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  1. RichardMA

    Clara Harris gets 20 years in Mercedes murder.

    I have to assume this is subtle humour since no one could be this deluded: "Am I the only one who thinks the punishment doesn't fit the crime here? Come on, she killed a cheating husband, how many time has that happened in history? She is not a murderer that needs to be isolated! I'm...
  2. RichardMA

    Paramount finally supporting DTS!!!

    They also now support P&S discs so screw them.
  3. RichardMA

    Eye see you.... picked it up today.

    A nice, laid-back slash film. Not quite on the level of "Friday the 13th" but enough people were killed in enough ways to qualify. BTW, I thought Dina Meyer (for the 3 minutes she lived) look like Sharon Stone!
  4. RichardMA

    Female Celebrity (Ultra)- Tournament V. 03 !!!

    Check out the cheap DVD "Kill Cruise" if you want to see Hurley without clothing. I think the movie was done around 12 years ago.
  5. RichardMA

    Are people renting DVDs?

    I rent all the time. There are few movies I'd want to watch over again and so I buy about 4 discs a month.
  6. RichardMA

    Bizarre wide screen lawsuit

    How about simply bringing lawsuits against movie companies that intentionally put out bad movies? You could nail them on acting, script quality, cheap, unconvicing special effects; A whole range of things. Imagine how much money we've all wasted going to bad movies that we didn't know...
  7. RichardMA

    Sony 4ES power rating

    The engineering spec is for full power from one channel and 1/8th from the rest. According to Sony.
  8. RichardMA

    5.1 Receiver for $300 CND

    Rather than buy a newer model, you might consider something used. If you check the trade in sections of specialty electronics stores (as opposed to Future Shop,etc) you might find something at a considerably lower price than new. Most people keep their equipment in good condition who deal...
  9. RichardMA

    Sony 4ES power rating

    So, according to Sound and Vision and Sony, the power rating on this receiver is only something like 120watts, then six channels of around 20 watts each. This is no surprise and I think other mfgs' should come out and admit their receivers only produce a fraction of their so called WPC when...
  10. RichardMA

    Interesting comment on the Sony DA4ES in the latest S&V

    It's not the continuous power needs that is the problem. Most of the time, that does not go very high. What does are transients that demand huge power increases immediately. This is where most receivers fall flat compared to separate power amps. And how can they not? We aren't likely to put...
  11. RichardMA

    Anthem AVM-20 in Toronto Area

    Try Bracks. They offered me the best price I'd seen on a Rotel 1066 and they carry the Anthem.
  12. RichardMA

    Center channel ebay special legit??

    Why not just avoid it and look for an ad that you can tell is legitimate? Besides, in the scheme of things, who buys many Japanese speakers anyway when there are so many excellent American and Canadian brands?
  13. RichardMA

    RCA HDTV with Sat and Tuner?

    I've had a 35" RCA for about 7 years, no problems. A neighbour has the same one (10 years) no problems. Unless someone has some actual statistics about RCA reliability, it's simply a case of a buyer who got a raw deal telling from between 11-26 other people about it, because that's what...
  14. RichardMA

    Aw, Bigfoot died, boo hoo for the believers

    The capacity for humans to extrapolate the extroidinary from the ordinary is momumental. Giant squids become huge, ship-eating sea monsters, gorillas were considered by the Romans to be a new species of man. When you find the actual skeleton and date it to the last 20 years, then maybe...
  15. RichardMA

    Sony quality dropping fast?

    First, I hear about a flaw in their televisions they can't correct because it would mean incorporating technology from a non-Sony company. Then, no appearance of the TA-E10ES that was to replace the old TA-E9000ES. Now, the 4ES receiver seems to be a major cost cutting effort compared to the...
  16. RichardMA

    Klipsch comes through on long promised Acurus/Aragon trade in program

    More margins in "computer speakers" that cost $0.50.ea to mfg. than there is in upgrades to high end equipment. Americans should learn to look at alternatives to mass market junk like Klipsch (cheezy metal "coloured" polypro drivers that they use) when it comes to speakers at least. As far...
  17. RichardMA

    European Film Awards nominations announced

    ratings: Jason X 1 star, Orange country 3? Uh huh.
  18. RichardMA

    Aw, Bigfoot died, boo hoo for the believers

    It may make your life more interesting to believe in things like Big Foot, Lock Ness, UFOs, Rods, Sasquatch, ghosts, witches, voodoo, etc, etc, but that doesn't mean you dispense with standard scientific methods used to PROVE something. If it does, you'd have felt at home with the peasants of...
  19. RichardMA

    Wynona Ryder in court 10/28/2002

    "MSNBC searched and found out that the other 5,000 shoplifters (a couple of which stole MORE valuable merchandise) were all offered misdemeanor plea bargains. Every single one. Ms. Ryder was only offered a felony. Why? You know why." Oh boo hoo! For ONCE a starlet is handed a stiff sentence...
  20. RichardMA

    Do YOU sit through the credits?? Why?

    I sometimes sit through them to see who did the music or if they were made in a certain area, just in case they don't identify the city, etc. Also, to see if they list bit-parters I think I recognize but who don't get a listing at the front of a movie.
  21. RichardMA

    D-VHS support pretty sad

    WSR's latest issue has them reviewing some kind of pseudo-porno (Playboy? Not sure) D-VHS just to try to make it look like something is being released. This says to me that the format will be more of oddball than laserdisc was. Frankly, I'm content to wait for HD-DVD.
  22. RichardMA

    Denon AVR-3803 in stock at Crutchfield.

    Anyone who pays MSRP price on a product must like to waste money. I am amazed a place like Crutchfield can actually survive. There is one example of them in Toronto where I live, it's called Bay Bloor Radio but it sells mostly to wealthier inner city people who need them to come and install...
  23. RichardMA

    Warner trying to kill rental DVDs

    All so their pathetic attempt to sell VOD in New York might work. Liebenfarb is a clown. http://www.videobusiness.com/article...=4254&catID=30
  24. RichardMA

    The Ninth Configuration DVD ..Reviews?

    The DVD is garbage. The print they used for it was thin and damaged, suffering from colour fade in the extreme. The DVD is riddled with compression artifacts and (you are right) the sound is terrible, distorting and clipping all the time. The LD was better, except it was in P&S. Warner...
  25. RichardMA

    The 25 best-selling DVDs of all-time

    That list is likely to change fast. If "Spiderman" did $170 million in it's first three days of sale (that's about 8.5 million DVDs at $20/ea) then it is probably past many of those on the list I guess.
  26. RichardMA

    who wants a mig21?

    You can only go by kill ratios when judging fighters and there is nothing out there that matches an F-15.
  27. RichardMA

    Good stores in/near Toronto, ON

    Bay Bloor Radio is a @$!!# ripoff shop. They have good inventory, but their pricing is predatory. Try Audio Excellence on Bayview ave just north of Hwy 7 or American Sound on Yonge St. north of Hwy 7 or Brack's on Yonge St. just south of Hwy 7 on the West side of Yonge St. Bracks is also...
  28. RichardMA

    Directors What movie magazines do you read?

    Entertainment Weekly, Rue Morgue (better than Fangoria, which I also read), Empire (sometimes), Premiere (sometimes).
  29. RichardMA

    Lil' Bow Wow DVD. "WOW"

    Maybe because the subject is teenaged? Notice how movies (sometimes) and television (almost always) soft-filters people once they hit 25 years of age or older? I hate that blurry crap.
  30. RichardMA

    Blockbuster completely shafted us

    From: alt.video.dvd: I wrote Blockbuster recently, complaining about Insomnia being available from Blockbuster only in FS. Here is their response. I guess I will be going to Hollywood Video from now on. ---------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for your...