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  1. Steve_Ma

    The Matrix: Quality of video question. Did I buy a knockoff?

    I finally spent the cash and bought The Matrix DVD (impulse buy from a local dept store). I've seen the movie a few times before, but I recently bought a wega, which has a much better picture. I now noticed that many of the darker sceens seem to be "grainy" or "noisy" and have generally...
  2. Steve_Ma

    Is there a sound associated with clipping?

    Is there a sound associated with clipping? I was sure I was bottoming my tower's tweeter, but now I'm wondering if it could have been the AVR (Marantz SR7000) being overdriven. I was playing tones of increasingly higher freq, measuring the room reponse. when I heard a clear...
  3. Steve_Ma

    Can you "bottom" a tower?

    While measuring my freq response, I was playing various test tones in the 85-90 db range. It seemed loud, but not outrageous. I was surprised when somewhere in the upper range (maybe around 2000-2500hz) I was greeted with a "clack...clack...clack" from my rt tower. Anyone exp this? What's...
  4. Steve_Ma

    Sines vs Warbles and what's really happening in the room

    What's the difference between sine and warble tones and what's it mean with regard to my room response? I've been experimenting with the Stryke disk, and various x-overs, connections, speaker settings, and etc. If I use sine waves vs warble tones, I seem to get different responses above 120hz...
  5. Steve_Ma

    Comments on my SPLs

    I am looking for some feedback from those with more exp than me. My sub is hooked up via the speaker level connection. The x-over is at 80hz for this set. The peak at 126 MIGHT be an error on my part. With a few different sets taken...that's the only 126 peak I found. My sense is that I...
  6. Steve_Ma

    A question of Power? Line level vs Speaker level

    How much power will I be giving up by switching from Line level to speaker level connections for my sub/mains? I want to run the sub/mains via speaker level to use the lower x-over. Someone tried to explain the process, but I'm not sure I understand. Is my AVR's power somehow wasted because...
  7. Steve_Ma

    Questioning the diff between 80/100hz x-overs?

    Looking for opinions: How much of an audible difference is there really between 80hz and 100hz crossovers? Are room dynamics and other considerations likely to be more significant? --Steve
  8. Steve_Ma

    Sub calibration with speaker level connections

    How does one calibrate the sub in relation to the mains when connected via the speaker level inputs? Can this be done with internal test tones? I do not own VE/Avia, but borrowed a copy awhile back to confirm my test tones were accurate. They were fine. I had my sub connected via the LFE...
  9. Steve_Ma

    Sub power/bass mgt with speaker level connection.

    I plan on experimenting with switching to the speaker level connection rather than the LFE out, in order to play with my sub's x-over settings and placement. The sub is a powered (120W) B&W ASW1000. AVRec is a Marantz SR7000. 1. In my AVR, if I set my mains to large and sub to no...What...
  10. Steve_Ma

    HT vs Musical Subs. Is this just snakeoil?

    I have been under the impression that one does not need to look for a HT vs a musical sub. Simply the best sub that a budget will allow. It's been my experience that a sub which can play deep, musical bass well, should have no problem with most home theater applications. Am I off bass here...
  11. Steve_Ma

    wega: 16:9 clarification w/ DVD vs Cable

    I will be hooking up my new 32" wega in the next couple of days and am looking for clarification on the 16:9 option on this TV. Isn't this mode designed for watching movies/DVDs where the widescreen format is chosen from the movie's menu? What does this do to a regular cable TV signal and...
  12. Steve_Ma

    Dig Cable Double-speak. Translation needed.

    Can someone tell me if my cable co (AT&T) is full of it? What does the below mean? I've had dig cable for some months now. It's ok. I was told by the tech that AT&T does a box upgrade when requested. Adding an S-Video out to the box. I have confirmed it's possible on that unit. Well, the...
  13. Steve_Ma

    Need quick help on a new TV 32-36in.

    My Wife is caving and wants to go TV shopping today!!!! Like in a few hours. I gotta capitalize on this, but was caught off guard and didn't do any research. Am looking for a 32-36 in TV. Hoping to spend about 1k. Am I realistic? Mostly TV viewing with 1 or 2 DVD's weekly. I have a...
  14. Steve_Ma

    Going Digital. An article for you EEs out there.

    I just came across this at work. Thought some of you EEs out there might enjoy this. http://www.planetanalog.com/features/OEG20020109S0073
  15. Steve_Ma

    2.1CH calibration VS 5.1/HT. Am I accurate?

    Education Needed: In a system being used for both movies AND 2ch Audio, what's the best way to calibrate for "accuracy" of CD based material? My music listening is done in 2 ch mode + the sub (LFE-out). I want to be sure my sub is optimized for both. Am I already there if I have calibrated...
  16. Steve_Ma

    "Reference" for Audio apps vs HT?

    For AV receivers doing double duty (HT and Audio), can someone better explain the relationship between "reference" and how it related to music applications? For example: If I have my (5.1) setup calibrated to "reference" for Home Theater apps, how do I know that when I listen to music that I...
  17. Steve_Ma

    Why 2 x-overs w/LFE?

    Please disregard this post. A more thorough search turned up the following thread which gives me what I was looking for: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...ave+thumb+bass --Steve Why would someone want to use the low-pass filter on their sub when also using the LFE ouput on their rec...
  18. Steve_Ma

    Theoretical question re: Calibration and relative Ch levels

    Question: If someone calibrates their HT setup properly with an SPL meter and test tones/AVIA or VE, why is it that many people seem to continue to have difficulty with channel levels RELATIVE TO EACH OTHER? Is it me or do we tend to read about this a good deal with center channels and subs...
  19. Steve_Ma

    Why place a sub in a corner? SVS?

    Yeah, another bass mgt question. Why and when is it preferable tp place a sub in a corner? I always read this was less than optimal and often leads to less precise bass response. I recently went to audition a frined's Dynaudio/SVS setup. Apparently, he was instructed to place his two SVS's...
  20. Steve_Ma

    My spouse IS NOT a wife of the year nominee

    I love my wife and family dearly, but below are the reasons my wife is not nominatd as HT wife of the year: 1. Because we have a small child, who likes to play w/speaker wife, we must move one of my front mains and angle it against a wall when not in use to prevent my daughter from yanking the...
  21. Steve_Ma

    Dig Cable question - Motorola Terminal/Box

    Not sure if this is the best forum, but I am wondering if I am missing something, and would like some feedback. I recently upgraded to dig cable (Att/MediaOne in No Mass) and they came to install the new set-top box last week. It was a free upgrade and since I don't watch much network TV, this...