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  1. Drew D

    WTB--Inserts and Keepcases

    Anybody work at Blockbuster, Hollywood or another video store that can sell me some specific inserts or keepcases? I'll pay within reason, shipping plus a dollar per insert and/or a quarter and up per keepcase.
  2. Drew D

    F/S..PS2 + 8 Games inc Ghost Recon, 2 Controllers and 2 Memory Cards

    Hello, I have the following package for sell all in mint shape: The Playstation 2 Game System 2 official Sony Controllers 2 Sony Memory Cards 8 Games: 1)Ghost Recon 2)NCAA Football 2003 3)NBA Live 2002 4)Tiger Woods PGA 2002 5)NBA 2 Night 6)Madden NFL 2002 7)Triple Play...
  3. Drew D


    I have the following dvd's to sell or trade. All prices include shipping. The dvd's listed PV are pre-viewed video store dvds. Stargate:UE(New/Sealed) 12 My Big Fat Greek Wedding(PV-Original Keepcase, No insert) 10 Trapped(PV-Original Keepcase, No insert) 9 Simone(PV-Original Keepcase, No...
  4. Drew D

    XBOX.Prisoner of War, Turok, Splashdown and more..F/S

    I have mint condition(except where noted)XBOX games for sale adult-owned: Prices include shipping. Prisoner of War 20 Turok 17 Outlaw Golf 17 Quantum Redshift(New/Sealed) 17 Splashdown 17 Enclave 16 Genma Onimusha 15 Serious Sam(No insructions but includes green keepcase and mint Game...
  5. Drew D

    Hollywood Video..2 PVD for $15?

    I just checked Hollywood Video's website and it said that all $9.99 PV DVD's are 2 for $15. Can anyone that's been there recently confirm this and post some example titles. I generally like to get my PV Dvd's here because of the original keepcases and inserts, they also put Warner films in...
  6. Drew D

    30+ DVD's For Sale...A lot under $10

    All dvds are mint except where noted. All prices include shipping. Undisputed-8 Sweet Home Alabama-13 Thirteen Days-10 15 Minutes-10 Sixteen Candles(OOP)-30 Novocaine-7 The Hurricane-10 Runaway Bride-9 Mr. Wonderful-7 Wet Hot American Summer(PV-No insert)8 The Taste of Others-8...
  7. Drew D

    $15 shipped=OrangeCounty, Murderby#'s,Dragonfly,Crossroads,John Q.

    I have the following dvd's for $15 each shipped. Buy more than one, I'll knock the next down to $12. These are not pre-viewed video discs. These dvd's were bought by me new and I'm just cleaning out my dvd shelf. These are in their original keepcases w/inserts. Orange County Murder by...