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  1. Jason_H

    WTB: Older video games

    I am very interested in playing games on older systems, and I am looking for more to add to my collection. I usually prefer that games are in good shape with a box and instruction manual if possible. Anyway, I have the following older systems: Gameboy/Gameboy Color Nintendo Super Nintendo...
  2. Jason_H

    Any lawyers in the house? Credit card abuse by a retailer.

    So here's the situation. If you take a peak over in the "Coupons and Bargains" forum you will see a thread about buying Xbox Platinum Hits titles on sale for $5 at Bestbuy.com these games are usually priced around $20. This deal appeared on Sunday night, and was all over the web. Many speculated...
  3. Jason_H

    What happened to the slew of R.E.M. DVD-As that were announced?

    A whole bunch of albums from R.E.M. were announced a few months ago for release in DVD-A by Warner Bros on 9/23. The list included Out of Time, Monster, Up, New Adventures in Hi-Fi, and Green. Since that point, they have dropped off the face of the earth, I have no idea when they will be...
  4. Jason_H

    Happiness is... The Polyphonic Spree!

    Is anybody else into these guys (and girls!) at all? I had heard a few of their songs and thought they were pretty good, but yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing them live up close at the Austin City Limits festival in (duh) Austin, TX. For those of you who aren't familiar with them, the...
  5. Jason_H

    Anybody given the Chicago (film soundtrack) SACD a try?

    I'm curious if there are any opinions out there about this release! Bummer it isn't a hybrid, but multichannel should still be pretty cool.
  6. Jason_H

    Burned by a bootlegger on Ebay - GBA game!

    Well, I have had great luck over the years buying things from Ebay, and have bought plenty of games. I am pissed off though because of this transaction: Ebay Auction - Harmony of Dissonance I bought what I thought was a near-mint used copy of Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonace for GBA...
  7. Jason_H

    FS: 6 Playboy DVDS, 1 Adult DVD

    Buyer pays for the shipping of their choice, we can negotiate the rate based on how many DVDs you buy and where I am shipping to. ALL DVDs ARE ORIGINAL, COME WITH THEIR ORIGINAL CASES. Some light surface scuffing and light scratches on discs (NOTHING THAT AFFECTS PLAYBACK), packages are...
  8. Jason_H


    I'm normally pretty understanding of the "different strokes for different folks" kind of thinking when it comes to ways to spend your spare time and money, but this one just blows my mind: http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/ptech/0...ill/index.html
  9. Jason_H

    Anyone else excited about the Gameboy Player peripheral coming out this week?

    I guess I'm really looking forward to playing my Castlevania titles and Metroid Fusion on the big screen. Too bad they didn't bother to sell the different colors for the various colors of Gamecube, but this is a very minor quibble.
  10. Jason_H

    Opinions of the Sega Saturn (and its library)

    I've always been pretty heavily into retro-gaming over the years (the lovely systems I grew up with like C64, Intellivision, NES, SNES) through the systems I still have and emulators, and just recently I've gone pretty nuts snapping up old games and collecting. It's amazing how timeless some of...
  11. Jason_H

    AMAZING Honda Ad

    Do yourself a favor, check out this ad: Honda "Cog" ad The story behind it is here: Lights! Camera! Retake! It took 606 takes!
  12. Jason_H

    Which shelf stereo system to buy for my girlfriend?

    I did a search, but didn't come up with much, and I couldn't figure out which area to post this in, so I will try here! This is an odd question coming from a man who has invested so much in a home theater system, but what is a good all-in-one shelf stereo system for my girlfriend? Her old one...
  13. Jason_H

    The Stone Roses remastered (finally!)

    Any Roses fans here? I know personally that discovering their self-titled album a few years back was like stumbling upon a wonderful secret. I have listened to it countless times since then. I just got my copy of The Very Best of the Stone Roses (out in the UK only so far) in the mail today...
  14. Jason_H

    Thinking of buying a Honda S2000

    ...and was curious if there are any S2K owners here on the HTF and what you think of it? I am growing fonder of this car the more research I do into it! Any feedback appreciated, positive or negative...
  15. Jason_H

    Stones' SACDs in the mass media

    Found this on CNN.com today, looks like the Rolling Stones' SACD releases are finally getting more exposure. Some interesting tidbits in the article as well: http://www.cnn.com/2002/SHOWBIZ/Musi...eut/index.html
  16. Jason_H

    FS: X-Files Seasons, PC games

    I have a few things up for sale (or possibly trade): DVDs (all watched once, in perfect condition): X-Files Season 1 DVD Set (US Version) - $65 shipped X-Files Season 2 DVD Set (US Version) - $65 shipped X-Files Season 3 DVD Set (US Version) - $65 shipped PC Games (all include all...
  17. Jason_H

    Can D-VHS record ANY HD content you want?

    This might be a pretty basic question, but I understand that D-VHS can record HD content. Is one able to record HD movies off of the HD versions of HBO and Showtime, or just certain HD content from the networks? Is there some kind of flag in the HD broadcast that can stop you from recording it?
  18. Jason_H

    The Royal Tenenbaums: How bad is the EE? (LARGE IMAGES)

    The title pretty much says it all. I have heard some reports that there is a substantial amount of edge enhancement on this title, and I'm curious now that some members have the disc in their hands just how bad it is. This is probably my most anticipated title of the year, and I would hate to...
  19. Jason_H

    I'm going to Oz! Now help me figure out what to do...

    Hey gang, At the tender age of 24, I'm finally set to make a trek outside of the ole USA and I'm heading to Australia on business for a month. I will be staying in the heart of Sydney, and I should have plenty of downtime in the evenings and weekends to see what there is to see. All of that...
  20. Jason_H

    Forrest Gump on HBO

    I just got my HDTV decoder from Time Warner Cable here in Houston a few days ago...I LOVE it. I used to get OTA HD when I used Dish Network, but it was patchy in my old apartment, and I could never get HBO or Showtime in HD (I had a building where the second dish should have pointed). Anyway...
  21. Jason_H

    FS: X-Files seasons 1, 2, and 3

    I have the X-Files DVD box sets for seasons 1, 2, and 3 for sale. They are all the official, region 1 US releases...in near mint condition. I will let them go for $75 each, which includes shipping in the US.
  22. Jason_H

    What is a GOOD video capture card?

    I have a vision...I want to digitize in my VHS tapes and laserdiscs, and maybe other formats...edit them digitally, and output them on DVD-R. Now the first step in this chain...VIDEO CAPTURE. I want a high quality video capture card, and yes, I'm willing to pay the price. I know that a lot...
  23. Jason_H

    My woofer is...dented???

    A bit of an odd problem. So I have a pair of JBL S312's as my front speakers. I have noticed that somehow I have a small dent on the middle "dome" part of the woofer. Is there an easy way of getting this out and back to a nice round dome shape without taking my speaker apart?
  24. Jason_H

    Accessing 56H80's internal test patterns

    Hey, I feel dumb. I have a Toshiba 56H80 RPTV. I have looked through a lot of walkthroughs for adjusting the geometry of Toshiba TVs. The ones I have seen say that once you get into service mode, to use the "TV/Video" button on your remote to cycle through the internal test patterns. Maybe...
  25. Jason_H

    Dungeon Siege

    Anybody out there given Dungeon Siege a try yet? I keep hearing really great things about it, but I'm always wary as to how much of that is just hype. I'm curious to hear a few HTF'ers opinions on it.
  26. Jason_H

    Doing 64-pt convergence without resetting 9-pt settings?

    I have a Toshiba 56H80, which is their 2001 model. As you probably know, the Design mode is inaccessible on these models. All of the directions on the Keohi HDTV site mention going into Design mode to reset the 9-pt convergence settings before doing a full 64-pt service convergence. Is there...
  27. Jason_H

    How hardwood floors affect sound

    I just moved from a small carpeted apartment into a townhouse with hardwood floors. I get to play all media with higher volume, which is a great plus, but I have noticed that I seem to be getting a bit too much echo in my new room. I feel like I am losing too much fine detail due to the...
  28. Jason_H

    Where to find a cheap A/V rack? They are all SO expensive!

    I'm trying to find a rack for all of my various gear, instead of stacking them on top of my Toshiba 56H80 like I do now. Problem is, whenever I see places selling racks, they hold like 3-4 components tops, and cost ridiculous amounts...$500-600! C'mon! Why are they so expensive? They are...
  29. Jason_H

    Top 10 Albums of the 2000's thus far

    I had a lot of fun reading the Top 10 albums of the 90's thread...so here is something a little bit different. How about your top ten albums from the decade in progress...January 2000 up to the present day? I'll start it off of course: Pulp - "We Love Life"Super Furry Animals - "Rings Around...
  30. Jason_H

    What ever happened to...Hard Day's Night?

    The DVD re-release was due in March, with an all new transfer, then it just disappeared off the map and was never released. I never heard a reason why. After seeing the restored print in the theatrical re-release at the beginning of the year, I was so excited about it coming back to DVD with...