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  1. soop.spoon

    Panasonic BD65: Have to select 24p mode for SD-DVDs every time?

    I just replaced my stuttering Sony 370 with the excellent Panasonic BD65. Great player! But I have a question... I have set up the HDMI output to use 1080/24p. Blu-Ray movies are always output at this format. Great. Then I set the SD-DVD Video to output 24p and that also works...
  2. soop.spoon

    Sony 370 - problem with SD DVDs?

    I recently made the jump to HD with a great deal on the Sony 370 Blu Ray player. I am stunned by the picture quality of Blu Ray discs on my 40" 120Hz Samsung LCD. Perfectly happy. However... SD DVDs are problematic. The 1080p upconvesion is decent, but my old Oppo 720p upconverting...
  3. soop.spoon

    Rolling Stones abcko remasters question

    Back in 2002 the abcko Rolling Stones CDs were remastered and released in digipaks. (I think they were SACD hybrids?) But the other day I found a number of these titles (example: Flowers) in jewel cases. Were all of the abcko remasters re-released in jewel cases? Is the content exactly the...
  4. soop.spoon

    MGM Midnight Movies return in June!

    From www.dvddrive-in.com: Sony Home Entertainment and MGM Home Entertainment will continue the “Midnite Movies” series with two pirate-themed double features to be released on June 27. The first double feature will consist of Bert I. Gordon’s BOY AND THE PIRATES with CRYSTALSTONE, and...
  5. soop.spoon

    MST3K Vol. 9 announced

    from mst3k.com:
  6. soop.spoon

    anyone want some empty Monty Python or The Prisoner slip covers?

    I'm looking to unload the original cardboard slip covers for the individual (2-disc) releases of Monty Python's Flying Circus and (A&E) and The Prisoner (A&E). There are 7 and 5, respectively. They have been carefully flattened for easy storage and shipping. If you want them, they're yours...
  7. soop.spoon

    Box sets repackaged into thin cases?

    Does anyone have a list of box sets that have been repackaged into thin cases? My shelf space is quickly becoming extinct. Forgive me if this has already been covered, but the search functionality didn't yield any immediate results. Sets I've seen so far: - Monty Python 16-Ton Mega Set...
  8. soop.spoon

    any reviews out there for "Terror Beneath The Sea"?

    Been looking forward to finally seeing this. Has anyone seen a review or received a copy yet?
  9. soop.spoon

    'sup with Blue Underground lately?

    Their website hasn't been updated with "coming soon" or "future" releases in a long time. There haven't been many rumors or announcements from other sources lately either. Fire And Ice seems to be the only title on the schedule! Does anyone know if things are going well for Blue Underground...
  10. soop.spoon

    Is MEATBALLS out of print?

    It doesn't seem to be available on any of the online retail sites.
  11. soop.spoon

    looking for advice on how to sell rare DVDs (seven samurai w/ demo & mst3k)

    Does anyone have any opinions on the best way to maximize profits when selling rare DVDs? I have a copy of the first pressing of Seven Samurai and the long OOP MST3K: The Movie that I'm willing to part with, but I'd like to get as much as I can for them. Are the online auction sites the best...
  12. soop.spoon

    Paramount catalog output about to increase?

    Forgive me if this has already come up... but I found this article on imdb.com to be pretty interesting: Saying, "Content is king, and we are the kings of content," Viacom chief Sumner Redstone has promised to move "underutilized" movies and TV series off the company's shelves and onto DVDs...
  13. soop.spoon

    is HALF BAKED out of print?

    Very few online retailers seem to carry it anymore. Perhaps there's a new special edition in the works now that Dave Chappelle is so hot? Anyone have any info?
  14. soop.spoon

    MGM Midnite Movie - X: THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES for sale

    $7.99 Disc and case are in excellent, "like-new" condition. Payment accepted via PayPal or money order. Shipping is $3.85 for USPS Priority *or* $2.50 for USPS First Class. First come, first serve. Thanks!
  15. soop.spoon

    new Warner Bros. Hammer DVDs?

    So far, only DVD Drive-In has reviews for the 3 new Hammer releases due tomorrow (4/27) from Warner Bros. The reviews are pretty positive, but I'd like to read some more opinions. Has anyone gotten ahold of these yet? Has anyone seen the packaging of the 6-disc box? Thanks.
  16. soop.spoon

    Zombie and Mark Of The Devil coming from Blue Underground

    No details have been released yet, but they are clearly mentioned on the Blue Underground site
  17. soop.spoon

    FOX: One Million Years BC DVD... why the shorter cut?

    Online reviews and individual forum members have confirmed that the upcoming release of One Million Years BC on Region 1 DVD from Fox Home Video is the shorter version of the film. This is a huge disappointment for fans of Raquel Welch, Ray Harryhausen and Hammer films. Fox has had a great...
  18. soop.spoon

    perhaps the weirdest DVD review ever...

    Strange place for a soapbox. I'll let it speak for itself. http://www.geocities.com/ditcin5/windandthelion.html
  19. soop.spoon

    Allan Quatermain / King Solomon's Mines... reviews?

    Even after searching the forum and browsing the usual DVD sites, I haven't been able to find anything about MGM's recent Allan Quatermain & The Lost City Of Gold and King Solomon's Mines DVDs. I'd be very interested to read some opinions not only of the transfers and sound, but also of the...
  20. soop.spoon

    Complete list of DiviMax DVDs?

    Time Bandits Dead Heat Day Of The Dead Halloween 25th Anniv. Manhunter upcoming: Dawn Of The Dead The Osterman Weekend Am I forgetting any?
  21. soop.spoon

    Harryhausen on DVD to be complete in March....

    dvdfile.com has announced that Fox will release the Harryhausen/Hammer/Welch collaboration One Million Years BC in anamophic widescreen on March 9th. With Warner's surprise release of Harryhausen's Animal World segment on DVD in November, this release marks the completion of the Harryhausen...
  22. soop.spoon

    Herzog / Kinski DVD Box Set coming back in 2004

    The Anchor Bay site has it listed for Feb 10th. Again, it's available for a "limited time", but that's what they said last time too.
  23. soop.spoon

    Suggestions for a dirt-cheap DVD player for a 20"-27" TV? (progressive not important

    I'm looking for a dirt-cheap backup DVD player to be used on a SONY 20" flat screen and a SONY 27" Trinitron. Progressive output isn't important to me as the displays obviously cannot support that functionality. Will a $79 Toshiba/Sony/Panasonic player from BestBuy do the trick? Is there...
  24. soop.spoon

    tons of classic HAMMER dvds for sale... $8.99 each

    All are in great condition (no scratches) and fully intact. $8.99 each. Build a collection quickly: BUY ALL 17 DVDs FOR $120!!!!!! (that's about $7 each) I'll accept PayPal, money orders checks, whatever. Please contact me if you have any question. Thanks! Quatermass & The Pit (w/...
  25. soop.spoon

    question for anyone who owns SANTA CLAUS: THE MOVIE dvd

    Just got a copy today in the mail... and no insert was provided inside the case. I know must Anchor Bay DVDs have inserts so I'm wondering if anyone one out there who has this disc can confirm that I got stiffed. Thanks!
  26. soop.spoon

    new Doors CD Box set?

    It seems that there's a new Doors (Complete Studio Recordings) CD Box set out (or coming out soon). Does anyone know if these discs will be remastered or is it simply a repackaging of the box from a few years ago? Thanks!
  27. soop.spoon

    Harryhausen's "Animal World" segment on DVD!

    According to the fantastic , Ray Harryhausen's 10 minute dinosuar segment from Irwin Allen's The Animal World has been included as an extra on Warner's 10/21 release of The Black Scorpion. Definitely a huge win for Harryhausen fans... especially with the release of Gwangi and 20,000 Fathoms...
  28. soop.spoon

    from the freak who brought you the "DIVX Only" list... THE IMAGE/UNIVERSAL list!

    Early in the history of DVD, Universal lisenced out a number of titles to Image Entertainment. These DVDs tended to re-use old laserdisc transfer, were almost always non-anamorphic and contain very few extras, if any. And they are now out of print and are very hard to find. Slowly, Universal...
  29. soop.spoon

    The "Divx Only" list update

    30 titles still MIA on DVD after all this time. Haven't posted this in a while... enjoy: Buena Vista (8): Before and After (coming 10-14-2003)Jack (coming 10-14-2003)Welcome To Sarajevo (coming 02-03-2004)Rage, The (coming 02-03-2004)Ed WoodMarcenary 2: Thick And ThinRocketmanShall We...
  30. soop.spoon

    some good Anchor Bay titles for sale / trade:

    Below I've listed the specs to 5 DVDs I'm selling or trading. If you're interested in any of these titles, please send me a message and a reasonable $ offer. I will also trade 1-for-1 with the titles listed at the end of this post. (PayPal and Money Orders accepted) Thanks! Clockwise...