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  1. Dave E H

    WTT: ADSL Modem

    Hello! i'm moving and would love to get a Westell 2100 modem (verizon uses these), Efficient Networks 5260 package for the DSL service in my new place. I would be interested in trading DVDs, Xbox games or misc. HT cables for it.
  2. Dave E H

    FWIW - HDTV Compatible Light gun?

    Don't want to get my hopes up, but I was in EBX today and saw this gun: http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/categorie...p?pf_id=227186 with the sticker 'HDTV compatible' on it. While I am really looking for a HD-RPTV compatible gun, this is the first time I've seen that mentioned. It's made by...
  3. Dave E H

    Calibration question

    Ok, I'm getting my TV calibrated next week (Mitsubishi 55857). I've also been thinking about replacing my JVC DVD player - I really don't like the interface - I prefered my old Toshiba or Panasonic's GUIs to this one. My question should be fairly straightforward - should I worry about...
  4. Dave E H

    Which HD to use? Maxtor or WD?

    Figured this was a good place to ask: I've got 2 HD's in my workstation now which I need to reformat anyway & reinstall. I just added the second drive, and I was thinking about what to use for my primary & which to use as the slave. I have 2 drives: * One ATA 133 Maxtor 740 60 gig drive...
  5. Dave E H

    Xbox Live & Japanese controller problem?

    I can't seem to find anyone else with this problem, but if any of you have the Xbox live & a real Japanese controlelr (not the US 'S' controller) can you see if the headset works for it? The headset only seems to fit in the top slot but the light (mute) doesn't come on and my xbox doesn't think...
  6. Dave E H

    MS to buy capcom?

    Story on www.computerandvideogames.com text also on teamxbox: here Thoughts? I sure would love to see Breath of Fire on the XBox. This deal would certainly really help MS in Japan.
  7. Dave E H

    FT: Anime & other movies

    DVDs to trade: Anime: Revolutionary Girl Utena - The Movie Martian Successor Nadesico - Chronicle #1 (Episodes 1-4) Bubblegum Crisis 2040 - Buried Secrets (unopened) Bubblegum Crisis 2040 - Blood & Steel (unopened) Other: Tron (WS non-SE) The Pricess Bride (WS & FS) non-SE Speed...
  8. Dave E H

    Skies of Arcadia Legend on GC!

    Ok, this will probably be the reason that I get a GC to go with my Xbox & PS2. All I have to say is that I'm glad I got the component video switcher... http://www.gamers.com/game/1211048/previews My favorite game in a long time - it's the reason that the DC will stay in my system for a long...
  9. Dave E H

    Wanted: HTIB setup (Sony Dream Theater or the like)

    I'm looking for a HTiB setup for the bedroom. Not many requirements, but: * must have S-video input for DBS system * must be a total DVD/receiver/speaker package * DD capable * smallish sub nice to have: * kinda would like an 'all in one' kind like the DAV-S300 Dream Theater due to...
  10. Dave E H

    Xbox & RCA - the VPORT????

    What the heck is this? It was advertised in this week's best buy flier (well, the upcoming one from Sunday.) They are even advertising a special cable. Never seen this before - no details were listed (is it 480p?) Strange...
  11. Dave E H

    TIme Crisis 2 - HDTV compatibility?

    Ok, so Just got a PS2. So, in order to get the SO involved with my new toy, I want to get a light gun game. She really really likes them (her favorite being the Lupin game in the Japanese arcades.) I've been researching this question, and haven't got a definite answer: Will light gun games...
  12. Dave E H

    PS2 Network Adapter pre-order - 20% off!!

    For those of you interested, go to www.gamestop.com today and pre-order the PS2 network adapter - Gamestop is running a 20% discount on all accessories today! (this was all I needed at the moment - but a great deal!)
  13. Dave E H

    2 Pny Pc133 256mb Dimms

    FS: 2 PNY PC133 256MB Dimms - also will work in machines needing PC100 or PC66 memory. 168 pin. PNY backs their memory w/ a lifetime warranty. These two work great - just upgraded to a new MB that only uses DDR, so these are just sitting around. Only used for a couple of months, before my HD...
  14. Dave E H

    FS: Sony Vaio External 16x CD-ROM

    PCGA-CD51 External CD-ROM Drive for Sony Vaio notebooks PCGA-CD51 16x Speed, PCMCIA interface (PC Card Type II) Powered by your laptop, no need to carry an extra AC adapter Slim & Lightweight, w/ Sony styling & cool design Supports digital sound quality playback If you have a Sony Vaio SR...
  15. Dave E H

    Wireless Xbox controller

    from logitech Does anyone have a picture? I thought Madcatz was going to have the first one - any word? I'd prefer a first party one, but having a wireless controller would rock.
  16. Dave E H

    Wanted: Project Gotham Racing for Xbox

    Hello! I want to get a copy of PGR - can trade a NEW SEALED copy of Oddworld for it. Can also trade a computer equipment or some nice speaker or subcables for it. Let me know if you got one - will consider buying it as well. Thanks!!
  17. Dave E H

    Linksys WAP11 configuration issues

    All- Just got my new toy tonight. I got a new Vaio SRX77 and have it connecting wirelessly to the WAP11. I got it up and running fairly quickly - Linksys always has made some pretty good products (and love my new Vaio.) At any rate, I got WEP up and running quickly, but I want to restrict...
  18. Dave E H

    Bettercables blow out!

    I've re-wired my whole HT as I got a new rack, and here's the stuff I no longer can use, all from forum sponsor Bettercables.com! * 2 meter Ultra Component Video cable $60 (quantity - 1) SOLD! * 3 meter banana terminated speaker cable $65 (quantity - 1) * 1 meter banana terminated speaker...
  19. Dave E H

    FS: Kenwood AC-3 RF Demodulator

    Kenwood RF Demodulator DEM-999D Sell: $160 shipped I prefer to sell in the SF Bay area, but can ship this.
  20. Dave E H

    FS: Pioneer CLD-D704 (SF Bay Area only)

    Mint condition Pioneer CLD-D704 for sale. It's in great shape - cosmetically and mechanically. Used very little the past 3 years and spun up occassionally for Star Wars. Don't really want to get rid of it, but need to keep some domestic tranquility (if you know what I mean) after buying a new...
  21. Dave E H

    FS: 2 Meter Bettercables Ultra Component Video cable

    2 of the 'classic' 2m cables from better cables. They are in good shape and work great. Selling due to a rearrangment of the Home Theater and need to buy different lengths. Originally $99; sell $60 shipped (Each.) Pickup (and preference) to anyone in the SF Bay Area.
  22. Dave E H

    Kenwood AC-3 RF Demodulator

    Kenwood model DEM-999D. Mint condition - used maybe twice. Bought it maybe 2.5 years ago and it's been in the closet for most of that time. I'm getting a new receiver with a demodulator built in (I may even bag the LD thing entirely.) Pics on request. SF Bay area preferred - delivery can...
  23. Dave E H

    FS: Marantz RC2000 MKII - mint condition - $75 + shipping

    Remote of the gods - RC2000 MKII. I've got upgrade-itis and the need to get rid of some stuff to pay for my next upgrade. It's in perfect condition and hasn't been used very mush - upgraded to a Pronto last year. Will take $75+ $10 to ship in the US. Preference given to anyone in the SF...
  24. Dave E H

    Bell'O (Belloggetti) Audio Rack AVS-656

    New forum member and already I've got upgrade-itis! I'm selling my Belloggetti Audio rack since my girlfriend has put the foot down and won't let me buy a bigger rack unless I sell this one. It's in great shape (minus one $.30 bolt I discovered last night.) SF Bay area only - don't want...