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  1. Joseph G.

    My Pet Monster/Denver the Last Dinosaur

    I doubt these will ever get released on dvd. But I was just wondering how many people remember these shows? I loved these two shows growing up. I personally would love to see the complete series released. Both would only take one release to have the whole series put out. I just can't imagine...
  2. Joseph G.

    Worst Blind Buy?

    Just curious what you people feel is the worst blind buy you have made? I've made blind buys on the first season of Soap, Freaks and Geeks, The Richard Pryor Show, Playmakers, and the 67 Spider-man collection. Out of all those I was satisfied with everyone except the Richard Pryor Show. I though...
  3. Joseph G.

    Spider-Man the 94 series

    Now that I have the complete 67 collection and the Mtv Spider-Man series, I would love to have the Spider-man series from the 90's come in season sets. With Batman TAS set coming out, maybe we can hope for the spider-man to come out in boxed or season sets.
  4. Joseph G.

    Old Nick Shows

    I dont know who owns the rights to old nickolodean shows and cartoons. But I would love to see alot of them get dvd releases. Shows such as: Salute Your Shorts, Are You Afraid of The Dark, Hey Dude, and tunes such as: AHHH! Real Monsters, Count Duckula, Doug and ect. ect. I think that...
  5. Joseph G.

    General Mills dvds

    Out of the General Mills dvd promos, which of the DiC series would you like to see released in season sets? Me personally I wouldnt mind seeing Inspector Gadget, Super Mario Bros, and Heathcliff released in season sets. I use to love watching these three cartoons while growing up, and I would...
  6. Joseph G.

    Twilight Zone/Night Gallery/ Alfred Hitchcock

    I was wondering if a few people could help me out,with the recent announcements of twilight zone(original & 80's) Night Gallery, and Alfred Hitchcock presents. You see, they all seem to be potential blind buys for me. While they all seem interesting, I was wanting to get some peoples opinions of...
  7. Joseph G.

    Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

    Does anybody else remember this show? This show was awesome, and it would be great if which ever company owns the rights to it releases Beyond Belief on dvd. By the way does anyone know who owns the rights to this show?
  8. Joseph G.

    Most surprising announcement

    Of all the news from Paramount and other companies, Which announcement has surprised you the most? For me it would have to be the complete first season of ALF!