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  1. J

    iPod docks?

    Does anyone know of an iPod dock that allows remote control and hooks to any receiver? It's a tall order, I know. I was hoping to find one that hooks to a receiver via RCA plugs or the mini audio plug. I'm using a regular audio mini plug-to-rca cable but I would really like to change songs...
  2. J

    stupid question

    This may sound dumb but is there such a cable that converts Component to HDMI?
  3. J

    Lutron Maestro IR

    I have a quick question..... I have dual gang wall plates with switches for light and fan control on each plate in each room. Has anyone used a Maestro IR like this? In other words, can I remove the Maestro from it's plate and put it in a dual gang?I REALLY want these for my bedroom and...
  4. J

    over air antenna?

    Hi guys. I just got a new 56" JVC HDILA 1080p set yesterday and since I don't have cable, I wanted to try one of those HD antennas to pick up local HD channels. Do these work well? Which one would you recommend? Thanks
  5. J

    56" JVC DILA?

    Hey guys. I'm looking to get this set in the near future and I'm wondering if it requires frequent bulb changes? Is it like a DLP? Thanks
  6. J

    Connector quality...

    Does it make THAT huge of a difference using expensive RCA connectors over cheaper ones? I'm looking for some for my component cables. They will be behind wall plates and not visible. Does it matter if I buy some average ones from Radio shack? I wanted to order some from parts express but it...
  7. J

    RG6 or 59?

    What's actually better for component? I've been hearing different things from different people about these two. Can either be used for subwoofer cable?
  8. J

    RF Extender?

    Does anyone use IR transmitters or RF extenders in their theaters? I'd like to get on for my home since I will have the av gear in a seperate closet. Would this http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showd...number=180-827 work with a Harmony? Would it be better to use one of those IR Transmitters from...
  9. J

    Homthtr? Need help

    I need help with terminating some component cables. I have several RG6 cables I want to use to run component lines through some walls. I'd like to know if I can get some good RCA terminals and use them for this? Is it hard to do? I need to do the same with a sub cable as well. Now that the audio...
  10. J

    whole house audio?

    Hi everyone. My home SHOULD be complete by Nov 15 and I have afew questions about my prewired system. I have my theater/family room downstairs. The av gear will be in a closet and the rear speakers are in ceilings that I bought from www.htd.com The fronts will be floor standing and a center...
  11. J

    dayton speakers?

    I saw another post about these inexpensive in wall speakers. The price is great at Parts Express and I'd like to order 3 pairs of the 6.5" round in ceilings. Two for my HT surrounds and the other four for around house music. Do they have good sound quality?
  12. J

    powering multiple in ceilings?

    My new home is near completion and I need to figure out how to hook up 6 in celing speakers, which will only play music, to a receiver so that they all output the same signal. I have an old JVC 5.1 receiver that I considered using but I never thought about the hook ups! Should I get a cheapo...
  13. J

    rectangle speakers for in ceiling?

    Does anyone use these for in ceiling rather than in wall? I have two going in for the rear surrounds but I'm considering adding six more throughout the house. Is it just a visual thing that makes in ceiling speakers round? any pictures?
  14. J

    single gang limitations!

    Hello all. Here's my problem.... my new house will be complete next month and I'm trying to get everything ready. I have component, cat 5, and speakers running all over the house. For the TV wall, there is a SINGLE gang box stuffed with three component cables and three front speaker cables. How...
  15. J

    sub in a closet?

    Is is good to put a sub in the closet? My home is being built with the AV stuff in a closet. The only thing visible will be the screen of course and main speakers. I want to know if having the sub, it's an 8" Velodyne, in the av closet, with the door closed will sound weird. Ideas?
  16. J

    in wall cables

    Hi everyone. Quick cable question. I'm having a new home built starting in May or June and I'd like to have my Speaker and Component video, S-video cables run through wall so that I can hide the av rack in a closet. Question is, what's a good cable to use? I'm going to talk with a few HT...
  17. J

    user theaters?

    what happened to your theaters section? i used to look at them all the time for ideas.
  18. J

    Interlaced/progressive problem

    I have a Toshiba SD4800 dvd player hooked a a fairly entry level RCA Hdtv-projection. It runs 480p and 1080i and when I have the DVD Player running in progressive, movies like Toy Story and any CGI movie have ugly visible scan lines. Switching to interlaced makes it better but everything gets...