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  1. Ryan Peter

    Onkyo SKS-HT500 or Acoustic Research HC6?

    I can get them for about the same price point so just wondering which one is considered better for movies? Sorta leaning toward the Onkyo but interested in opinions for either one. Thanks AR HC6 http://www.bestbuy.com/detail.asp?e=...cat=15&scat=23 Onkyo SKS-HT500...
  2. Ryan Peter

    The One and Only Bandwidth Upstream Thread (XBL Related)

    Since it seems XBL is dependent on hosting, and upstream is most important when it comes to hosting, why not we see who has the fastest upstream so we can see who is best suited for hosting? Post your results here and we'll get a good idea. Here is a url to an upstream test...
  3. Ryan Peter

    I really want a projector.... but

    OK here's my situation, and I call on you merciful HTF Projector Gods to help me out! :) (The long story, skip this and go down before if you are in a hurry or want to get to the point!) I'm a young guy who doesn't have a bunch of money. I only got a 27" about 2.5/3 years ago or so. Ever...
  4. Ryan Peter

    Xbox disc reading probs

    *sighs* OK before XBL I haven't been playing a lot of XB games. Now that I'm using it, I get a lot of dirty disc errors and lots of spinning. It plays DVDs great but games not so great. Anyone hear about the new Panasonic disc drive they are using that is supposed to have less spin errors? How...
  5. Ryan Peter

    Anyone been watching Ken Burns Civil War?

    What a fanatastic documentary. Makes me want to go out and get all the Ken Burns documentaries on DVD (wish they were more affordable). They are trying to sell an autographed version for $500 (well technically I guess it's a donation to public television).
  6. Ryan Peter

    Quote and Reply button

    Maybe I'm not aware of the right button, but I don't think there is a "Quote and Reply" button to reply to posts. That would take someone's post, put it in quotes and say "Posted by" above the message they just posted. Makes it easier to reply to someone instead of copying pasting and then using...
  7. Ryan Peter

    official movie discussions

    I went to the scooby doo official discussion thread http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...threadid=63098 and basically found a page and a half of trailer/anticipation discussion (which I avoid for spoiler fears). Wouldn't it make more sense to start a new thread than recycle an old one that...
  8. Ryan Peter

    splitting 10's at a blackjack table

    With regard to a certain member's location information
  9. Ryan Peter

    The Simpsons 4-7

    Best Episode Ever......... Well maybe not, but the best of the season, hilarious... Simply hilarious...
  10. Ryan Peter

    quick VB6 help

    I have some different variable names and object names such as myName1, myName2, myName3, etc. They all have the same name, just a different sequential number at the end. Now what I want to do is manipulate those variables in a Do While, or While/Wend loop. So basically have it loop...
  11. Ryan Peter

    Is this possible? (wireless networking)

    Could I have a pretty much completely wireless network? I would still have a 10/100 switch that is plugged into the server, but then I would plug in a couple of Wireless Access Points into the switch, and then throw a few more Wireless Access Points in various spots in the building. Would that...
  12. Ryan Peter

    Fox's tv lineups

    Ever notice that Sunday feels way too saturated? Three straight hours of their best programming... then their next best programming is on Thursday when they try and compete against Friends (and Survivor when it was on). King of the Hill (see my sig) and Futurama constantly get trampled on...
  13. Ryan Peter

    Using Upcoming Movie Stills In A Sig

    I try and stay away from seeing anything about an upcoming movie before I see it. I plan on seeing Attack of the Clones, but many of the Star Wars fans here to seem to carry stills from the movie in their signiture. Can we refrain from this, guys? Some of us don't spoil the movie for...
  14. Ryan Peter

    What's different about DX8?

    I read an article comparing the GCN to the X-Box, and it mentioned something about DX8 having a more open programming structure. I'm not a programmer (yet), so what exactly does this mean in layman terms? What makes the DX8 API better than the GCN API and more flexible for the future? Thanks. :)
  15. Ryan Peter

    Fox - King of the Hill Please!

    Dear Fox, Your track record for releasing tv shows on DVD is impeccable. Your treatment of The Simpsons shows how much you care about an animated series. Now I ask of you to release King of the Hill, a Mike Judge cartoon, onto DVD the same way you have released The Simpsons. The popularity...
  16. Ryan Peter

    Ron's Top Studios List Looks Weird

    Lots of gibbily gook characters at the top of it. Windows 98, IE 5.5 http://www.hometheaterforum.com/2001/report2001.html It might just be my computer though.
  17. Ryan Peter

    Ron's Top Studios Pick List

    I didn't see another thread on this... Not even sure how new it is. What do you guys think? A few things definitely surprised, mainly MGM being so high. Interesting list though. http://www.hometheaterforum.com/2001/report2001.html
  18. Ryan Peter

    How do Miramax and Dreamworks buy Oscars?

    Every year we hear this, and I don't even doubt it. I just am wondering how it works? What's the process?
  19. Ryan Peter

    How Bad is Roeper?

    This is an offshoot from the Roeper bashing in the LOTR thread. I never liked the guy from the start, but he occasionally makes a good point. The thing that bugs me is there were plenty of better interim critics to choose from. Even "Aint it Cool" Harry Knowles was better! I guess what bugs...
  20. Ryan Peter

    Getting all regions on the XBOX DVD Player

    Since the little DVD plug you put into a controller spot is basically what regulates the DVD player, and the DVD Player converts PAL -> NTSC, couldn't a person import a region 2/3/4 DVD kit and then use the plug for DVD. Then you could get any region right?
  21. Ryan Peter

    quickie dual boot question

    can i install windows 2000 on top of windows xp without having it eat up windows xp? thanks
  22. Ryan Peter

    You think an XBox 480p DVD playback hack is in the works?

    I noticed that Stacey, who worked on XBox DVD development (great job btw), mentioned 480p was pulled at the last minute. A change of that magnitude must have called for a quick fix. Perhaps a switch of some sort? The sad thing is the guys who are up for these kinds of hacks probably couldn't...
  23. Ryan Peter

    XBox and Prologic

    I have to fess up, I'm not using XBox in 5.1 :frowning: In fact, I'm only using stereo right now :angry: :thumbsdown: Anyone running XBox in Prologic? Is it any good? Thanks :b
  24. Ryan Peter

    Yi-Yi (A One And a Two)

    I heard the original release of this DVD was done very poorly. Was it ever fixed?
  25. Ryan Peter


    UPDATED OK, I've narrowed it down to these choices: PV-DV51 Mini DV CAMCORDER 18x Optical/300x Digital Zoom B/W Viewfinder 2.5" LCD Screen http://www04.bhphotovideo.com/defaul... D=EAE8039CFB0 I like the 18x zoom which seems good for a DV. Great price when rebate is included. JVC...
  26. Ryan Peter

    GCN in Dolby Pro Logic II

    I'd like some feedback from you guys on how good the Pro Logic II is on GCN. Especially a comparsion between it and regular pro logic. Do you think it's worth getting for the GCN? THanks!
  27. Ryan Peter

    OS-X versus Windows XP

    What's the verdict? Which of these two OSes is better?
  28. Ryan Peter

    Sid Meier's SimGolf (demo)

    On "The Sim's: Hot Date" (couldn't find a demo on the Internet) there is a demo for Sid Meier's SimGolf. It's a lot of fun and combines different aspects from different games. It plays like a course designer (a simplified one, which isn't a bad thing) and golf course manager. The people on...
  29. Ryan Peter

    Holy Speedy, Batman!

    Even though this is night, I am noticing a definite increase in how fast the pages load. It's just immediate. Good to see the donations went to a great cause!
  30. Ryan Peter

    The Sims: Hot Date

    My wife loves this game so we had to pick up the new expansion pack. Pretty fun you can actually go downtown.