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  1. ElevSkyMovie

    Rush: "Snakes and Arrows" discussion

    The new Rush album, "Snakes and Arrows" is out May 1. The first single can be heard at www.rush.com. I like the new song, it sounds like something from Geddy's solo album, "My Favorite Headache".
  2. ElevSkyMovie

    New Porcupine Tree album discussion

    From www.porcupinetree.com. Looks like the new porcupine tree will hit in April. I like the last line. Cd and dvd-audio in the same package. Awesome.
  3. ElevSkyMovie

    New Christmas album from the best band you've never heard

    Please check out the new Christmas album from my favorite band, Over the Rhine. Check out the mp3 samples here.
  4. ElevSkyMovie

    yourmusic.com price increase

    Just received this: Not sure if I'll stay in or not. It's probably cheaper (but much more of a hassle) to join bmg and do the buy one get x number at they're "great low price".
  5. ElevSkyMovie

    Mellencamp Remasters

    I was curious if anyone else was picking up any of the Mellencamp remasters. I've picked up "Uh-huh" through "Big Daddy" the past 4 months from yourmusic.com. I think "Scarecrow" benefits most from the remaster, but they all sound really good to me. Great low end, and they don't seem over...
  6. ElevSkyMovie

    Remastered Mellencamp

    Some how I didn't know Mercury remastered and rereleased Mellencamp's catalog. Anyone picked any of these up? Opinions? Scarecrow would be my main interest, as it sounds very thin.
  7. ElevSkyMovie

    dvd-audio question

    I remember reading about the specs for dvd-audio. If I remember correctly, it can have separate high-res stereo and 5.1 tracks. I also remember reading that it can downmix the 5.1 to stereo, eliminating the need for a separate stereo track. I would rather have the original stereo track in...
  8. ElevSkyMovie

    PBS Soundstage

    Just a FYI: John Mayer and The Wallflowers are currently being shown on Soundstage, in High Def and 5.1. Hopefully these shows will be out on DVD at some point as well. http://www.pbs.org/wttw/soundstage/airdate.htm
  9. ElevSkyMovie

    Anyone have the Queensrÿche Revolution Calling Box Set?

    I'm interested in opinions of the Revolution Calling Box Set by Queensrÿche. Anyone have it?
  10. ElevSkyMovie

    New Wallflowers album 5/24

    A new Wallflowers album came out yesterday on cd an dual disc. Anyone know if the dual disc has high rez tracks (dvd-audio) on the dvd side?
  11. ElevSkyMovie

    New Allison Krauss and Union Station 2004 (merged)

    No release date is set on the website link, but they have clips and album art on rounder.com. I hope it's as good as "New Favorite".
  12. ElevSkyMovie

    John Mayer - Heavier Things

    Can anyone get this disc to play on a computer without distortion? I just got it an it sounds like crap on my laptop, overloading everything. Obviously not the best sound system, but man, why do they have to compress the snot out of it? I'll try this weekend on the home stereo. It's not a very...
  13. ElevSkyMovie

    Buying dvd's from other regions

    I've noticed in several threads that people are buying discs from koreandvd.com and other places, mostly because the discs have a dts track. All their discs are R3, I assume. Does that mean everyone here has bought a separate dvd player that is set to R3 to play these discs? If not, how are...
  14. ElevSkyMovie

    CD copy protection

    Interesting article found here.
  15. ElevSkyMovie

    Rodney Crowell's "Fate's Right Hand"

    Saw the video for "Earthbound" on CMT. Song has quite a hook. Anyone have the cd? I'm looking for :emoji_thumbsup: or :thumbsdown:. thanks.
  16. ElevSkyMovie

    dvd-a stereo tracks

    If a dvd-audio disc has a stereo track in the video section (video_ts folder), can it be any resolution or is it usually 24/96? This is a separate stereo track than the one in the audio_ts folder, correct? thanks.
  17. ElevSkyMovie

    Software dvd-audio player

    Can anyone recommend good and reasonably priced dvd-audio player software for a pc? I realize you need a 24 bit soundcard, which I'll have to get as well.
  18. ElevSkyMovie

    Great Pumpkin 10/28 on ABC

    This will probably sound stupid, but I have to rant somewhere. Sat down last night to watch this with my 2 boys. Transfer was pretty old, not nearly as good as the dvd, but we watched anyway. So the Halloween party scene comes up, Lucy bobs for an apple, kisses Snoopy and then wham, Snoopy...
  19. ElevSkyMovie

    Why so long between tracks in dvd-audio?

    Is it my player, or my disc? I only have 1 disc but it takes about 3 seconds to go from the end of one track to starting the next one. If a track is suppose to play into the next one, it really sucks. Is my Toshiba SD4700 the problem? Does SACD do this as well?
  20. ElevSkyMovie

    Tom and Jerry

    I was watching Cartoon Network Wednesday at 6pm central and Tom and Jerry came on. The first cartoon on was an old one where the maid gets a mechanical cat to replace Tom. The voice of the maid was different. Someone dubbed in a new ladies voice. Has anyone else noticed this? Will the PC...
  21. ElevSkyMovie

    dvd-audio setup question

    I bought the toshiba SD4700 dvd-audio player about a year ago. I haven't found many titles I have wanted to get and I don't have a receiver with 5.1 analog inputs yet, so I listen to high rez stereo tracks. The 4700 has 5.1 analog outs and a separate pair of L/R analog outputs. My question is...