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  1. RichardMA

    Sony 4ES power rating

    So, according to Sound and Vision and Sony, the power rating on this receiver is only something like 120watts, then six channels of around 20 watts each. This is no surprise and I think other mfgs' should come out and admit their receivers only produce a fraction of their so called WPC when...
  2. RichardMA

    Sony quality dropping fast?

    First, I hear about a flaw in their televisions they can't correct because it would mean incorporating technology from a non-Sony company. Then, no appearance of the TA-E10ES that was to replace the old TA-E9000ES. Now, the 4ES receiver seems to be a major cost cutting effort compared to the...
  3. RichardMA

    D-VHS support pretty sad

    WSR's latest issue has them reviewing some kind of pseudo-porno (Playboy? Not sure) D-VHS just to try to make it look like something is being released. This says to me that the format will be more of oddball than laserdisc was. Frankly, I'm content to wait for HD-DVD.
  4. RichardMA

    Warner trying to kill rental DVDs

    All so their pathetic attempt to sell VOD in New York might work. Liebenfarb is a clown. http://www.videobusiness.com/article...=4254&catID=30
  5. RichardMA

    Blockbuster completely shafted us

    From: alt.video.dvd: I wrote Blockbuster recently, complaining about Insomnia being available from Blockbuster only in FS. Here is their response. I guess I will be going to Hollywood Video from now on. ---------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for your...
  6. RichardMA

    Why FS only DVDs make no sense

    I went to the local Blockbuster (previously had issued ONLY FS new Warner Titles) and lo and behold, "Insomnia" was available in WS only! All copies were rented out and there were about 40 more issued as "rain checks." I asked if they had seen anyone complain about the WS only issue. No. Did...
  7. RichardMA

    Warner/Blockbuster market plans DVD

    According to a flunky at my local Blockbuster, movies offered in both PS and FS by Warner, whoever, will only be available at Blockbuster in FS. Why? Because they get alot of complaints from people renting DVDs and finding out they are WS and it's too complicated to have both formats on the...
  8. RichardMA

    DTS-ES Discrete + THX Ultra 2 =?

    Does it take the one discrete rear surround and make it into 2 matrix channels, or are they still considered discrete from the other channels and slightly different in relation to each other?
  9. RichardMA

    What's wrong with surround today?

    I'd like to preface this with the face I do not know anything about Logic 7, either the HK or Lexicon implementation. But I assume they derive matrix channels out of material of 2.0 channels or more and as such, are not the equivalents of true discrete systems like DD 5.1 or DTS 5.1/6.1...
  10. RichardMA

    Large centre channel question

    I'm in the process of constructing my 4th centre channel. I've built all my own speakers since the idea of spending $3000-$5000/pair to get the soundI want commercially was just too much. This one will use twin 10" Kevlar drivers, twin 5" drivers (polypro) and one 1" silk dome tweeter...
  11. RichardMA

    Equalization abilities in receivers

    Is there any other company besides Sony who is providing truly capable equalization controls for all channels? I'd like to try something else, but don't want to loose that facility.
  12. RichardMA

    Quality RCA connections

    Ever notice the quality of RCAs on the backs of various receivers? Some of them suck because they are thin metal shells over plastic which are attached directly to a mother board with tiny soldered flanges. Maybe there is a screw holding the plastic casing to the back case of the unit. Then...
  13. RichardMA

    Denon's upcoming new prepro

    Some info from Denon (AVS Forum). The pre/pro we are working on presently will be higher in price than the 5803, because it will not be a 5803 without amps. We have been asking for such a product you mentioned, however none has come yet. (I asked about a prepro that would cost about...
  14. RichardMA

    Any receivers capable of this?

    Say I wanted to separate amp the channels in my receiver, but I also wanted to use the receiver's own amps as the higher frequency driver amps in a bi-amp situation. Is it possible, using say a splitter on the channel outputs to route the signals to both the outboard amps and the internal...
  15. RichardMA

    "Return of the Living Dead" CHEAP!

    I picked it up in Toronto at Bay St. Video for only $16.99 Can. ($11.00 U.S.). It makes a nice change from those cheezy action films and dramas that seem to sell at closer to $30.00 Can.
  16. RichardMA

    "Beautiful Mind" weak sound

    This disc really has weak sound. Even a cable television signal is stronger. Just to hear it at a decent sound level requires turning my preamp past the normal "THX" volume level where most discs would be producing at least 80db on the voices. I wonder why they recorded it at such a low level?
  17. RichardMA

    Ranking component importance

    Here, IMO, are the rankings of components of modern equipment, in order of importance to obtain excellent sound. Unfortunately, we don't always spend the money on our systems with these factors in their correct order. Please feel free to disagree or not. :) 1. Speakers (incl. sub)and...
  18. RichardMA

    If I don't want DTS, this decoder looks good

  19. RichardMA

    When did Pioneer go "high end?"

    I remember their receivers from years back. They were miserable compared to say, Yamaha. When did they decide to go into home theater at the top receiver level?
  20. RichardMA

    Pro audio amps in home theater/music

    I recently saw a thread dealing with QSC professional amps for use in home theater. I once used (borrowed) a very high power Yamaha pro amp and found it to be as good as Brystons I had tried, either for bass (good punch) or higher frequency reproduction. So why do "audiophiles" in magazines...
  21. RichardMA

    Oh De-n-on.........!

    So Denon; Where IS the AVP-5803 for around $2000 street? I don't want your internal amps, but I do want everything else.
  22. RichardMA

    We NEED tone controls

    The problem with the idea that people don't need tone controls on good equipment is that often the software isn't as good or uniform as it can be. Case in point; "Beautiful Mind" compared to and "John Q." Now, leaving aside the relative merits of the movies, the voice sound track in John Q is...
  23. RichardMA

    Bryston; Video switching hurts audio

    I read the blurb by them on their 1.7 surround preamp and they say they do not include video switching because as the frequency goes higher with video, it degrades the quality of the audio of the preamp. They do have an outboard unit to handle this. I'm wondering if a receiver or preamp with...
  24. RichardMA

    Canadians: Bryston 1.7/Rotel 1066

    Brack's electronics in Toronto on Yonge St in Thornhill has both of these driving the same B&W speaker setup if someone wants to compare the two.
  25. RichardMA

    So is DVD-audio the best?

    From what I've read, SACD falls somewhat behind DVD-audio in terms of ultimate sound quality. Is this actually the case and has there been enough duplicate material to make this determintation?
  26. RichardMA

    Funny Klipsch doesn't sell this by itself

    "ProMedia™ DD 5.1 Multimedia Digital Decoder Preamplifier: All Digital Format Decoding: DTS; Dolby Digital 5.1; Dolby Pro-Logic Digital Decoding 5-Band Digital Equalization Bass management and dynamic compression options Optical/Coaxial Digital S/P-DIF inputs/ 3 Analog Stereo inputs...
  27. RichardMA

    Paramount's failure with original Star Trek

    I really think the distribution (couple eps. per disc) and the pricing seriously stunted the possible sales of the DVD discs of the original series. I know I would have bought the series if it had been available at a more reasonable price, in box sets. As it was, I only have a couple...
  28. RichardMA

    Will you edit your own movies?

    It's pretty clear that a way to copy DVDs is getting very close, and D-VHS seems to be it. Now, this is not to suggest copying movies for illegal distribution, but will any of you feel compelled to "edit" you own movies if given the chance? This topic popped up when Fantom Menace came out...
  29. RichardMA

    Is DTS a "failure?"

    The reason I wonder about this is that there are very few (relative to total numbers, 13,000 or so) DVDs out there with DTS. I would have figured at least 10% of pre-existing DVDs would have to have DTS sound for it to be considered a success. I think the number is closer to 1.5% right now...
  30. RichardMA

    Integra website claim

    "There is not a receiver made that can match this unit's sound quality. If you include the DTR-9.1's broadcast-quality video switching, it outperforms all others hands down. And if you're looking for a home-theater centerpiece that will grow with your needs, there is basically only choice - the...