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  1. MarcVH

    AR directional cables -- where's the arrow supposed to point?

    Just bought a set of Acoustic Research Pro II RCA interconnects to hook up a new external amp to my receiver. I'm normally not into cables but I figure this is a place where it makes sense to spend a bit more than Radio Shack grade. Anyway, the cables are directional. There's an arrow on the...
  2. MarcVH

    Using Avia to adjust tilt?

    Hi, I'm using the Avia test disc to calibrate a Toshiba 32AF41, but I'm unsure how to set the tilt. I've been using the Circle Hatch test patterns to try to line it up so that the horizontals are horizontal and the slight vertical distortion near the edges is symmetrical; this ends up giving...
  3. MarcVH

    Philips' integrated decoder chip

    http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1006-200...html?tag=mn_hd The most interesting quote from the article:
  4. MarcVH

    Dialog normalization on Denon 3802

    The manual for the 3802 indicates that dialog normalization happens automatically for all Dolby Digital sources, and that the level in use can be verified on the front panel via the "Status" button (which would make this yet another entry on the list of "things you can do via the front panel but...
  5. MarcVH

    Canadian purchase of Paradigm

    I just purchased some Paradigm speakers in Vancouver, as you are proposing. The Canadian national tax (GST) is refundable, but the BC provincial tax (PST, 7%) is not unless they are shipped directly out of the province. There shouldn't be any duty since the speakers are Canadian products, and...