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  1. john mcfadden

    Your DVD is ready now !

    Stores May Get An Unlimited Selection Of DVDs Store customers will soon be able to have the same wide choice of DVDs that they have online as a result of technology announced Monday by Sonic Solutions and Macrovision. The two companies said that they would be able to provide retail stores...
  2. john mcfadden

    Sirius Needs A Beatles Station !!!

    All Beatles all the time.... solo works, rareities, remixes and so on ! Anybody with me ?....If Elvis can have his own station why not The Fab Four ?
  3. john mcfadden

    Looking for Galaxy Quest DTS dvd

    Will trade anything for this disc !!! please post your "wants" for it if you have it ! I'll be more than happy to purchase any wants to trade this disc . ( The dvd must have the DTS logo in the top of the box art ) Thanks ! [email protected]
  4. john mcfadden

    Best DTS tracks on DVD

    Just got a DTS receiever and i want to know just what is the best soundtracks out there to break it in ...thanks !
  5. john mcfadden

    Evil dead 1 and 2 at a drive in on October 21st & 22nd !!

    If you are a fan of the Evil Dead films , The drive in theater i work at is showing The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 :dead by Dawn ( BOTH as a DOUBLE FEATURE !!!On both nights !!!) On October 21st & 22nd as part of our annual Halloween Horror Fest !!!! We are located in Felton , Delaware that's...
  6. john mcfadden

    Evil dead 1 and 2 playing for halloween at a drive in in delaware !!!

    I work at a local drive in theater in Felton Delaware and just in case there are any fans out there , we have the original 35mm prints of The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2-Dead by dawn for an all night dusk to dawn for Halloween weekend. A total of 5 movies for $7.00 for adults children under 12...
  7. john mcfadden

    What if a cancelled series continued on in exclusive DVD season sets ?

    Would'nt it be interesting if studios would continue a cancelled series in new season box sets ? Knowing that a series had a real fan base ( Like Firefly or Dead like me ) and if the $ales were there, to continue the series in direct to dvd sets ? I thought of this because of all the...
  8. john mcfadden

    If studios released TV shows in their full seasons for download .....

    Would'nt it be great if the powers that be set it up for you to download entire seasons (legally) of the shows you want no matter how obscure , forgotten , whatever... For a fee (depending on the show) and thus enabled you to burn them to DVD-r's ? after you have purchased them ? I've read so...
  9. john mcfadden

    What is the one title you would sell your whole collection to be released

    I read all the time about how frustration sets in ...with how you think that " " will never be released...here's the ultimate sacrifice to cover any copyrights and music rights or what ever $$ issues held up YOUR holy grail
  10. john mcfadden

    Miramax SE any titles on your wish list ?

    For me it's Muriel's Wedding and Beautiful Girls .....I hope that Miramax does'nt just stop at Copland , Trainspotting , and Fliring with disaster. The Copland disc was incredible :D :emoji_thumbsup: