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  1. Chris T. Kennedy

    Do HDTVs "filter" low res video somehow? (See pics)

    Hey everyone. I know I am not alone in this, and I would like some terms or explanations (or both) from anyone that can provide them. I appreciate anything you can share. I have a hobby of collecting video game systems from nearly every era. I have done some video modifications on a few of...
  2. Chris T. Kennedy

    Explanation of "vertical banding" on TV screen?

    Hello, Could somebody explain to me what is wrong (technically) with a device when it outputs analog video with vertical "bars" such as those indicated by arrow #1 in this example: vertical bars These bars are static - they don't move when the image is on the screen. Doesn't look like...
  3. Chris T. Kennedy

    Odd Movie Poster sizes from a theater

    Hey all - I had the opportunity to walk away from a movie theater with one of their posters (score!). I get home and measure it...and ... The dimensions are roughly 36 x 27.25ish (huh?) Is this in any way a normal size? I didn't buy it from some seedy online seller with a sub-par website...
  4. Chris T. Kennedy

    Has anyone framed Laserdisc covers for HT decoration?

    I'm thinking about framing some Laserdisc covers and hanging them on the wall. Anyone do this? What did you frame? My main question is - what frame did you use? It seems to me that you could waltz into a Hobby Lobby and Michaels and buy those frames for LPs, but perhaps there is a slight size...
  5. Chris T. Kennedy

    Different speakers for movies vs music - thinking about RF-7s

    Hey all. I picked up a Klipsch RC-7 to replace my long time "got me all the way through college and more" Cerwin Vega back in July. Obviously there is quite a difference. Now only the front L/R remain as the ones needing to be replaced before the HT is officially in version 2.0. That said...
  6. Chris T. Kennedy

    Center too edgy? Static? Break-in....

    Hey all - Back in July, I picked up a Klipsch RC7 center channel for my HT. I have it hooked up to a Panasonic XR-70 Receiver + S97 DVD player. I am not quite sure if perhaps I am going insane, but I *think* I sometimes hear static during loud sequences (even at low volumes) on movies...
  7. Chris T. Kennedy

    Describe artifacts from bad component cables

    So what sort of visual issues are you going to have using component cables that suck compared to those that are high end? (When running an HD signal, btw) Have any of you dealt with the need to make a "cable upgrade?" Please share your knowledge. Thanks!
  8. Chris T. Kennedy

    Decoding improvements - 1998 Receiver vs 2004 DVD Player

    Hey everyone. I just recently upgraded my television and plan on upgrading my DVD player because of that. (My current DVD player lacks progessive scan) My question now is - Is it possible that a DVD player of today (Of the ~$300 range) which has audio decoding built in will do a better job...
  9. Chris T. Kennedy

    HDMI DVD output to RPTV worth it? I need a new DVD player

    Hey all. I bought an Hitachi 57S715 this past weekend, and it will be delivered to my new apt in about 15 days (because I have to move in first). I am upgrading from a trusty old Philips Magnavox 27" television - I have been using the S-video connection from my Sony DVP-C650D DVD player...
  10. Chris T. Kennedy

    50"-60" CRT RPTV w/ 720p @ ~$2000. Is it really that hard?

    Hey all. I am moving soon. With a move...comes the ability to get a new TV set. My home theater has been ...well, it has favored the audio. I have been using a Philips Magnavox 27" w/ S-video for my home theater visual component for about 6 years now. I would like to upgrade. I want to do...
  11. Chris T. Kennedy

    My Sci-Fi Expo fun - Star Wars Sigs on Laserdisc

    Hey all. Whew! I haven't posted here in a while. Anyway - I thought all of you might want to see one of the things I came away with: I was trying to think of what would be best to get Billy Dee Williams & Peter Mayhew to sign ....and then I smiled. I grabbed my Empire Strikes Back...
  12. Chris T. Kennedy

    Back to the Future Trilogy - Is full frame P&S or open matte?

    Ahem.... Sorry if the question sounds insulting, but which way was this one done? I have the old VHS tapes from back in the original days, but now I have the DVD Trilogy in Widescreen (and it sounds like I am gonna have to do a send-off of 2 and 3...but that is for other...
  13. Chris T. Kennedy

    Anyone have (or used to have) a Yamaha RX-V870 Receiver?

    I got my hands on one of these the other day. It is mine now. ;) I have a receiver that does DD 5.1 and DTS, and this one is Pro Logic... but... by its inputs it looks pretty useful and of high quality. Main thing is - anyone have the specs on it & an opinion to share? Thanks, Chris
  14. Chris T. Kennedy

    Anyone care to comment on how their PS1 games look on PS2?

    Hey everyone. How's it going? Well - Several things. 1: You can mess with settings on the PS2 to increase the read speed on the CD drive as well as do something "cool" to enhance the graphics. I believe it is called texture smoothing, but I don't have the exact term memorized. (Pathetic for...
  15. Chris T. Kennedy

    Playing DTS Wav file

    What software do you use/require/etc.... to play a DTS file. I have a digital output on my computer, however I just get a staccato drum sound of junk through powerDVD, winamp, windows media player, etc... Thanks, Chris
  16. Chris T. Kennedy

    How do you clean optical cable

    Have a cable. It could be bad....HOPEFULLY, it is just dirty. What chemicals are safe to use on the cable to clean it? Can I use an "Antibacterial Wipe?" : Benzalkonuim Chloride, water, SD Alcohol 40, Sorbic Acid (eee...acid on that optical cable...??), Cocamide DEA, Disodium EDTA, Aloe...
  17. Chris T. Kennedy

    Disfunctional Optical Cable

    Okay - what the heck? No digital audio ouput anymore. Short story - Didn't have my laserdisc plugged in. Wanted to watch a laserdisc. Needed optical cable for digital output. Unplugged the DVD's cable and plugged it in laserdisc player. No sound....went to RCA analog, watched disc...end of...
  18. Chris T. Kennedy

    Fashioning a "sub-woofer" from a seperate receiver and pair of speakers?

    This may sound crazy, but I have to ask it. First of all - my audio setup consists of a 5 speaker DD 5.1 & DTS system. No subwoofer right now. Okay - Here is the crazy part. I have a pair of speakers (seperate from the ht setup) with 15" woofers in them. Is it *possible* to run the subwoofer...
  19. Chris T. Kennedy

    Extras these days! (Just picked up Superman and Josie and the Pussycats)

    WOW! Just picked up these discs tonight even though they have been out a while now, and I am IMPRESSED. Let me stand on a soap box. I remember picking up my first DVD player - just about the entire collection of currently available DVDs were on a single rack nearby. Rather then thinking of what...