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  1. gregD

    Cartoons!... auto chapter marking when recording LD > Pio 420?

    Am considering a Pioneer DVR-420 or 520... or a 320 if I think I can get by without a hard drive. Ultimately, it will be (sparingly) used to record TV via regular analog cable (thus replacing the VCR)... and also to record and edit my buddy's home movies. But the first and most important...
  2. gregD

    QuAUDIOPHILIAc / Pioneer 563a

    Just checking... does everyone's copy of Zappa'a QuAUDIOPHILIAc play back properly? Can't get mine to play back from either hi-res layer (DVD-A or 2-ch), though the DTS layer plays back OK... and nothing via the digital out (which I think is as it should be, no PCM option on the disc). I'm...
  3. gregD

    Cat vs Girlfriend

    Upgraditis has struck again... I've been considering adding a cat or a girlfriend, but after spending time with these lingering threads -- OK.......girlfriend thread...... and Embarrassing- cat sprayed my AVR 7200 -- I find myself concerned with compatibility issues. Any experience out there...
  4. gregD

    Pio DV-563A firmware fix

    Here is a forum that is aggressively pursuing the firmware fix to resolve disc compatibilitiy problems with the Pioneer DV-563A universal player: http://www.quadraphonicquad.com/foru...ead.php?t=3020 Even after a month of numerous contacts with Pioneer, there still doesn't seem to be a...
  5. gregD

    Marantz SR7300 owners... bug fixed?

    I'm researching the SR-7300 and/or 7300ose for friends and family... it seems like a solid performer, but a few months back, there were indications on the various forums that there was a recurring minor bug in some of the units... this was in the form of a low-level hiss or whine which was...