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  1. Steve Winkler

    Kudos to Best Buy Canada

    In their recent flyer here in Calgary, they actually advertised both SACD and DVD-Audio!! They have the best selection in the city that I'm aware of and actually put some great albums on sale too. Finally picked up Fleetwood Mac's Rumours for a fair price. I hope they continue to bring in more...
  2. Steve Winkler

    Joined The Yamaha C-750 Owner's Club

    Picked one up to try out on Monday. I have previously tried the Pioneer 578 and the Marantz 7500 for comparison's sake. I bought this player mainly for Hi-Res audio, so I won't be saying much if anything about the video side. Seems this one could be a keeper. PROS : - Sound is very...
  3. Steve Winkler

    Trying Out a Marantz DV-6500

    Picked up a Marantz DV6500 universal player a few days ago to see how it performs with DVD Audio and SACD. The only other universal player I have tried is the Pioneer 578a and the Marantz definitely sounds better. It must have to do with being able to adjust individual channel levels and...
  4. Steve Winkler

    Just jumped into the Hi - Rez market... sort of.

    Picked up my first two Hi - Rez discs last night. The Eagles, Hotel California on DVD Audio and don't laugh, Shania Twain, Up! on SACD ( my nephews worship her ). Anyway, I don't as of yet have a player that will play the advanced resolution tracks, thus my "sort of" comment in the subject...
  5. Steve Winkler

    Yamaha Rx-V3300 and On Screen Display

    I've had this unit for a couple of months now and I'm puzzled by the On Screen Display. I have the receiver connected to my TV ( Toshiba TW56X81 HD RPTV )through the component video inputs ( for DVD & Xbox )and the manual states it will display the OSD when using said inputs. It does display...
  6. Steve Winkler

    My TV just lost it's HD picture

    Yikes... I turned on my Toshiba TW56x81 rptv to watch some primetime HD and the colors were all wrong. No reds. Thought it was my dth sat. provider but it wasn't. I have not tried other cables yet but may as a last check. All other inputs work fine, DVD & Xbox at 480P, regular satellite, and...
  7. Steve Winkler

    Receiver Break In Period, Fact or Fiction?

    Just curious to know the HTForum's opinions on this. Do receivers break in, and is it different for every one? Or do they basically sound they same right out of the box compared to months later?? I ask this also because I've been in the circus act of upgrading receivers. I had a Yamaha...
  8. Steve Winkler

    RX-V2400 Owners, Quick Question.

    Are your Zone 2 and Zone 3 indicators on the diplay of the receiver always lit up? Mine are and I can't seem to turn it off. Thank You, Steve
  9. Steve Winkler

    Upgraditis may have gotten the better of me.

    I went shopping on Boxing Day to some local electronics stores here in Calgary and thought perhaps I should upgrade my Yamaha RX-V2300 to the RX-V2400. The price was decent IMO, $1200 CAD icluding Tax and ext. warranty. Hooked it up today and now I'm not sure I've made a wise choice. For...
  10. Steve Winkler

    Sony Grand Wega 60" XBR 800

    A close friend of mine just purchased this set and we got it set up yesterday. Aside from not having real great black levels this TV seems very nice. Very good, crisp picture, outstanding colors with 480P sources (dth sat is OK). Supplied remote's buttons are too small but it sure feels good in...
  11. Steve Winkler

    Toshiba popped, now the images are tinted blue

    My Toshiba TW56X81 HD RPTV had a stroke today. Just watching some hockey highlights on a leisurely Saturday morning and POP! A sound like that of a light bulb burning out, screen goes blank, then blue, then image re-appears with everything having a tint of blue. My first thought after HOLY S**T...
  12. Steve Winkler

    Yamaha RX-V2300 Try-out/Review

    I'm still in the throws of upgrading my receiver for my home theater. Thus far I've demoed the Marantz Sr7300, and the Yamaha Rx-V2300. Others on the list to perhaps try are the Sony Str-DA4ES (very hard to find in Calgary right now), and the Harman Kardon 325/525. I think the Marantz I had...
  13. Steve Winkler

    Marantz Sr7300, trying one out.

    I just bought a Marantz SR-7300 A/V receiver today. I have some concerns/questions/comments. 1. When listening to cd's via an analog input, the PEAK indicator is coming on at very low volumes i.e. 60-70db at my seat. What's up with that? The manual says: If the selected analog audio input...
  14. Steve Winkler

    Halo? Can the Master Chief move faster?

    Sorry if this has been posted about a thousand times, I used the search function but couldn't find what I was looking for. Is there a way to make the main character in Halo move quicker? I'm a newbie to both the X-box and Halo and I keep getting my slow ass kicked all over space. Strafe-ing...
  15. Steve Winkler

    New Dahlquist's in my HT

    Thanks to Marc at Audioshop in Ottawa for his info and insight and others here at the forum for their recommendation of this speaker line. I listened to them locally at Visions in Calgary, Alberta and have been demo-ing them in my home for the past three days. I picked up four Qx-9 towers. Front...
  16. Steve Winkler

    My SVS driver upgrade is on the way.

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Just had to tell someone. Curious to know what the procedure is for returning the old one? Also, how does the rebate/refund for the old driver get to the customer? Thanks SVS and HT Forum. Steve
  17. Steve Winkler

    Polk RT800i, trying them but they seem muffled.

    Well I am trying these speakers out right now, Future Shop is clearing them out at $599CAN. and I thought why not. They were hooked up to a HK AVR-520 in the store and a muddy mid-range seemed to be present. That should have stopped my purchase right there, but showrooms can be really bad...
  18. Steve Winkler

    Grosse Pointe Blank, Anamorphic or not?

    Just a quick question here, is Grosse Pointe Blank anamorphic and is it 1.85:1 or 2.35:1 or some other aspect ratio? I've just recently purchased this movie due to a 50% drop in price and I'm not sure what I'm seeing on my TV. The case says it's 1.85:1 but it seems wider. Thanks for any help...
  19. Steve Winkler

    Toshiba owners, have you experienced this??

    Recently, I have been testing out Progressive Scan dvd players on my TW56x81 rptv. In a dark scene on a 1.78:1 or 1.85:1 movie, and the top black bar on a 2.35:1 movie, on the top of my screen there are small areas of faint white light. It looks almost as if someone were behind the screen with...
  20. Steve Winkler

    How available are Phillips dvd players in Canada?

    Can't seem to find Phillips around here, except for razors:D Do they sell many electronics in Canada, more specifically western Canada?? Curious to know if anyone can help. Thank you. Steve
  21. Steve Winkler

    A review of the JVC XV-S60 dvd player.

    Well you can take this review for whatever it's worth. I, like many htforum members, have been searching for a progressive scan dvd player to upgrade from my old interlaced one. My tv is a 16x9 Toshiba TW56x81 hd ready progressive scan. My old player is a Panasonic A-120. I have been reading...
  22. Steve Winkler

    Requirements for DVD-Audio??

    I'm in the process of upgrading my old Panasonic A120 dvd player to a progressive scan model of some sort and I'm also considering the move up to DVD-Audio as well. What do I need exactly, in terms of an A/V receiver? Do I need 6ch analog inputs on my amp or can DVD-A be passed through a...
  23. Steve Winkler

    Such a thing as Touch-Up Paint for TV ??

    Well, it could have been worse. I had my screen off of my Toshiba TW56x81 so I could dust off the lenses of the crts. So I lean the screen against the back of my recliner and proceed to walk back to the TV. I bonk the chair ever so slightly and BAM, my screen tips over and falls! It would...
  24. Steve Winkler

    Ordered an SVS 20-39PC today... oh boy.

    I couldn't hold out any longer. I would have loved to order a CS-Ultra but with the limp Canadian dollar, just couldn't swing it. I am quite sure this new sub will crush my old one but I hope I'm not expecting too much. Thanks to this forum and audioreview.com my worries are slight. Many...