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  1. RodneyT

    Kill Bill Soundtrack Questions

    2 questions about the Kill Bill soundtrack. Q1: What is the song playing over the face-off between Uma Thurman and Lucy Lui (just after Lucy takes off her slippers in the garden) where they begin their fight? Q2: What is the song playing over the first bunch of credits on KB2? Who sings...
  2. RodneyT

    Roadshow DVD Going Backwards

    Situation 1: I recently purchased the R4 version of The Boondock Saints, put out by Roadshow here in Australia. The front cover states that the film is 16:9 enhanced, ie, anamorphic. The rear cover says "original aspect ratio 2.35:1, 16:9 enhanced". Yet, upon playing the film, find that the disc...
  3. RodneyT

    THE MISSING - A dark transfer onto DVD?

    I got myself a copy of The Missing last week, and when watching it found everything shown at night or in shadow to be extremely dark. I have checked my settings on my projector, and find them to be spot on. Is the lack of shadow detail anything to do with the film, or the way it's been mastered...
  4. RodneyT

    Different Aspect Ratios on DVD - Wide & Wider?

    I have some questions. Hopefully somebody can answer them for me. The 2.35:1 aspect ratio has become the norm on DVD for the scope films as presented on our favourite format. Yet it occurs to me that even this aspect may not be the true (correct) aspect for the film in question. Most people...