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  1. KyleGS

    Dual DVC's

    Dunno what to ask but I need it out of my yard. Dual DVC (dayton 12's). Double baffle mdf extensive bracing 3 - 3in flares tuning can be 18, 25, 16hz (plugs included) 5.1cf total internal volume light amount of egg shell PASSIVE with dual input cup Sounds amazing with all...
  2. KyleGS

    What do you guys do with all your old DIY projects?

    My DIY projects are starting to pile up! I always want to upgrade and it leaves tons of projects to get rid of. The problem is: my spks are probably better than most 500-1000 store brand floostanders and my sub is definately worth MUCH more than anyone (lay person) would know. I've already...
  3. KyleGS

    Cab design for (4) Dayton DVC subs

    I'm going to run (4) of the 12in DVC's sealed with a final Q of 0.7. I'd like a little feedback for a cabinet. I don't want the 4 subs run up the front of the box. (too tall) I don't want them side by side... (too wide) I don't really want two seperate boxes. I've tried to offset...
  4. KyleGS

    Better integration: sealed or ported DIY mains with sealed sub

    I'll be building the KIT61 soon with the Extremis. I'm really partial to sealed designs. I'll be running (4) sealed Dayton DVC's. Can anyone comment on the integration of sealed vs. ported mains with a sealed sub. It seems like I read somewhere that ported mains blend better with sealed...
  5. KyleGS

    4in TB fullrangers (tiny) project

    I'm interested in a pair of TINY TB fullrangers for my bedroom. I've noticed that the 4in models have more cone AND a good bit more excursion. It seems to me they would be far superior to the 3in models on the bottom end. My question is this: How do I determine which of the three 4in TB...
  6. KyleGS

    Off axis response

    I have a few questions about off axis repsonse that maybe you guys can help me with. I'm about to build some DIY bookshleves. What exactly dictates how well a tweeter or high freq driver will perform off-axis? Due to my set-up in my living room I really need alot of dispersion. How...
  7. KyleGS

    Going back to sealed from ported (Tempest) couple questions

    I've tried everything on my ported box (200L @19hz) to make it sound better. I can't tune it any lower, I've EQ'd it, I've run a FR, I've played with the phase, etc. I loved my .7Q sealed box so I guess I'll go back. BUT... the reason for trying out a ported box was that I wanted more output...
  8. KyleGS

    Disappointed- went from sealed to ported (Tempest)

    Hey guys- I went from 122L sealed to 200L (19hz) ported with my Tempest. I'm running a PE250 (no boost). I heavily braced the new box and used a 6in straight pipe (sched. 40 PVC). I also used about 3 lbs of stuffing. I listen to alot of music and maybe this wasn't the best idea. The sub...
  9. KyleGS

    Dual Dayton DVC project complete (with pics)

    Hey guys. Finally finished up my newest sub project. Here's a "quick" run-down of the specs. *Dual Dayton DVC 12in drivers *Bass Reflex (ported) with (3) 3" Precision Products flared ports w/ plugs *5cf net tuned to 25, 20, and 15hz depending on plug configuration *Bracing done with...
  10. KyleGS

    Gimme your vote -- choose my legs

    I'm working on a dual dual DVC set-up and I'd like a little input on my legs. I can't really decide on which looks better---- I'd really appreciate some input. Here's the very detailed, high tech. autoCAD drawings: Cabinet A & B Cabinet C & D Which ya like best? Thanks!
  11. KyleGS

    Dual DVC project underway

    Here's a little project I started yesterday. Thought you guys may like a gander. It's going to house dual DVC 12's. Three 3in ports tuned to ~ 25 and 20hz blocking one port. Its a passive design and is 5 cf net.
  12. KyleGS

    Anyone tuned a DIY sub in the 24-25hz range?

    The majority of the DIY subs I've seen or read about on this forum have tuned to b/w 15hz and 20hz (shiva, tempest, PE drivers, etc). A lot of people try to build the subs to match or better the performance of some of the great subs currently offered by the VERY popular SVS and HSU. But...
  13. KyleGS

    Tuning points and vent speed

    I'm putting together a little Tempest project that will allow multiple tunning points. I plan on tuning with three 3in flared ports. With three open the tuning will be ~24.5hz , two open = 20hz, one open =16.4hz. Initially I though I would never use the 16hz tuning just due to lack of port...
  14. KyleGS

    MDF to Baltic Birch-- different blade for cutting?

    Hey- I'm going to "make-over" my ported HE12.1's. I've upgraded/tweaked the x-over to my liking. Now I have to make these huge black boxes look better. #1---I'm going to go with 3/4" Baltic Birch. I have a heavy duty Makita circ saw with a sawboard . I want to know what kind of blade and...
  15. KyleGS

    Anyone modeled the JBL SUB1500 for DIY?

    I'm having a hard time finding a good design for the JBL SUB1500 at partsexpress. All I see is 3-5cf sealed for a smooth curve with good extension. Anyone else modeled this up or tried out a DIY design with this sub?
  16. KyleGS

    ART 351 (EQ) increase signal level?

    Will the ART 351 increase the signal level to an amplifier? I'm using it for a DIY sub and running it directly to an outboard amp. Will it provide a "hotter" signal to the amp?
  17. KyleGS

    Ripping mdf with circ. saw- WHICH FENCE GUIDE?

    I've recently acquired a nice new Makita circular saw and want to use it to cut my panels for my cabinets. I have seen the following three "fence guide systems." Rocker SAW GUIDE MLCS Boomer + SAW plate Penn STATE IND> - Panel Saw System Anyone used these? Any comments on which...
  18. KyleGS

    Crossover modifications

    I've noticed that many people sometimes upgrade or mod their OEM crossovers with higher end x-over parts. What is the main goal of this? Is it safe to say that if you replace parts with similar values that you can tweak the sound without dramatically affecting the x-over design? I'm...
  19. KyleGS

    H/K Bass management questions

    I recently acquired the AVR 510. I'm somewhat confused on the bass management of this unit. The manual isn't as clear as I would like it. You have the option of running the mains as lg or small (obviously). From here it lets you choose subwoofer x-over freq. based on the lg/small setting for...
  20. KyleGS

    2 CH. Amplifier... #1 ch> Center channel...#2 ch> passive sub

    Hey guys- Here's my set-up: JBL Studio's H/K 510 H/K power amp (100wpc) Yamaha M-70 power amp (200wpc) I will be amping the fronts via the H/K amp. I would like to also amp the center and my passive Tempest. 1) Can I send one channel of the Yammie to the ctr. channel and the othter to...
  21. KyleGS

    Adire HE12.1's finished (floorstanders)

    Finally finished my ported HE12.1's for those interested. I have ~ 70h of break-in and they continue to sound better. I'll wait a few more weeks to give a more detailed review of critical listening sessions. The bass gets smoother and deeper everyday so I think a few more weeks should do the...
  22. KyleGS

    Ported HE12.1 floorstander

    Has anyone tryed out this design? Comment on the sound? I'm thinking of giving it a try soon. The cabinets seem huge but I would love the high efficiency of the comp horn AND ported mid/woofer. I'll be running it with ~200wpc of SS A/B power for a stereo only app. Also....does anyone have...
  23. KyleGS

    Direct connection from CD/Source to discreet amplifier

    I just picked up a Yamaha M-70 amplifier rated @ 200wpc ('82 model). It has two large volume or "gain" knobs on the front for each channel. I recently ran the DVD player directed to it to play a PCM concert DVD (fleet. mac) and to listen to CD's. It really made a dramatic difference. I just set...
  24. KyleGS

    DIY mains (or retail) for 50' x 25' room-- game room

    I'm building or buying a set of mains for my guest house -game room that is very large. Its about 50 x 25ft with tall vaulted ceilings. I need a set of mains to run with a H/K amp @~ 70wpc. I would like dynamic speakers that can really get loud in that game room. **Unfortunately** I have...
  25. KyleGS

    HE 12.1's-- will they have the typical "horn (Klipsch) sound"

    I'm interested in purchasing these for a game room. Will they have the same "personality" of a horn? I really don't know a whole lot about horns or compression tweeters. Are they one in the same or related at all? Do the Klipsch's use compression tweeters like the HE12.1? I want the...
  26. KyleGS

    The more the better?! I hope so... (bass shakers)

    I recently purchased a pair of Bass shakers from PE. One was defective so I installed one under the seat of my couch. I've got an eq on it to knock out the 40-50hz peak and extend the 20-30hz range. I'm powering it with an H/K amplifier. The little thing is annoying. Its a small vibration that...
  27. KyleGS

    EQ sub with mains on/off? (DIY Tempest)

    I finished up my newest 100L sealed Tempest design. I also picked up a used ART 351 for practically nothing on eBAY. I've been EQ'ing all morning and got my freq response +- 5 db from 18-100hz. The graph looks great. I knocked out two huge room gains and bumped the low, low end up 1-2db. I then...
  28. KyleGS

    Variable tuning (port plug) for a Tempest

    I'm interested in a Tempest design that will allow me to plug a port for low HT bass (20hz) then take out the plug for a high-out application (24hz). Here's what I have come up with... The box will be 194L net with three 4" PVC tubes- all at a length of 21.7". If all three are open- the tuning...
  29. KyleGS

    Frustrated at bass response-- EQ? Room? Need suggestions

    Here's my problem. Here's my room layout. I'm running a 122L sealed Tempest with a PE250. I have a huge "suckout" in the center of the room at my listening spot. 1)I've tried moving the sub to the two corners adjacent to the entertainment system. 2)I've tried the sub right next to the...
  30. KyleGS

    Unique paint finishes

    I recently finished another sealed Tempest design and want to gather a few suggestions on how to finish it. I would like something black and unobtrusive- something that doesn't really scream out at you but looks classy. I really don't have the time for piano or laquer black and it is a little...