin (2003)??

    You can go to Atlantic records website and filter to the Zeppelin area. There is a real audio sampler from H.T.W.W.W. including Immigrant Song, Black Dog, The Ocean, Over the Hills and Far Away and Heartbreaker. Sounds great, but the DVD is what I'm dyin to have.
  12. Wayne McRae

    Any Reviews of Led Zepplin (2003)?? This site has some great info on the CD & the DVD. Click on the news and you can watch a 4 minute clip of Kashmir from Knebworth 1979. Everything I have seen and heard about this dual release has me frothing. Video is supposed to be good and the sound quality is supposed...
  13. Wayne McRae

    Led Zeppelin DVD Box Set

    Thanks for the info Tom:emoji_thumbsup: It looks like the showing at the IMAX is on the 22nd of May. The bad news is that it's for contest winners only, and it's a one shot showing. The good news is the CD & DVD will be in stores in 13 days. I can't wait to hear Zep in DTS:D :D :D
  14. Wayne McRae

    Led Zeppelin DVD Box Set

    Our classic rock station, Rock 101 in Vancouver is advertising Led Zep live at the IMAX theater. Does anyone have any info on this? I'm assuming it's parts of the DVD broken down to a couple of hours.
  15. Wayne McRae

    Dipolar for rear and surround ona 7.1 system?

    Todd, I have a 7.1 setup with bi-polar side surrounds and direct rads. for the rear surrounds. IMHO it sounds best this way. I had all 4 originally as bi-polar which I did not care for. The only way to know for sure is to do a demo at a B&M store.
  16. Wayne McRae

    Led Zeppelin DVD Box Set

    Awesome month of May for The Floyd and Zep fans. Thanks Steve:emoji_thumbsup:
  17. Wayne McRae

    Led Zeppelin DVD Box Set

    Hi Jeff. Where can I check out info on the Floyd's DVD. Thanks, Wayne
  18. Wayne McRae

    Tips? Velodyne HGS 15 or SVS PC+ 20-39

    How good is that? Happy SVS owner:D
  19. Wayne McRae

    6.1 question

    It does not have to be a center channel. 1 direct rad. will work just fine.
  20. Wayne McRae

    Question for Paradigm owners

    I have my 60's about 8" from the back wall in my living room. I'd rather have them about 14-16" but my kid will crawl back there and shove god knows what into the port:D If I'm alone I'll pull them out a bit. Then their a little less boomy.
  21. Wayne McRae

    Any decent 2ch. amps for ~ $800 CDN??

    Nick, check out It's like audiogon for Canadians. All in Canadian funds with no borders to ship through.
  22. Wayne McRae

    regular or bipolar??

    Yes you would.
  23. Wayne McRae

    regular or bipolar??

    I have a 7.1 system with Denon,Def-tech & SVS.
  24. Wayne McRae

    Hard upgrade decision, opinions needed

    I won't get into all the speaker issues, but I would look at the Denon 3802. This is now a old model but it has 90% (+ or -) of the features of the 3803. I recall people on this site getting it for $699 a few months ago. I'm assuming you could still find a new one for around $550 and still have...
  25. Wayne McRae

    regular or bipolar??

    Either pair will work fine. I tried bipolar for my rears, but the diffused sound did not sound right from behind me. I sold the pair and got a pair of directs which sound much better to me. I do use bipolar for my side surrounds.
  26. Wayne McRae

    Canadian Paradigm Prices?

    James is close to the MSRP's. Just a example, I got my Studio 60's last week for $1098 Cdn. which is around $700 U.S. It seems dealers are far more flexible in Canada than the U.S. on Paradigms.
  27. Wayne McRae

    Centre surround placement

    I've got my pair about a foot above ear level. I started about 3 feet above (same as my sides) and worked my way down until it sounded right. After placing them there, I built a nice black shelf to match my speakers.
  28. Wayne McRae

    Buying Paradigms in Vancouver

    IMHO the Paradigm system will outperform the Energy system. I've owned both. If you drive up and buy in Canada you would probably get the Paradigms for about 20-25% less than your Energy's.
  29. Wayne McRae

    Buying Paradigms in Vancouver

    Hi Matthew, I just bought a pair of Studio 60's yesterday at Audio Video Unlimited in Surrey, which is a suburb of Vancouver. I worked a great deal mainly because I've made 4 purchases in the last 2 years with the same salesman. I would have no problem setting you up with him. PM me when your in...
  30. Wayne McRae

    Wanted: Your Opinions on Def Techs

    Bob just described my setup. A pair of BP-10's,CLR 2002 center,a pair of BP2X and a SVS. Great for music and fantastic for home theater. They are fussy as to their location. I have mine 32" from the wall and slightly toed in.