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  1. Jeff_M

    Getting there but need some help

    I actually just ordered an SR6001 for use with a BluRay player. My understanding is that most of the BluRay players sold now will decode the HD audio formats and send them to the SR6001 in PCM form via HDMI. The Marantz should be able to play these signals in their uncompressed form, right...
  2. Jeff_M

    Zenith DVB318 DVD player (Upconverts over DVI and Component!)

    Price lowered to $165. Another day, and it's ebay bound.
  3. Jeff_M

    Zenith DVB318 DVD player (Upconverts over DVI and Component!)

    I've only used the player for about an hour or so (purchased earlier this month). It has the older firmware, and I've confirmed that it does 1080i/720p over component. My projector acts a bit funky with anything besides my trusty Panasonic, so I figure I'll cut my losses. Everything is as new...
  4. Jeff_M

    FS: Entire HT rig!!!

    I don't think you'll get much response selling the system as a whole. Why don't you part it out? You'll defitely get more in the end for it (a lot more).
  5. Jeff_M

    Will adding more subs really improve bass response in a properly calibrated setup?

    My question is more of a general one, and not specific to my situation (I have a small room). I'm not looking for advice on whether or not to get the second sub, I'm tying to see what other members have gained by adding 2nd or 3rd (or 8th!) subs. If you are running your subwoofer at the...
  6. Jeff_M

    Will adding more subs really improve bass response in a properly calibrated setup?

    God bless all of you maniacs out there with multiple subs. I love chest pounding bass as much as the next guy, so this is no knock on you. I have a fairly basic question. I will use my system as an example. I own an SVS 20-39 PC+. My calibration was fairly simple. I got out the Avia DVD, an SPL...
  7. Jeff_M

    Best Buy & the Star Wars Trilogy

    Did you happen to see the segment on Conan a while back where Triumph visited the premier of Attack of the Clones? The whole thing was hilarious, but the best part was when Triumph was talking with the guy dressed in a Darth Vader costume. The costume had a bunch of buttons on a chest mounted...
  8. Jeff_M

    Optoma H30 better than Z2 or L500?

    Ha ha ha. I think at the very least we can both agree on that!
  9. Jeff_M

    Optoma H30 better than Z2 or L500?

    DuWayne, Maybe we scared off the original poster? I have to admit, I am very curious to see if the Z2 is as good or better than the H30 with DVD's. I bet it looks great with Hi Def. I notice a big difference between HDTV and DVD on my H30. You know why this is? When describing the improvements...
  10. Jeff_M

    Optoma H30 better than Z2 or L500?

    The Optoma should be able to handle blue ray, just as it handles HDTV right now. You will be limiting yourself in terms of resolution, in favor of better contrast/blacks/picture dimensionality. If you go for the Z2 like I almost did, you will be doing just the opposite. So either projector will...
  11. Jeff_M

    BenQ PB6100 vs Optoma H30

    H30 does come with one.
  12. Jeff_M

    BenQ PB6100 vs Optoma H30

    I hate to make a statement about the 6100 without seeing it. All I know is that my prior projector (NEC LT-150) was a DLP unit with XGA resolution. The Optoma looks much better! I know the contrast ratio is highter, but the real difference is in the colors and the "solidness" of the picture. I...
  13. Jeff_M

    Optoma H30 better than Z2 or L500?

    I KNOW this is not necessarily the case as my H30 has less resolution than my previous projector and looks a good deal better. Even while watching HD. Will you believe the used car salesman that tells you that his Ford Mustang is faster than a BMW M3 because it has a V8? Be careful not to get...
  14. Jeff_M

    BenQ PB6100 vs Optoma H30

    Actually, there is no internal masking to the chip, which makes the fact that Optoma offered no native 4:3 mode perplexing. That point is moot now, as all H30's for the last month or so have been shipping with the new firmware, a new remote, and a 16:9 lens mask that affixes to the lens cap. I...
  15. Jeff_M

    What Subwoofer Does Everybody Have?

    SVS 20-39 PC+
  16. Jeff_M

    Optoma H30 better than Z2 or L500?

    About a month ago I was debating between purchasing the Sanyo Z2 and the Optoma H30. The Sanyo was very tempting, offering a substantial increase in resolution over the Optoma. What it came down to for me was viewing preference. I watch about 90% DVD and 10% HDTV. For DVD's the Optoma H30...
  17. Jeff_M

    New SVS owner wondering just how far he can push it...

    I have listened to my share of SVS subs and I believe the "clack" noise sounds like whacking a plastic serving spoon on a plastic drum. Somewhat hollow sounding, but very noticeable.
  18. Jeff_M

    Weekend with a FP: I'm in love!!

    Enthusiasm like this reminds me of how overcritical I can be of my home theater. Over at the AVS forum, we nitpick about this and that, and are quick to tear down the performance of the latest projector. In actuality, the performance level that are now available to the masses is stunning...
  19. Jeff_M

    Looking to play 4 player games but don't have a game port - What's my best option?

    Hello all. I recently put together a new computer and discovered the joys of emulation. I'd really like to be able to play some of the four player games with friends. Unfortunately, I don't have a game port on my computer. I'm looking to use four fairly basic six button gamepads. What is my most...
  20. Jeff_M

    Would a surge protector/line conditioner fix this problem?

    Unfortunately Ken, I am renting the place. I wish installing another outlet was an option. The weird thing is that nothing has changed in my sytem. I've always used the extension cords and never noticed any outside noise. Now it happens all the time. I'm using a ceiling mounted DLP projector...
  21. Jeff_M

    Would a surge protector/line conditioner fix this problem?

    I have my home theater setup in the basement. Unfortunately, the only outlets reside on the opposite side of the room. Currently, I'm running a standard orange outdoor extension cord across the room. I've plugged a basic computer surge protector into the extension cord and the equipment into the...
  22. Jeff_M

    Wow, my SVS can't handle the new ATOC DVD!!

    Wow, you guys are good! Not only did you answer my question, but also the one I planned on asking next (I thought only Miss Cleo could do this!).
  23. Jeff_M

    Wow, my SVS can't handle the new ATOC DVD!!

    Thanks Jeff! Ok, now I think I am starting to understand. So I calibrate to 85 using avia and my receiver volume is at –10. I pop in AOTC and listen at –10. Assuming I still have my hearing (and am quite bored), I decide to recalibrate to 75 using VE with the receiver volume at –10. I pop in...
  24. Jeff_M

    Wow, my SVS can't handle the new ATOC DVD!!

    Let me know if this is correct: I use my Avia disc + SPL meter. For simplicity sake, my front 3 speakers have equal level settings. I play the test tones on the disc and raise the volume on my receiver until the SPL meter reads +5 when set to 80 (Let's say that volume is -10 on my receiver)...
  25. Jeff_M

    Onscreen logos burning in...

    Arthur W, Digital projectors such as LCD and DLP are not succeptible to burn-in. So go ahead and leave that test pattern on all night (assuming you're not concerned with bulb life).
  26. Jeff_M

    My struggle to harness the power of SVS

    First of all, I would like to thank SVS for accomodating me throughout my SVS purchase process. My initial preorder for 2 25-31 PC+ subwoofers (way back in July) was changed to a pair of 20-39 PC+'s without a hitch. They even through in a sexy SVS wall plaque! I have had one HELL of a time...
  27. Jeff_M

    Audiosource SW15 w/polyfill

    Off to ebay it goes!
  28. Jeff_M

    Do speakers need a break in period?

    Haven't there been about a dozen threads on this matter posted over the last 6 months or so? If the answers (opinions) are already out there, this thread is somewhat gratuitious. We all know where this is going...