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  1. BillyH

    How many coax cables into the house for sat HDTV?

    If I upgrade my Direct TV to High Def(Or switch to Dish) will I need more then one RG6 coax into the house (per receiver) as I have now? I know I will need an oval 3 LNB dish(2 with Dish network?) but only one coax out from the dish, right? Hence, I will not have to rip up my walls again to hide...
  2. BillyH

    DVI and Conponent both on?

    If I pick up a Direct TV HDTV rec., are there any units on the market where I can use BOTH the DVI(Or HDMI) at the same time so I can see the same HighDef program on two tvs? I know I can buy a conponent splitter amplifier and sent a signal out to multiple HD sets but that may degrade the signal...
  3. BillyH

    Dracula 1978

    I see in WSR that the 1978 Dracula is again being issued on DVD. Boy was my last copy a dissapointment. Way too gray, my old VHS copy was way more colorful. Someone here said that it was an artisic choice to make the old DVD into almost a black and white flick. Does anyone know anything about...
  4. BillyH

    Sony sxrd

    Anyone out there read any Sony SXRD reviews? Also someone said they had heard it will be about 25Gs. Anyone else hear that? If that is the case I guess I won't be replacing my VPLW10HT for a long long time.
  5. BillyH

    Fox; Vanishing Point?

    How goes the release of the Barry Newman classic "Vanishing Point"? Soon please, I not sure I can wait any longer. My very expensive 20 year old VHS copy is in threads. Anamorphic widescrren please. Also, do you own the TV remake? That would be a great extra on that disc, one I would be willing...
  6. BillyH

    Ragtime/Masquerade DVD Release?

    Anyone know about studio plans for "Ragtime" and" Masquerade"(The Rob Lowe and Meg Tilly film)? I've been surfing the net with little luck and in the past, some of you guys seem to be pretty well informed. Thanks
  7. BillyH

    LCD vs Plasma

    Is it my imagination or are direct view LCDs sharper then the plasmas or is it just because the plasmas a usualy shown in larger sizes. As far as I know, the Sharp 37 incher is the largest widescreen DV LCD out there. There was hints at a 50, Samsung or Zenith I think, but haven't heard much on...
  8. BillyH

    High Road To China DVD?

    Anyone out there know if HRTC is scheduled out on DVD? Also of intrest to me would be the DVD release of the 1990 Powers Booth nuc war classic, "By Dawn's Early Light" I think that one belongs to HBO. Anyone have that Email address?
  9. BillyH

    Dirty Mary Crazy Larry

    Anyone know anything whether or not this is due out on DVD? There are some dubious ,at best, offerings on EBay ;for a hefty price but I don't feel like getting burned on those. While I'm at it, any new news on Vanishing Pojnt?(I'm starting to salivate over that one!)
  10. BillyH

    What is your dream theater?

    Believe It not, it looks like I did not win the Powerball jackpot last night! What a shame as I had pretty darn nice AV plans for some of that dough. I was thinking along the lines of a Mark Levinson number 30 pre-pro, 7 Krell mopnoblocks, and Martion Logan Prodigys all around. Then I was still...
  11. BillyH

    Nuc War Drama, "By Dawn's Early Light"

    Anyone out there have any info on the release date of the 1995 nuclear war drama, "By Dawn's Early Light" on DVD. It has been out for years on 4.3 VHS but who wants that, heh? Not to be confused with the 2002 Richard Crenna talky of the same title. This has Powers Booth in it so ya' just know it...
  12. BillyH

    Vanishing Point?

    Anyone out there got any new news on the release of "Vanishing Point"? I know there is a Pal DVD available in Britain, but I'd really like to pick one up a my local Best Buy, if you know what I mean.
  13. BillyH

    Poor transfer quality of "Enigma?"

    I just bought a copy of "Enigma" (Damn good movie by the way. Its about English code breakers in WW2. Its a talkie, not the usual home theater demonstration stuff mind you, but worthy just the same.) Its in the proper 16.9 anamorphic widescreen, but with a lot of grain, very poor detail, and...
  14. BillyH

    Bootleg DVDs!

    DumDum here has gotten taken with 3 bootleg DVDs in a row on Half.com. Is this more common then I once believed? The first two were quickly and respectfully handled by the sellers with refunds to my account at half.com but the third one is proving to be more troublesome. I have sent this person...
  15. BillyH

    Vanishing Point DVD

    Does anyone out there know anything about the status of "Vanishing Point"? I read many moons ago in WSR that 20th had it on a planned release for this year, but I have heard no more. Hopefully it will come out in amph. widescreen and include the deleted sceens that so irked Barry Newman by thier...