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  1. Mark Leitch

    Wire Gauge Calcs

    Is there a common reference for calculating wire gauge as a result of combining wires (for example, I believe two 12Ga wires are equivalent to a single 10Ga). Thx.
  2. Mark Leitch

    Three center channels across the front?

    I have a 7.1 setup. In the front, I have some small monitors on stands and a dedicated center channel. Given I have a front projector... I am debating three center channels spaced across the front (below the screen pointing up). Anyone have an opinion on this? This is strictly for HT... for...
  3. Mark Leitch

    Can I laminate over truck bed liner?

    I am debating going with truck bed liner for my sub finish... but some of the veneers are soooooooooo nice. If my decor changes, may I simply laminate over it? Thanks.
  4. Mark Leitch

    BFD Power Switch/Settings?

    Dumb question... but does the Behringer Feedback Destroyer have an analog or "touchpad" power switch? I do not have mine yet and am debating a power center to manage all my startup configurations and want to know if it can control the BFD (and whether the BFD settings will stay resident). Thanks!
  5. Mark Leitch

    Anthem MCA2 as a sub amp?

    I am building a pair of 18x18x24 DPL12 based subs and am debating an Anthem MCA 2 as a sub amp (it is relatively inexpensive, and is usable for a lot of other applications). Anyone see a problem with this? Am I better off going to a pro amp (QSC or Samson S1000) or even a venerable Adcom 555...
  6. Mark Leitch

    Unibox - Max Power Input?

    I am using Unibox to model some subs I am planning on making (18x18x24, sealed, with the Adire DPL12 driver). Everything looks good... I can see the tradeoffs of going to a Shiva or a Tumult... however, there is one thing I do not get. It implies the max input power to keep the driver in the...
  7. Mark Leitch

    BFD: Using XLR + TRS inputs?

    Does the BFD support using the balanced and TRS inputs at the same time (ie. from different sources... and only one of the sources active at a time). I am debating using one in a "multi use" system and this would be a nice approach. M.
  8. Mark Leitch

    AVR8000, Rotel 1055, or Pioneer 45tx

    In my search for a cheap prepro, I am debating just being done with things and buying one of these units (they all run about $2k cdn, with the HK used but mint). My take is: o leaning towards the HK as it has Logic 7 and assignable amps. I already have an Anthem MCA5 and may either sell the...
  9. Mark Leitch

    Outlaw 950 Specs - Analog/Impedance

    Outlaw has listed the following specs for the 950... ANALOG Frequency response: 10 Hz - 90 kHz: +0, -3 dB (Bypass Mode) Signal to Noise Ratio: 102 dB (Bypass Mode) Distortion: 0.0038% (20 Hz ~ 20 kHz) (Bypass Mode) Input sensitivity / input impedance: 200 mV/ 47kohms Rated...