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  1. ManojM

    Marantz DV-9500

    Kevin, Actually the way I read the Secrets site, it did do fairly well. I think the few tests it failed were not as important as the ones it passed. Again, I have only seen one movie on this machine, and I have just hooked it up. I have not even calibrated the display to it. I was just struck...
  2. ManojM

    Marantz DV-9500

    Just hooked up my review sample of the Marantz 9500 day before yesterday. Have only watched "Troy" with it so far, but am really stunned at the quality of the picture set at 720p via the HDMI port. Have not listened to the audio yet.
  3. ManojM

    Review Scores

    Also, to put it into perspective, we don't review every single piece of gear out there- this would be impossible. We are probably guilty of cherry-picking gear that we suspect will be good or perhaps outperform the competition- I know that I certainly push harder to review pieces that I think...
  4. ManojM

    Is the POWERAMP section of the HTPS pointless?!

    Hmmm, let's let the worms stay in the can and change to see if you want to keep it by comparing the two. That said, in my opinion, I do see and hear the difference and it is worthwhile. :)
  5. ManojM

    Is the POWERAMP section of the HTPS pointless?!

    Parasound does not recommend plugging the A51 into any power conditioner. I have mine plugged into the wall. The HTPS 7000 balanced power works best for sources and video monitors. No, you did not pay $1200 for just surge supression, try your processor/monitor/sources with and without the 7000...
  6. ManojM

    Marantz 8400

    I too read The Absolute Sound review on the 8300 where they liked the DVD-A but said the SACD sounded digital. I use the 8300 as my DVD-A/SACD player in a system that has had multiple processors (McIntosh, Krell Showcase, Anthem, Parasound C2), Classe and Parasound A51 amps, and a Krell DVD...
  7. ManojM

    Official DVD ETC. review request thread -- request equipment reviews here!

    It should be coming out in the July issue, I believe. I am surprised you haven't been able to find it, they seem to be at every Borders/Barnes and Noble that I have been to. That is a tough decision between the XQ floorstander and the 201s. Which subwoofer are you planning on if you buy the...
  8. ManojM

    Marantz 8400

    Chroma bug is supposedly still present. I received an email that tells me that DVI out is not active at this time, but I will know more tomorrow about when it will be. I will ask if there is BM for DVD-A. Kevin, Ouch, another "see" joke...:D
  9. ManojM

    Official DVD ETC. review request thread -- request equipment reviews here!

    Rich, I'm actually doing a follow up to the Reference series speaker review I did previously. I too have heard the XQ series and think it is definitely worthy of your consideration. Although we may well review them in the future, I think that you should listen to them for yourself and see if...
  10. ManojM

    Marantz 8400

    The issue of a non-active DVI out has been raised more than once lately, but when I talked to the Marantz folks about the DVI out they never mentioned that it was not active. We actually talked at length about it. I will put in a call and ask them specifically.
  11. ManojM

    Marantz 8400

    Marantz tells me that they just got them in. I expect a review sample within a couple of weeks. Word is they massaged the SACD side a bit more and it does have the DVI output. I just set up the 2900, and it will be interesting to see how the 8400 is...
  12. ManojM

    Official DVD ETC. review request thread -- request equipment reviews here!

    Coming in the next issue... Very good player, excellent in the under $500 price range...
  13. ManojM

    Official DVD ETC. review request thread -- request equipment reviews here!

    Denon DVD-2900 Universal Player is in for review.
  14. ManojM

    Official DVD ETC. review request thread -- request equipment reviews here!

    Plasmas are going to be signficantly featured in the magazine and also in HDTV ETC. Upcoming reviews include Marantz and Fujitsu 50" plasmas.
  15. ManojM

    Is the chroma bug real?

    My fiance who knows little about the technical aspects of DVD players, and cares even less, picked out the chroma bug on her own and asked me what was wrong with the picture. Anytime I have a player that I am testing with the chroma bug, she pretty much notices it. The last occasion happened...
  16. ManojM

    The State Of Multi-Channel Audio Column

    Best Buy has a separate SACD section. It is annoying, though, that some of the new SACDs such as the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd discs were placed in the normal CD racks, but not in the SACD rack. Furthermore, the Rolling Stones discs aren't even marked as to which is SACD. BB also has a...
  17. ManojM

    New Integra separates arrives...

    These are the Integra separates, not the Integra Research separates. The RDC-7 and RDA-7 continue as the upper end line. I believe that each piece is supposed to be in the $2-2.5 range.
  18. ManojM

    Warner DVDA Chief Admits Past Mistakes

    A couple of thoughts: I personally think that DVD-A and SACD can co-exist like DD and DTS. These are formats that are easily decoded, the big problem is that each player then has to pay two licensing fees. Still, I think that is the direction that we are headed in, alleviating the format war...
  19. ManojM


  20. ManojM

    Kef or NHT

    I do not find the Q7s to be boomy. My brother has them powered with a Marantz 9200.
  21. ManojM

    Comparison Review of DVD/VCR combos

    Although DVD/VCR combos can be very useful machines, in my opinion DVD recorders with their rapidly dropping prices promise to be much more useful overall. VCRs have been long overdue for replacement by a digital device, and the rapidly falling sales of VCRs is testament to decreased interest in...
  22. ManojM

    April Issue

    So, what did you think?
  23. ManojM

    Hdtv Etc.?

    The first issue is about to come out next month.
  24. ManojM

    Review of the new Anthem Statement D1 and P5?

    Steve, We have been told by Anthem that we will be getting a Statement D1 (and possibly a P5) when it becomes available. The availability date has not yet been confirmed, and that will determine when a review will become available. We have the AVM-20 Version 2.0 (which is an excellent piece)...
  25. ManojM

    Article About Cables

    Arthur, What I have tried of BetterCables.com has been quite good and I recommend them. The component cables are reviewed in the next issue, and I use them myself. Ronn, I appreciate your sentiment, but allow me to disagree with you. If a cable sounds good in a system and I can describe to...
  26. ManojM

    Official DVD ETC. review request thread -- request equipment reviews here!

    The official name at this time for the big brother to the Anthem AVM-20 is the Statment D1, and we are planning to review it.
  27. ManojM

    KEF vs. B&W

    The Qs are made in China, but the XQs and Reference line are still made in England. At CES, they had the XQs cabinets painted in different colors. You see the silver at the link above, but they also had yellow and red (automotive colors) which looked really interesting and attractive. It is a...
  28. ManojM

    Official DVD ETC. review request thread -- request equipment reviews here!

    Jeff, As I told Clint a couple of months ago you can make your own with 6 cables and some duct tape. You know, the stuff you have around because the Dept. of Homeland Security told you it was necessary...:D
  29. ManojM

    Official DVD ETC. review request thread -- request equipment reviews here!

    We have reviewed several SACD/DVD players. It certainly is possible to get good quality sound in these players. What you want depends on your price range. Certainly the Philips 962 had good quality sound in the $500 range, and although I have not recieved the 963 yet, Philips has told me that...
  30. ManojM

    Official DVD ETC. review request thread -- request equipment reviews here!

    Malcolm, We have tested many DCDi equipped players such as the Denon 1600, the Philips 962 and 985, the Kenwood 5700, the Krell DVD Standard, the Hitachi unit, the Sharp HTIB, the Yamaha carousel, and various others. They offer some of the best de-interlacing performance out there, and they...