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  1. Alan Pummill

    PS Audio UPC-200 Power Conditioner

    Original owner selling due to downsizing after death of wife. This power conditioner was used in my two channel system until I started selling off my entire system so that I can move to retirement community. It is in very good to excellent condition and works flawlessly. At full asking price, I...
  2. Alan Pummill

    Bel Canto Design DAC 3 DA Converter

    $800 Original owner selling due to downsizing after death of wife. This DAC was used in my 2 channel system for about 5 years and is in excellent condition. This unit will take your CD listening to a whole new level. Buyer to pay shipping from 45044 with paypal or local pickup in the greater...
  3. Alan Pummill

    ROTEL RB-1090 Power Amplifier

    $1000 Original owner selling due to downsizing after death of wife. This amplifier was not moved until I started selling off my entire system. It handled my Magnepan MG 3.6R's with ease and sounds wonderful. I can't find a single scratch on this unit....it has been well taken care of and...
  4. Alan Pummill

    The Sopranos: The Complete Series - $75

    PRICE INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING DVDS ARE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION , USED , NO DAMAGE TO THE DISC OR THE COVER. COMPLETE SERIES SET...ONLY VIEWED ONCE. (WIDESCREEN) For six seasons, fans devotedly watched Tony Soprano deal with the difficulties of balancing his home life with the criminal...
  5. Alan Pummill

    Sonex Classic Acoustical Foam Panels

    These panels are for local pick up in northern Cincinnati Ohio only I have one box of 6 brand new 2" thick, natural white Sonex Classic Acoustical Foam Panels 2ft. X 4ft. These sell new on the Sonex web page for $312. I will sell for $100. I also have 5 used 3" thick beige Sonex Classic...
  6. Alan Pummill

    Magnepan MG-3.6R + Mye Stands Dark Cherry w/Black Cloth

    Original owner selling due to downsizing after death of wife. These are wonderful sounding speakers that have newer tweeters installed and are in very good cosmetic condition. Included are the Mye Stands pictured, upgraded fuses, and Cardas Tweeter Attenuator Jumpers. I would prefer to sell...
  7. Alan Pummill

    FS: Parasound HCA-1203A 3 channel amp

    140wpc @ 8 ohms 200wpc @ 4 ohms $350 shipped lower US 48 states. This amp works perfectly but is 6/10 cosmectically. Check my feedback at Audiogon, username: Pummill
  8. Alan Pummill

    FS: Pioneer Elite VSX-54TX

    I am the original owner of this well cared for, like new receiver. This unit is cosmetically and functionally near perfect. This has been used in my 6.1 HT for 3 1/2 years, pushing 600 series B&W speakers flawlessly. I am moving up to a VSX-94TXH. I have the original double box, remote, mic...
  9. Alan Pummill

    FS: Audioquest Jaguar DBS Interconnects 36v & 24v

    I have 2 pair of Audioquest Jaguar DBS Interconnects for sale: 1st pair = 1 meter 36V DBS w/RCA terminations...$170 2nd pair = .5 meter 24V DBS w/RCA terminations...$160 Buy both pair...$300 These prices are fair and firm. Buyer to pay shipping from 45044.
  10. Alan Pummill

    FS: Magnepan 1.6/QR Speakers with Mye Sound Stands

    I just closed a deal on a pair of used Magnepan 3.6 speakers, so I am selling my 2 year old pair of Magnepan 1.6 speakers. These speakers are in excellent condition and sound fantastic. The Magnepan 1.6 speakers retail for $1799. http://www.magnepan.com/_mg16.php The Mye Sound custom...
  11. Alan Pummill

    FS: 8 ft. Anti-Cable speaker wires plus jumpers

    I have an 8 ft. pair of Anti-Cables by Paul Speltz. One end is terminated with spades and the other is bare wire. I also have the matching speaker jumpers, bare wired on both ends. I used these on my Magnepan 1.6's. The Anti-Cables cost $80 new, the jumpers $25. I will sell both for $60...
  12. Alan Pummill

    FS: PS Audio UPC-200 Four-Outlet Ultimate Power Cell AC

    "The PS Audio UPC-200 is the real deal, from the subtle audio improvements and full isolation of my video noise issues, to the top notch surge and spike protection it delivers." - Paul Taatjes, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity This unit is about 6 months old and like new!! Sells new...
  13. Alan Pummill

    Maggie Update

    The server may have crashed, but my maggies are still working, and working quite well thank you!!
  14. Alan Pummill

    FS: 6 Sonex Classic Acoustic Panels 3" X 24" X 48"

    These are the good ones. A full 3" thick and 2 ft. X 4ft. in size. These sell for $200 new. I will sell to local buyer for $75 or ship to USA only for $100. The backs are a little chewed up from previous mountings, but this will not affect their usability or apperance once they are...
  15. Alan Pummill

    FS: Bright Star Big Rock 4 Isolation Platform; Isorock 4 Platform;Little Rock 4

    As you can tell from my numerous post in this section, I am upgrading and tweaking my system. Thus I have three Bright Star isolation products that I bought from Audio Advisor about four months ago for sale. Big Rock 4 Isolation Platform in Black: New $139, asking $90 plus shipping...
  16. Alan Pummill

    FS: Analysis Plus Super Sub Oval Subwoofer Cable

    BOTH CABLES SOLD!! I've got two (2) of these cables for sale. Each cable is 3 meters long. Less than 4 months old and in like new condition. Here is a link with info from where I got them: http://audioadvisor.com/store/produc...ttribute_1=3.0 Find out what your sub can really do by using...
  17. Alan Pummill

    FS: 12 ft. Audioquest Granite Biwire Speaker Cables

    I have a pair of these 12 ft. long cables that I used in my system for about 20 months. The amp ends are terminated with saw tooth type banana plugs and are split to be used with two sets of binding post per cable. The speaker ends are terminated with regular banana plugs. Here is a page...
  18. Alan Pummill

    FS: Marsh A400S Amp (2 X 200wpc)

    This amp sells new for $2295. I have had this amp for only three months and it sounds sweet!! I am getting ready to upgrade from Magnepan 1.6 speakers to Magnepan 3.6 speakers, which will require more power than the Marsh. "At the Very Top Level of Excellence," Raves The Absolute Sound...
  19. Alan Pummill

    FS: Monster Power HTS1000 Power Center

    This is used but in excellent working condition. I upgraded to a HTS5000 some time back. $41.20 plus shipping
  20. Alan Pummill

    For Sale: PS Audio Punch Power Cable

    This is a 1 meter PS Audio Punch Power Cable with C7 termination. I have upgraded to a better CD player that only accepts IEC termination. This cable is a little over a month old and was used for less than a month. I paid $49 at Audio Advisor, and will sell it shipped for $40. Original packaging...
  21. Alan Pummill

    FS: Earthquake Cinenova Grande 5 amp

    I am selling my black Earthquake Cinenova Grande 5 channel amp: http://www.earthquakesound.com/cinenova.htm It is in mint condition. I bought it in January of 2004. This unit does not have balanced inputs, just RCA. It comes with the original wooden crate and manual. Specs: Number of...
  22. Alan Pummill

    FS: One pair of Magnepan MGMC1's and a MGCC3 center channel

    These speakers have only been used for about 8 months, and are currently not in my system. They are black and in MINT condition. MGMC1: New $750/pair Asking $625/pair http://www.magnepan.com/spk_mc1.php MGCC3: New $990 Asking $850 http://www.magnepan.com/spk_cc3.php I will sell all 3...
  23. Alan Pummill

    Fs: Outlaw 950 Pre/pro

    I have an Outlaw 950 pre/pro for sale. It is less than 2 years old and is in MINT condition. I am upgrading to a 2 channel music only tube preamp. $600 OBO: shipped to anywhere in the 48 states!!
  24. Alan Pummill

    FS: Magnepan MGMC1 (pair) & MGCC3 (center channel)

    These speakers are a little over a year old and are in mint condition. MGMC1 (pair) Retail $750 Asking $625 http://www.magnepan.com/spk_mc1.php MGCC3 (center) Retail $990 Asking $850 http://www.magnepan.com/spk_cc3.php Would like to sell local in southwestern Ohio.
  25. Alan Pummill

    MartinLogan Depth and Magnepan 1.6QR's...A Match Made In Sonic Heaven!!

    Here is a copy of my review of the MartinLogan Depth subwoofer I just added to my 2 channel system. This is from Audioreview.com! Reviewed by: Pummill, AudioPhile Price Paid: $1700 at Audible Elegance Product Model Year: 2004 Summary: Just picked this sub up last night to...
  26. Alan Pummill

    Need One (1) Black B&W LM1 Speaker

    These speakers are only sold in pairs, and I just need one more to complete my 6.1 system. I am looking to buy one from someone who has an extra, or would like to split a pair with someone who, like me, is looking to get only one speaker. I would be willing to buy a pair and ship one speaker...
  27. Alan Pummill

    Selling PW-2200, Keepimg PC-Ultra

    Well, after several weeks of experimentation, trial and error, running both subs or just the Ultra, I've decided that I get the best, cleanest, sound with just the PC-Ultra. The addition of the PW-2200 did yield more volume, but wasn't as tight. I recalibrated with just the Ultra and it...
  28. Alan Pummill

    Fs: Paradigm Pw-2200 Sub

  29. Alan Pummill

    PW-2200 Beats SVS....NOT!!

    Well gang, many of you may remember a thread I started several years ago about this subject. I bought a Paradigm PW-2200 over a SVS mainly because I couldn't audition a SVS and didn't want to buy a sub site unheard, as it were!!! Well, since that infamous post, I have had the opportunity to...
  30. Alan Pummill

    What type speaker wire for Earthquake Cinenova Grande

    I was asking the "high end" audio/video store where I recently purchased my Magnepan MG1.6/QR speakers from to help me decide what type of wires to buy to biwire my new maggies. The first question they asked was what kind of amp I was using. I told them I had the Cinenova, and they didn't have...