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  1. Steve_Tk

    *** Official AVATAR Discussion Thread

    http://www.showbiz411.com/2012/06/26/james-cameron-will-film-three-avatar-sequels-at-the-same-time I'll go on the record of saying this is BS. Three films in a row, this fall? Nope, BS, has to be. But thought I'd show the link regardless.
  2. Steve_Tk

    iPhone 5

    Too early to start this? My two year plan is eligible for upgrade next month. I have the 4 so obviously I'm going to wait for the 5. I'm on the two year cycle where I miss the S versions and get the new ones. For me, I'm expecting a breakthrough device from the 5, similiar to what the 4 did to...
  3. Steve_Tk

    Al Gore slips... New iPhones -- yes plural coming out in October. Will you spend the night in line?

    Some people are really going nuts over the plural. To me, this could mean something as simple as a black and white one. I did read an article yesterday that said something about October 4th though and the keynote.
  4. Steve_Tk

    2010 College Football Thread

    I figured it was time to get this started. Any games worth mentioning this weekend or is all the top 25 playing gimmie games?
  5. Steve_Tk

    The Masters 2010

    I didn't get tickets this year, so sitting in the office. Live coverage on my Iphone or online starts at 10 AM though! Anyone see that Tiger Woods Nike commercial?
  6. Steve_Tk

    Final Fantasy XIII

    I haven't loved a FF game sinse FF7. Anyone know anything about this one?
  7. Steve_Tk


    How much does everyone have? I might get 1-3 inches on Friday, I better go buy some milk and bread!
  8. Steve_Tk

    Why is my freezer not defrosting?

    Can't figure this one out. My freezer (attached to my refrigerator in my kitchen) gets a lot of ice build up only in one spot. It's at the bottom of the ice maker where the ice pours out, and the top of the tunnel in the door (where the ice flows through into your cup). Ice only builds up in...
  9. Steve_Tk

    Metroid Trilogy

    8/24/09 You can get Prime, Prime 2 and Prime 3 for $50 for the Wii. They have updated Prime and 2 so that you can use the wiimote and nunchuck, they also optimized them to 16X9 tvs. I've only played Prime, and that was years ago in college, but was one of the best games i had played at that...
  10. Steve_Tk

    2008 NCAA College Football Thread

    It's that time of year. Being a Georgia Bulldog graduate, and fan, I'm pretty happy so far. (searched for this thread, couldn't find it so started one)
  11. Steve_Tk

    Disturbing recent trends + Reaction videos that follow on Youtube

    Not going to go into any details, or provide a link. But I heard about one recently at work, everyone told me to go home and watch it. I did. Pretty gross stuff, but apparently there are a lot of these videos. Also, there are thousands of reaction videos on Youtube, some of which are hilarious...
  12. Steve_Tk

    Re: *** Official THE INCREDIBLE HULK Review Thread

    Really enjoyed it! Not as good as Ironman, but i was pleasantly surprised. Sometimes it felt as if the pacing was a bit off, but still was a lot of fun. Very excited for the IM2 and Avengers movies to come now. By the way, don't take your 5-6 years old to see this. It's pretty violent at...
  13. Steve_Tk

    Trouble with some spyware

    A while back I reformatted my entire hard drive, but forgot to load my firewall on my computer. So I was only using windows firewall, guess that was my first mistake. My girlfriend went to some site to look up lyrics to a song and all hell broke lose. Something changed my home page, I had...
  14. Steve_Tk

    Laptop keyboard problems

    My laptop keyboard is having issues. When I hit the J key instead of a J a 1 comes up. Several other keys are having same issues with numbers. Been unable to find anything in the windows help and restarting has not helped. Any ideas?
  15. Steve_Tk

    *** Official LADDER 49 Discussion Thread

    Ahh, neat. I was thinking it was going to be the open with fire battle, show some comedic character intros, introduce the love of the story, show bonding between males, kill off a fireman with sad music, then have big fire where they are all heroes.
  16. Steve_Tk

    Sony 40" HDTV, 3 year warranty remaining

    I'm going to moving probably 3-4 times in the next few years and I just can't move it that many times. I'm willing to sell it and the Boltz stand that I have with it for around $2000. It's originally a $3000 dollar tv with the $500 dollar tv stand. Bought it 2 years ago with a 5 year service...
  17. Steve_Tk

    Gas, and fuel-efficient cars, is this true?

    My friend's mother works for the department of energy. She was saying that they could develop a sport utility that gets around 50 MPG without sacrificing overall performance. She also said they would not do that though because it would make every single car out there obsolete and would ruin the...
  18. Steve_Tk

    My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance (renamed)

    I know you people watched this. I'll go ahead and make the post. I for one couldn't stop laughing and it's only going to get worse. I can just picture how uncomfortable she must be with that guy. He reminds me of Shrek.
  19. Steve_Tk

    What movie is this music from? or trailer?

    http://moorgard.youaremyfriend.com/ It's really short and you should know from the first 5 seconds. I think it's flash software.
  20. Steve_Tk

    Friends of the opposite sex when in a relationship-The Rules

    What are the rules in being in a relationship and making new friends of the opposite sex? For me, if I do anything socially my girlfriend is there. Only time she doesn't go is when I go hang out with just 'the guys' and we just sit around, watch sports and drink too much. My girlfriend and I go...
  21. Steve_Tk

    "They just don't make good movies anymore"

    I've been hearing this all the time over the last few years. From family, to people that see the Hellboy preview and that is what they say. Some people have said movies suck now, that they have stopped making just good movies to go sit down and watch. Now they are all too impressed by 'computer...
  22. Steve_Tk

    Contacs question

    I just got contacs about 2 hours ago. I don't feel like I'm seeing as clearly as I did with glasses (which I never wore). Is this normal because I'm blinking every 2 seconds and my eyes are not used to them? He said I had 20/20 vision with them, but it doesn't feel like it yet.
  23. Steve_Tk

    CA shooting caught on tape

    Turn to CNN or FOX news, you will see it. A guy just shoots at a man at point blank range 6 times. He hits the guy a couple times but the man was trying to hide behind a tree, might of saved his life. The victim is in stable condition and the shooter is in custody.
  24. Steve_Tk

    The Scare of your Life

    Post your experiences where you were so scared that you hope you never are put in that situation again. Mine would be giving CPR to a dead man. I was going Kayaking on the Chattooga river in North Georgia. This was going to be the first time I had ever gone down section 4, which is full of...
  25. Steve_Tk

    Clive Cussler's 'Dirk Pitt'

    Raiding the family library again when I visit this weekend. My father gave me a list of his Dirk Pitt novels. So again I'll ask HTF which ones I should read and is there any order? He has Atlantis Found Flood Tide Shock Wave Inca Gold Sahara Dragon Treasure Cyclops Deep Six Raise...
  26. Steve_Tk

    Advice on buying a new car

    I've never bought a new car. I'm looking to buy a new truck. I'm not really a person to sit and haggle for hours, I don't have the patience. What I am looking for is what to avoid. Like a situation where I think I'm getting a good deal but I'm really not. And how much can you really ask...
  27. Steve_Tk

    The Handler Ongoing thread

    I just got around to watching this. Did anyone else watch it? I thought it was pretty good.
  28. Steve_Tk

    Big dogs living inside?

    Please tell me how to do this. I've always wanted a German Shepherd. But in college I had a roommate that had a Black lab. It drooled everywhere, chewed everything, and the dog hair was terrible. Now I assume you can train them not to chew and if you never give them food from the table then...
  29. Steve_Tk

    Ear infection?

    I have no clue what more to do. I woke up today feeling like I have water in my ear. And I have a very quiet ringing in my ear all day. Tried drops but nothing worked. It doesn't hurt like Swimmers ear does. Am I going to have to pay a visit to the doctor? Any advice?
  30. Steve_Tk

    "I'm too busy and don't have time"

    Anyone meet these people before? I'm not talking about the ones that have 4 kids and they all play different sports, you know the routine. I'm talking about the people that work 40 hour a week jobs but do not know how to manage their time. So when you ask them what they did, they have a very...