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  1. Dave Nibeck

    Another WWYD Question

    TV Repair guy just left indicating that my 10 year old Mitsu 63" RPTV needs about $500 of work. This, of course, is a rough estimate and it cost me $100 to get it. It was calibrated by Greg Loewen. My room is appox 13 x 20 with a viewing distance of 14 feet. There is one sliding door with...
  2. Dave Nibeck

    Time for FP? Questions/advice

    I am thinking about retiring my 8 year old 63 mitsu rptv and have FP on my mind. The viewing room is multipurpose but mostly used for tv/movie vieweing. The room dimensions are 13 x 22. Seating position is 15.5'. I sliding door to outside with window tint and curtains (might need to add...
  3. Dave Nibeck

    Acoustics of movie posters

    I have a combined family/HT. Three walls are panelling and 1 is brick (an acoustical nightmare). I built several absorption panels that helped a bit but the WAF was not good. To make matters worse, the wife purchased several movie poster and had mounted in glass frames. She did not want to...
  4. Dave Nibeck

    Aura bass shaker mod

    I understand you can modify the bass shakers to make then work better. I tried searching to no avail.
  5. Dave Nibeck

    Rigid Insulation - MD/DC

    Does anyone know were I can get Owens Corning 703 and 705 in the DC area? I have called several companies and the only ones the even know about this stuff say that I have to buy way more than I need. I called OC directly and they could not advise.
  6. Dave Nibeck

    Networking Question

    I tried asking at Best Buy and got the answer I expected "Sure you can but I can't explain it". Here is the question: I have a desktop and a work notebook. I have them networked together using a router/switcher. The notebook operates on a VPN so the notebook and desktop cannot talk to each...
  7. Dave Nibeck

    Acoustic Panels

    Getting ready to embark on panels. I see most people use pegboard. Would there be a benefit of using homosote (sp?) instead?
  8. Dave Nibeck

    Belden 1810a

    Anyone know were I can get about 50' of this to make speaker cable?
  9. Dave Nibeck

    Paradigm 40 v 60's

    Coming close to making my final selection. Looking between the studio 40's and 60's. In my auditioning, the 60's were just a tad deeper than the 40's. Not a big deal as I will be using a sub for much of my listening. Room size about 14 x 25. Receiver is Denon 4802. Listening - 75%...
  10. Dave Nibeck

    Outlook Express Help

    Somehow I have screwed up my id's. When trying to switch Id's it returns to the current id. In order to switch, I have to go into manage ID, change startup ID, and restart outlook. Any ideas?
  11. Dave Nibeck

    Mitsu Rant

    I have the 65819. It was calibrated by Chuck Williams (DC). I love the picture. My rant is on the user controls. If the set loses power, it defaults all settings to the factory levels. This is for each input. Fortunately, the calibration settings zero out most of the slider bars. However...
  12. Dave Nibeck


    I heard a story in the news today that someone down south used his computer to generate bar code price tags. He used these tags to buy Bose speakers at a Sams Club for something like a 93% discount. Sounds about right to me ;)
  13. Dave Nibeck

    Sony STR_DE935

    A friend is having trouble with this receiver. He has lost center channel. Trying to explain to check center set up to make sure it did not accidently get switched to phanton. He does not know how to check. Any familiar with this unit and can quickly summarize were the setup if found? Thanks.
  14. Dave Nibeck

    WTB THX plaque

    Looking for the elusive THX plaque. Would also consider DD and DTS.
  15. Dave Nibeck

    OE 6 and Identities

    Is it possible to create shortcuts for each Id?
  16. Dave Nibeck

    OTA - newbie question

    Still have not made the leap to sat - yet. Question, can I use a set top box of receive ota trans without activating the box to recieve digital broadcast?
  17. Dave Nibeck

    Flexi Rack and threaded bars

    Does anyone know where I can purchase chrome tubes? Thinking about a flexi rack and want to hide the threaded pipe.
  18. Dave Nibeck

    Sony 48 RPTV

    Selling my Sony 48" rear projection tv (just ordered Mits 65819). Unit is 2 years old. Picture is excellent. Will deliver in Washington area. $500 obo. SOLD
  19. Dave Nibeck

    HD & Service Plan

    Getting ready to purchase mits 65". The price for a 5 year service plan $500. I have had my current Sony RPTV for 5 years w/o problem. Any thoughts?
  20. Dave Nibeck

    X Box 5.1 problem

    Hooked up X box with toslink. When X-box is turned on, I get audio information. This tells me my connection is good. As soon as I insert a game, I get increadible noise and the receiver shuts down. Very frusted....:angry: Anyone ever heard of this? (Yes, I did enable 5.1 and dts)
  21. Dave Nibeck

    Connecting Pre-outs

    Posted in another thread with no response. Maybe someone here can help. Have a Denon 4802 set up with 6.1 speakers. Looking to add a sub to the rear. The amp has 2 sets of pre-outs for the rear. Does the speaker size (in setup) dictate what info gets sent to the pre-outs? Can I use a...
  22. Dave Nibeck

    Pronto Warning!!!

    I traded my Denon Atkis RC 8000 for a Pronto TSU2000. You can officially add one more item to my ever-growing list of things that will never be complete. I have spent many many hours online using the pronto edit. Now I know what you Pronto guys have been talking about. This thing is only...
  23. Dave Nibeck

    Speaker and Sub connections

    I was recently fortunate enough to upgrade with a Denon 4802 and Vel HGS-12 sub. :) I bought 6 sets of banana plugs (6.1 setup) for the speakers to receiver. The salesman was really pushing me to buy banana plugs for the speakers as well. He was encouraging me to buy the monster connectors...
  24. Dave Nibeck

    Best Buy Bash

    I treated myself to a dvd burner for Christmas. Wanting to make sure it works when I open it on Christmas, I installed it last night. Made a short dvd movie that played great on my computer. Tried to play it in my ht dvd player, a Sony something or another. Would not recognize the disk...
  25. Dave Nibeck

    Denon and Pronto

    I recently acquired a Denon 4802. It did not come with a remote (which operates most of its functions). In lieu of spending $450 for Denon's remote, I would like to go the Pronto route. Anyone know if the Pronto is pre-programmed for this receiver?
  26. Dave Nibeck

    Unfair Trade Practices

    My wife has been trying to get me to build an enclosed porch off of our family room (home theater). She advises that the rear sliding door needs ample shading so we can install a FPTV in the family room! How is that for negotiation. ------------------ I am a meat popsicle.