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  1. Jim_F

    Charcoal or Gas Grill?

    I'm beginning my 3rd season with my Vidalia 440 . The quality and versatility are impressive. The airflow created by the design and the use of humidity make it unique. I coveted a Kalamazoo and very nearly bought their former entry-level model, but I can always find other things to do with that...
  2. Jim_F

    Coffee: Intermediate to Advanced

    Im still enjoying the Jura. I am seriously hooked on the Espresso Toscano from Counter Culture Coffee. At work, I've joined the (Keurig) Pod People. So far my favorite K-cups are the Newman's Own Organics Special Blend (Extra Bold) I still roast some coffee, but not very often. Very nice looking...
  3. Jim_F

    FS Sony TA-E9000ES + TA-N9000ES looking for local SE MI sale

    Good condition, a few nicks around the edges. Excellent working condition. Madison Heights. Two remotes, no cables, original box. $50 double boxed ground shipping for each component to lower 48. TA-E9000ES: Both of the TA-N9000ESs hasve been sold. The TA-E9000ES is still available for $250.
  4. Jim_F

    Dexter Season 5

    I'm liking this season. We've come a long way in 6 episodes. Deb's showing some darkness of her own. Is it possible she could accept Dex' dark passenger, esp. if she learns Trinity is no more? Maria's back to showing her true colors. There's no telling who will taking the hit for her...
  5. Jim_F

    Fight My Brute!

    It's hard to believe my brutish morning ritual has been going on for over a year! My favorite brute can give most brutes a scrap and could use and abuse any pupils:
  6. Jim_F

    Have you watched and listened to Blu-ray DVD concerts?

    Return to Forever Returns Live at Montreux. I saw the show in Toronto and the Blu-ray does it justice. Very nice.
  7. Jim_F

    NFL 2010 Off-season Discussion Thread

    I don't like the new OT rule. There was nothing wrong with the old rule. I agree this is much better than the NCAA abomination. Sudden death adds quite a bit of excitement, otherwise I wouldn't mind ties in the regular season. Ties used to be a part of football, they just don't produce as much...
  8. Jim_F

    Commercials that just irritate you....

    I'm glad I no longer see the Vonage ads featuring the smart-assed brunette in the pumpkin shirt and arching eyebrows. Those seemed to last forever. Another I can't endure is the Humana ad featuring the elderly couple who are so excessive cute that they're creepy, almost like Irene & Companion...
  9. Jim_F

    What are your favorite electronic companies?

    B&W Loudspeakers Pioneer Elite when they made RPTVs and later plasma displays Apple iPod and WiFi products WPC pinball machines My SVSubwoofer has worked like a champ for years. I've had great luck with Sony products, especially the ES line. Can't leave out my newest toy, a Moxi 3 room bundle.
  10. Jim_F

    NFL 2009 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    No, not even close. Even the worst NFL team is made up of the best of a large pool of college players. They do weight training year round. Their bodies have matured and they're bigger, faster and stronger than any collective college team. Not to say that the Rams and Lions wouldn't find a way...
  11. Jim_F

    Share your favorite gifts (2010)

    I used my cash gifts toward a Yamaha digital grand piano. It's amazing how good they sound nowadays. I don't play at all and it remains to be seen if I'll stick with it. If I do, it could turn out to be best gift ever. Just learning to read music and mastering a few traditional/pop tunes would...
  12. Jim_F

    Dexter Season 4

    Wow. I did not see that coming. At first I was hoping it was a daydream sequence, but apparently it was not. The writers exacted a steep karmic price from Our Antihero for his choices this season. I have no idea where next (and possibly the last) season might go from here, that's a good thing...
  13. Jim_F

    Dexter Season 4

    Idle thought: Do we know for sure if Elliot's GF really moved out after the fight seen through the rear window? Maybe she just "disappeared". At least Rita might feel guilty enough to give Dex some extra latitude.
  14. Jim_F

    Dexter Season 4

    I agree that the "shooter's height" detective work seems weak, but there it is. The reference to the "big guy" line was just a nod to a dark comic moment that made me laugh out loud. Anton is pretty tall, though: I don't think it's Quinn, but...?
  15. Jim_F

    Dexter Season 4

    They're making an issue of the fact the the shooter has to be Masuka's height, so Anton's too tall ("Anton's a big guy, lots of skin.") to qualify. It's looking like Debra will get the collar on Trinity. If he were to wind up secretly piecemeal in the Gulfstream, that would be an...
  16. Jim_F

    Dexter Season 4

    S4 is coming together nicely. It took a few episodes to gain momentum. Angel's life may have been spared. Doakes, Ellen and Miguel can attest to the fact that there's no future in getting close to Maria. Oh that's right, no they can't. I have no doubt whatsoever whom the coffin is for. Arthur...
  17. Jim_F

    NFL 2009 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    Exactly. The announcer blew it.
  18. Jim_F

    Monolith Found on Mars

    I think I see a boy and his dog standing nearby.
  19. Jim_F

    Do you have a favorite writing instrument?

    Papermate Profile (slim) - the kind that were sold 15-20 years ago. I've clung to my current one for about 20 years. It's showing it's age but people still remark what a nice pen it is whenever I let someone use it (for a few seconds, with me hovering over their shoulder) If I can make this one...
  20. Jim_F

    Hockey Talk: The Official NHL 2008-2009 Thread

    I'm looking forward to the return of Draper and Datsyuk. Should help a lot with faceoffs and ST. The Wings have been losing the puck along the boards way too often in Pavel's absence.
  21. Jim_F

    NFL 2009 Offseason thread

    I would've really liked to see a left tackle first and a MLB and DT (not necessarily in that order) at #20 and #33. The Lions are married to Backus for another year or two, though, so there wasn't much chance. I'm hoping to see some good defensive talent with maybe a guard mixed in the rest of...
  22. Jim_F

    Subwoofer - What Fraction of Speaker Budget?

    When I bought my 20-39PC, it was about 25% of my 5.1 speaker budget. I've upgraded most of my speakers and gone to 7.1, so it now represents ~10% of the speaker investment in my main system (not including the Buttkickers under the floor) It still is doing a great job in it's reduced role (I set...
  23. Jim_F

    Fight My Brute!

    1/8 Man My Brute My 1/8 Man is paying his dues. 2-5 record with 5 TKOs (received)
  24. Jim_F

    Researching Market Values

    I haven't used halfdotcom in a few years, but I found it was a fast way to move software in the past. For market research, it's a simple matter to check going rates on the site. Just undercut the selling prices by a little and get ready for lots of trips to the post office.
  25. Jim_F

    Sony Press: Sony's New Blu-Ray Disc Player and Home Theater Systems go Wireless

    Quick start, Wireless N, and a rather modest price point. This is exactly what I've been watching for in my next Blu-Ray player. Happy birthday to me this summer!
  26. Jim_F

    50 Interesting Facts

    65. Studebaker Hawk can write The Lord's Prayer on the head of a pin!
  27. Jim_F

    Question about proper speaker/subwoofer usage for music, B&W Nautilus 805

    My main system is intended for all-purpose audio for network streaming, CD, DVD, Blu Ray and SA-CD. I'm happy with an SVS 20-39PC (conservatively tuned) in combination with N805s. I set the crossover on my processor at about 40-50Hz. I've also crossed them over via the sub amp with good...
  28. Jim_F


    It's been about 8 years since I had my monovision LASIK done. My left eye is my dominant eye and was the more nearsighted one. Had I gotten both eyes fully corrected, I'd need reading glasses by now. The procedure was different from any previous experience I'd had, but much less uncomfortable...
  29. Jim_F

    Is changing icemaker water filters a scam?

    ...or an expresso machine for that matter. It's obvious I was nearing the end of my work week.