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  1. Scott Pagac

    DVD players & CD-Rs

    Just curious... What exactly prevents older DVD players from seeing/playing CD-R media? How different is a burned disc when compared to a commercial disc? --Scott
  2. Scott Pagac

    Bad news for Fear Factory fans

    I just went to their web site today to see what was going on. Turns out something big happened on Saturday, March 2nd. From the site... "LATEST NEW UPDATES - March 8 DARK NIGHT OF MY SOUL... Rumours circulating about the demise of Fear Factory over the last few days are true. While we...
  3. Scott Pagac

    Yet another speaker cable question

    I want to rewire all of my speaker cables with a higher guage. The consensus around here is 12 guage is fine for runs over 20 feet. My question is: Will there be any improvement 10 guage instead for everything up to 35 feet or will 12 guage be more than enough? If needed, the speakers in...
  4. Scott Pagac

    Digital cable owners...audio question

    I have a Pioneer digital cable box which offers an optical out for the sudio. Would this provide audio for all programming or will it be used for only a few select channels? I do not have any "premium" channels, but I would like to have the best connection possible between the box and my...
  5. Scott Pagac

    H/K AVR320 and AVR520 update

    If anyone is interested, I just received an email from H/K Customer Support stating the 320 and 520 are shipping to dealers right now. I also asked when the website will be updated with info on the new units. Here is what I received: "The Avr320 and 520 receivers are shipping out to dealers...
  6. Scott Pagac

    Planning for next upgrade (long)...

    Hello to everyone. It has been a long time since I last posted here. I have been busy saving my pennies and waiting for the right time, and I finally have a matched speaker system! To go along with my Phase Tech Poweer 10 subwoofer, I purchased the Phase Tech Teatro 7.5 system (7.5 fronts...
  7. Scott Pagac

    Dipole speaker suggestions (long)

    In October, I will be upgrading my system with an Outlaw Audio 1050 receiver. I am looking into adding a pair of dipole side surrounds to compliment my monopole rear surrounds for 6 channel operation. I have a couple of models I am thinking about and I welcome any advice about whether one may...
  8. Scott Pagac

    Calibration story/question (long)

    I just received the VE disc yesterday (from EzyDVD in Aus). I immediately went to my nearest Rat Shack and purchased the analog SPL meter (after a long discussion with the employees because they did not know what an SPL meter was). When I got back home, I waited until things quieted down (I...