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  1. Sean Hardiman

    Simpsons Season 7 artwork

    Any Canadian who have bought this set, can you provide any info on the bilingual packaging? Is is the same as Season 5 in that it is just a wrap-around piece of paper but is the same English packaging underneath?
  2. Sean Hardiman

    LOTR Slipcase Offer - Any Equivalent Offer for Canadians?

    Greg, I would hope they might make those available to those who purchased the theatrical editions upon release too, though I am not holding out much hope. I also received my EE box late last week; great job by New Line and whomever else had this idea and followed it through; it looks very...
  3. Sean Hardiman

    LOTR Slipcase Offer - Any Equivalent Offer for Canadians?

    I got a letter earlier this week from the fulfillment house (Canada) that I had written the wrong date on the cheque. I had inadvertently post-dated the cheque to December 25, 2005 - I guess they didn't want to wait that long. Hopefully the turnaround on this will still be quick. And to the...
  4. Sean Hardiman

    Predictions on Big Catalogue releases for 2005?

    As am I. I sincerely hope that a Batman SE makes it out this year. Great news on the Hitchcock set also; I've held off on purchasing them because an updated release seemed likely; good to hear that it is.
  5. Sean Hardiman

    LOTR Slipcase Offer - Any Equivalent Offer for Canadians?

    Where did you get yours? There were no offers in my DVD that I purchased indicating that such a case was available. Can you clarify? Thanks in advance.
  6. Sean Hardiman

    More Criterions confirmed - Kurosawa, Antonioni, Powell and more!

    Personally, I'd love to see Criterion release anamorphic re-releases of Brazil, Time Bandits, Armageddon (yeah, yeah), as well as the Kurosawa films (Yojimbo, Sanjuro). Not sure why there would be a re-release of Seven Samurai, unless they are enhancing the release (it's 1.33:1 ratio, so no need...
  7. Sean Hardiman

    Alfred Hitchcock Signature Collection: 9/7!

    For anyone in the Vancouver area who is looking for the keepcase version of NxNW of this boxed set, I picked up my copy at HMV in Guildford Mall (152nd Street and 104th Avenue) in Surrey. They had two sets, both of which were keepcase. I bought one, so there's still one left. Priced at $89, in...
  8. Sean Hardiman

    Alfred Hitchcock Signature Collection: 9/7!

    PeterMano, Which A&B Sound were you at that had the Hitchcock Set with NxNW in the keepcase? I've been wanting to pick that one up for some time, but haven't seen it yet. Can you tell me which one you saw it at? Thanks!
  9. Sean Hardiman

    Alfred Hitchcock Signature Collection: 9/7!

    Sounds good to me - I'll hold off until I hear something confirmed for sure, or see a version of the boxed set without the snapper in stores.
  10. Sean Hardiman

    Alfred Hitchcock Signature Collection: 9/7!

    Any new word on the NxNW keepcase vs. snapper issue? I too am a Canadian who is keen to purchase this set, but the version I found at my local A&B Sound had the snapper case, and it looks completely out of place in what is an otherwise well designed set.
  11. Sean Hardiman

    Things to do in Montreal?

    Montreal casino is not that large; certainly not the 2nd largest in the world. Try Crescent Street any time in the evening. Tons of restaurants, bars, pubs, etc. You can't go wrong there.
  12. Sean Hardiman

    Best Places To Buy DVD's in Vancouver, BC region?

    Future Shop, A&B Sound and HMV in Langley are the best B&M locations near you (also near me). Release days is the best day to get anything at these locations, though HMV has a better selection of back catalogue titles (though their prices are a bit higher - and at Christmas, if you can't find...
  13. Sean Hardiman

    Building A Collection: Essential Criterions & Other Must Have Classics?

    Thanks for the fantastic list! I've bookmarked the list and have quite an extensive wish list now. Next I'll have to find time to watch them all! I would love to pick up Brazil, but the lack of an anamorphic transfer is a non-starter for me. I hope Criterion will revisit the titles they have...
  14. Sean Hardiman

    Building A Collection: Essential Criterions & Other Must Have Classics?

    Hi everyone, I've found myself bored with much of what is currently out from the Hollywood factory and am interested in building up my collection of classic films, starting with the Criterion Collection. So far on the Criterion front, I have the Hitchcock OOP box set, For All Mankind, Tokyo...
  15. Sean Hardiman

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "Planet of the Apes 35th Anniversary Edition" (screenshots)

    Thanks for the information - do you (or anyone else) know what the first nine were? I bought the Alien Quadrilogy, so I have 10-13 (no numbering though).
  16. Sean Hardiman

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "Planet of the Apes 35th Anniversary Edition" (screenshots)

    So what's the deal with the number "14" and "Collector's Edition" on the spine? It doesn't match up with the Fox Studio Classics sequencing; anyone have any ideas? Searches of the forum also yielded nothing. Ideas?
  17. Sean Hardiman

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Recommended)

    Thanks Chad, I checked out the link and ordered the new case. That white one just doesn't suit (and for some reason, the plastic cover is sort of dinged up a bit, which you couldn't see through the plastic wrapping). You're right about the shipping cost - more than the case, but the collection...
  18. Sean Hardiman

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Recommended)

    Anyone know where I can purchase a black case for ST:VI? Mine came with the white case (didn't have any other colours) and I'd like to replace it. Suggestions would be great (especially if they're Canadian e-tailers, but I'll order from anywhere if necessary). Thanks
  19. Sean Hardiman

    TV show Top DVD sales

    Have to agree on the price point. I have the first seven seasons of The X-Files, and it's pricey, I have to admit. Four of them were gifts over the years, with three purchased myself. Even still, they get expensive. I imagine I will purchase S8 and S9 to placate the completist in me, but I doubt...
  20. Sean Hardiman

    RHINO to release "exciting" MST3K DVD in 4th Q2003

    For those of us in Canada, like me, whose only exposure to broadcast MST3K was The Mystery Science Theater Hour broadcast at 0200 on Sunday morning, MST3K anything is more than welcome! The shows were never picked up here, and SPACE Channel is either unwilling or unable to obtain the rights to...
  21. Sean Hardiman

    HTF REVIEW: The Simpsons - The Complete Third Season (Highly Recommended!)

    Hi everyone, I know this isn't directly related to the discussion on video quality, but I wanted to extend a big thumbs down to whomever at Fox decided what glue was to be used to secure the little paper backing to the case for Simpsons Season 3. Instead of using the little drabs of glue that...
  22. Sean Hardiman

    BATMAN (1989) & sequels (STREET DATE: Oct. 18, 2005)

    I remember the "Is it halloween" scene (saw the film on opening night), but the other one I don't recall. I seem to recall seeing the Halloween scene in a trailer as well, though I could be mistaken.
  23. Sean Hardiman

    Star Trek Generations SE extra feature

    I wouldn't be at all surprised to see them release SE's of V and VI simultaneously, given the overall lack of enthusiasm over a re-release of V. I'll buy it because I'm a completist, and I might watch it once, but that's probably it. I think because of that, we might see the TNG film SE's...
  24. Sean Hardiman

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! First Official News about Indiana Jones!!!!(tomorrow)

    Anyone else interested in seeing the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles released in a single season DVD box set? I remember watching the show when it first came out and it was pretty good. Maybe this release will result in a DVD set of the show coming out.
  25. Sean Hardiman

    MST3K volumes 1 and 3

    Does anyone know if Rhino has plans to release the existing individual DVD's in a boxed set like they have with the current Volumes 1, 2 and 3? I have all three sets on order (had to send my first version of V1 back to Amazon.Ca because Disc 1 had a big scratch on it and the box was badly...
  26. Sean Hardiman

    Matrix trailer

    That's why I'm waiting for a re-release of the DVD before purchasing it. Given the imminent release of Reloaded and Revolutions, I'd say a super-deluxe trilogy edition along the lines of what we are getting with LOTR is almost a given. Personally, for a film like The Matrix, leaving the trailer...
  27. Sean Hardiman

    Dusting off "Lawrence of Arabia"

    I think I'm going to make a trip to Seattle for this one - I think it would definitely be worth it. Any idea on dates, specific locations and ticket availability?