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  1. Craig_Kg

    Low end AV prepro vs receiver

    OK, no response to my post in the other thread so here it is again! In the past, I have been happy to use a mid level receiver as an AV prepro since the dedicated units cost ridiculous (to me) amounts of money. Now that NAD have the T163 prepro at RRP of A$1499, I'm tempted to look at this as...
  2. Craig_Kg

    HD Minidisc

    Well this might breath new life into the format. Up to 1Gb capacity + LPCM recording seems worthwhile.
  3. Craig_Kg

    Philips 975SA

    Does anyone have one of these yet and if so, how does it compare with the 963SA and how well does the upscaling work? http://www.bigbangelectronics.com/pr...pf_id=dvd975sa
  4. Craig_Kg

    DD-EX decoding with Sony STR-DA2ES

    I have just got a Sony STR-DB1080 which is known in the US as the STR-DA2ES and have had problems getting the receiver to use the surround back channel on DD-EX soundtracks. With LoTR:FoTR, I was able to get the dts-ES discrete track to be recognised as 6.1 without a problem but the DD-EX track...
  5. Craig_Kg

    STR-DA1ES display

    Does the STR-DA1ES have a dot matrix display like the upper ES models or does it use line characters like the STR-DE series? The STR-DB780 is the non-Nth American equivalent and it has the line character display. I checked the pics on the Crutchfield site but they don't gel - the panels are...
  6. Craig_Kg

    Legacy Audio electronics

    Does anyone here have any experience with Legacy Audio electronic components? In particular, I am interested in their High Current Preamp - an older model that is now superceded by the Streamline preamp as I have been offered one 2nd hand for $US550. The website contains very little usable...
  7. Craig_Kg

    Marantz 8260 SACD player

    Has anyone listened to this player vs Sony's SACD players? In isolation, the Marantz sounds very good with both SACD and CD and looks very nicely built and seems competitively priced (~A$2200).
  8. Craig_Kg

    Chord DAC64

    Has anyone else heard one of these? What they claim about them is true. They take CD to another level.
  9. Craig_Kg

    External bass management

    Does anyone here know how the M&K BMC Mini compares with the Outlaw ICBM? I can get the M&K stuff locally over here but not Outlaw.
  10. Craig_Kg

    Marantz DV-8300

    Has anyone heard any other information about this player . Given Marantz's track record, it should be a much better universal player than the Pioneer.
  11. Craig_Kg

    5 channel power amps

    Has anyone used these 5 channel power amps and if so, what are your opinions? TA-N9000ES, AMC 2N100-5, Rotel RMB-1075 in order of increasing cost. I am intending to use it with 4 - 8 ohm speakers driven by a Sony STR-DA5ES or Rotel RSP-1066.
  12. Craig_Kg

    Sony TA-10ES prepro

    Has anyone heard any recent news of this product. It was supposed to be released in the 3rd quarter of this year.